Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations

Sirenia’s mastermind Morten Veland is definitely an incredibly prolific composer and today his unstoppable creativity shines bright on the new super catchy full length “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” skillfully combining lavish symphonic tapestries and modern electro twists. 

The electronic layers feel quite dominant on “Addiction No. 1” channeling cool futuristic vibes that naturally embrace the groovy rhythmic dynamics and the polished melodic phrases unfolding around Emmanuelle Zoldan’s passionate vocals. 

The delicious inner darkness of “Towards An Early Grave” is naturally emphasized by the poetic flair of the elaborate atmospheric waves and the cold melodic moments while guitars can also deliver plenty of heavier grooves. 

“Passing Seasons” embodies the renowned symphonic formula with refined atmospheric arrangements and solemn operatic choirs that definitely enrich the sultry melodic essence often spiced up by a mix of electro accents and gritty riffage. 

On “We Come To Ruins” the mood becomes significantly darker as the harsh rhythmic section takes the center stage amplified by intricate guitar progressions and Morten’s tormented growls in contrast with Emmanuelle’s soothing vocal harmonies and the dreamy atmospheric momentum. 

Throughout “Downwards Spiral” guitars can acquire a raw energy that leads to massive riffage and darkened tonalities while the blend of soothing melodic phrases and luminous keyboards lead to an addictive chorus featuring a lovely duet with guest vocalist Joakim Næss. 

The opulent atmospheric arrangements of “December Snow” evoke bittersweet feelings during the slower passages yet the rhythmic section will often focus on catchy dynamics enhanced by an enthralling vocal performance.   

The last track “Voyage Voyage” is a cover of Desireless 1986 hit and certainly maintains distinct 80s vibes with the prominent shiny keyboards style while Emmanuelle delivers a charming performance singing in French. 

On the tenth album “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” Sirenia clearly aim to expand their sonic vision without sacrificing the symphonic metal roots in order to create a memorable collection of songs that can easily captivate the listeners.

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