God Is An Astronaut – Ghost Tapes #10

Irish experimental instrumental quartet God Is An Astronaut reach a crucial milestone with the release of the 10th album “Ghost Tapes #10” showcasing an opulent multifaceted composition. 

“Adrift” is a fascinating album opener where the whole instrumentation gradually builds a powerful momentum blending hazy harmonies and harsh rhythmic patterns that highlight the expression of contrasting emotions. 

“Burial” begins with shimmering piano melodies entwined with soulful guitar phrases channeling a dreamy post rock essence while the impeccable rhythmic section will acquire a cosmic energy to create memorable grooves. 

The ethereal atmosphere of “In Flux” evokes a surreal distant world favoring a moody melodic ensemble yet the rhythmic segments gradually acquire heavier murky tonalities following a syncopated rhythm. 

Listening to “Barren Trees” you can easily space out as the cinematic motifs take the center stage while the mesmerizing multilayered synths and the melancholic melodies constantly evoke an emotional whirlwind. 

“Ghost Tapes #10” definitely marks an intense sonic experience as God Is An Astronaut skillfully create intricate soundscapes that range from energetic dynamics to contemplative post rock nuances. 

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