MSG (Michael Schenker Group) – Immortal

Legendary guitarist Michael Schenker celebrates his 50th anniversary as a musician returning to his roots with the release of the new MSG album “Immortal” which features many talented artists. 

The bombastic celebration begins with “Drilled To Kill” channeling a fierce heavy metal energy with bold riffage and powerful vocals while the extensive guitar solos deliver wild shredding and renowned keyboardist Derek Sherinian adds intriguing twists. 

“Don’t Die On Me Now” tends to focus on polished melodic moments and a soothing vocal delivery naturally leading to a radio friendly chorus and the smooth rhythmic ensemble is enriched by captivating guitar solos.  

“After The Rain” follows a slower pace enhancing the ballad style with a series of melancholic guitar progressions surrounded by soft atmospheric tapestries that put the spotlight on a poignant vocal performance courtesy of Michael Voss. 

The classic heavy metal vibes of “Sail The Darkness” generate solid guitar driven grooves with a familiar 80’s flair and the resulting great energy is obviously amplified by the dazzling guitar solos. 

“Sangria Morte” marks another enjoyable moment following an old school pathway that focuses on memorable grooves and proper rockers style vocals while Michael raises the bar with skillful fiery soloing. 

The grand finale arrives with Michael’s version of the Scorpions song “In Search Of The Peace Of Mind” which showcases a detailed composition featuring multiple vocalists and offering enthralling nostalgic arpeggios that will reach an epic acme with a stunning guitar solo. 

Undoubtedly listening to “Immortal” you can expect all kinds of charismatic guitar acrobatics and impeccable musicianship as the strength of MSG comes from Michael’s collaboration with stellar musicians. 

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