Sonic Flower – Rides Again

Sonic Flower were formed as a side project of legendary doomsters Church of Misery back in 2001 and the tracks on new album “Rides Again” are unreleased studio material that we can finally enjoy. 

“Super Witch” instantly channels raw energy and an irresistible 70’s heavy rock flair as guitars deliver gritty riffs and charming bluesy leads. 

“Jungle Cruise” aptly adds plenty of cool tribal percussion to the heavy rock formula which spontaneously generates explosive rhythmic patterns spiced up by variegated guitar leads. 

The stoner rock soul of “Captain Frost” leads to another round of entertaining grooves fueled by the tight rhythmic section and the delightful retro vibes of the moody guitar progressions. 

“Quicksand Planet” often focuses on the bluesy tonalities of the intriguing lead guitar work flourishing within the fuzzy rhythmic ensemble featuring some hazy bass lines that make you feel dazed & confused. 

“Rides Again” sounds like a refreshing jam session so you can expect an authentic groovy rock mood and maybe we’ll have a chance to hear more music from Sonic Flower in the near future.

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