Emptiness – Vide

Belgian quartet Emptiness embraces a surreal sonic pathway and an experimental approach on the new full length “Vide” recorded in confined spaces like a cabin in the woods and an apartment. 

A claustrophobic sense lingers throughout “Un corps à l’abandon” yet the whispered vocals and the guitar melodies can feel quite comforting channeling an alluring dreamy essence. 

On “Vide, incomplet” the electro beats add catchy and even danceable vibes to the haunting melodic passages and the monochromatic atmosphere. 

“Ce beau visage qui brûle” revolves around the mellow tonalities of the harmonious guitars that seem to emerge from a distant world surrounded by glitchy electro accents and ethereal synths. 

On “Détruis‐moi à l’amour” the blend of moody melodic guitars and the slightly dissonant tones float gently through the blurry atmospheric tapestries.  

“L’erreur” feels like a fading memory as the minimalist melodic guitar work is spiced up by unexpected dissonance and electronic twists evoking bittersweet feelings.  

On “L’ailleurs” the hazy guitar phrases, the understated distorted sound and the soft atmosphere evoke wistful feelings yet you can easily perceive a darkened aura surrounding the instrumental ensemble. 

It would be difficult to categorize the music style of “Vide” as Emptiness embark on a contemplative journey to explore the essence of perception through shapeshifting atmospheric & melodic waves.

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