Endezzma -The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder

Norwegian black metallers Endezzma unleash epic grandeur and raw energy on the third release “The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder”.

The wintry mood of “The Name Of The Night Is A Strong Tower” emphasizes the grave tonalities of the unstoppable guitar riffs and the mournful melodic progressions while the solemn chants channel an arcane essence. 

On the title track the intricate lead guitar work conjures an alluring darkness while the monumental rhythmic patterns can often become utterly aggressive fueled by a primordial blackened energy. 

Throughout “Garden Ov Heathen” the guitar progressions successfully convey grim emotions enhanced by the tormented screams emerging from an obscure abyss while the charismatic solo channels traditional heavy metal vibes. 

A storm is approaching as “Wild Gloriour Death” creates a dramatic mood with dismal melodic hints while the unrestrained rhythmic blasts still rely on an inflamed blackened pathway enriched by a ritualistic flair. 

On “Arrows Of Equilibrium” a shroud of melancholia lingers through the melodic guitar phrases as the cathartic nature of the lead guitar work at times demands a slower tempo while the rhythmic section focuses on a harsh blackened momentum. 

“The Archer, Fjord And The Thunder” takes you on a perilous journey through a gelid sonic realm as Endezzma proudly evoke the primal force of classic black metal to craft a darkened work of music. 

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