Harakiri For The Sky – Mӕre

Within the burgeoning blackgaze/post metal movement Harakiri For The Sky have garnered interest worldwide with their haunting blend of melancholic soundscapes and harsh dynamics that become feverish dreams on the fifth full length “Mӕre”. 

The recurring enchanting melodic nuances of “I, Pallbearer” can feel like a lovely daydream channeling hazy post metal vibes yet the precise rhythmic section is always ready to unleash faster & colder progressions amplified by the enraged screams. 

Featuring exceptional guest vocalist Neige of Alcest “Sing For The Damage We’ve Done” conceptually deals with estrangement and the emotional whirlwind comes to life as guitars skillfully shift from eloquent melodic phrases to blackened riffage.

“I’m All About The Dusk” focuses on magical guitar melodies and lavish atmospheric nuances that demand a slower contemplative rhythm naturally evoking a distant dreamy world yet there is still some space for darkened heavier grooves. 

On “Once Upon A Winter” the opulent melodic guitar work is characterized by gelid moody tonalities that inevitably convey an immense melancholia while the intense patterns meticulously built by the rhythmic ensemble maintain a blackened aura.  

Featuring the anonymous vocalist of Gaerea “Silver Needle – Golden Dawn” definitely evokes a fascinating darkened mood as the grim guitar sound naturally generates sorrowful melodic progressions yet the massive groovy dynamics still hold a dominant role. 

“Time Is A Ghost” begins with nostalgic arpeggios and an enthralling dreamy atmosphere will often prevail through the unrestrained rhythmic assault emphasizing the inner spiritual essence and the luminous shoegaze flair of the guitar harmonies. 

Throughout “Mӕre” Harakiri For The Sky confidently manifest an elaborate songwriting approach to create an alluring darkened sonic realm fueled by genuine emotions and sheer anger.  

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