Korpiklaani – Jylhä

Finnish folk metal icons Korpiklaani continue their successful sonic journey with the release of the majestic 11th full length “Jylhä” inspired by tales of folklore, nature and even murders. 

“Verikoira” is an explosive album opener packing an overdose of super crunchy guitar riffs and some spooky vocals that can lead to darkened grooves in contrast with the positive energy embodied by the traditional folk tonalities of the fiddle.  

“Niemi” features a wild stomping rhythm as the fascinating mix of violin and accordion keeps alive all the beloved folk nuances while the gritty riffage amplifies the energetic momentum. 

“Mylly” can offer calmer melancholic melodies that further emphasize the delicate folk aesthetics and the dominant role of the somber melodic progressions while the solid rhythmic section can still generate groovy dynamics.  

On “Tuuleton” the emotional motifs lead to melancholia infused harmonies but certainly the band is able to maintain a catchy folk mood with the lavish mix of vibrant accordion melodies and smooth guitar phrases. 

“Kiuru” revolves around a robust groovy rhythmic ensemble as guitars and drums can definitely sound quite fierce yet the comforting violin harmonies and the sorrowful vocal delivery evoke somber feelings.  

Even if at times “Pohja” manifest a soulful melodic essence the main rhythmic core relies on powerful & heavy guitar driven grooves while the traditional folk spirit is clearly embodied by the solemn chants and the wild energy of the violin & accordion combo. 

“Juuret” conveys an epic atmosphere with darker accents as the moody melodies and the passionate vocals often follow a slower pace to highlight the folk elements and the poignant emotions while during the grand finale the whole instrumentation embraces a raw energy.

Undoubtedly “Jylhä” symbolizes another crucial milestone showcasing a prolific creativity as Korpiklaani carefully blend entertaining danceable grooves, traditional folk flavors and fiery heavy metal. 

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