Cult Of Luna – The Raging River

Cult Of Luna have been around for over two decades and today their intriguing sonic journey continues to thrive within the elaborate soundscapes of the new EP “The Raging River”. 

“Three Bridges” spreads immense darkness through the somber melodic textures and the enigmatic atmospheric layers that surround the complex harsh rhythmic patterns amplified by tormented screams while the calmer moments focus on the emotions expressed by the shimmering arrangements. 

“What I Leave Behind” belongs to a distant dark dimension where the multilayered synths skillfully create a dystopian atmosphere that highlights a cinematic approach and the resulting grave feelings influence deeply the murky rhythmic ensemble which can easily deliver heavier blasts. 

“Inside Of A Dream” is a particularly captivating track featuring the warm voice of Mark Lanegan which emphasizes the contemplative nature of the melancholic guitar melodies. 

The monumental final track “Wave After Wave” takes you back into a darkened world as the guitar work channels raw energy but the synths become quite dominant crafting sophisticated atmospheric crescendos enriched by moody electro accents. 

Throughout “The Raging River” Cult Of Luna never fail to showcase their creative force embracing an intricate songwriting style inevitably drenched in alluring darkness.

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