Iotunn – Access All Worlds

Danish progressive metallers Iotunn invite you to join an unforgettable cosmic journey with the striking debut full length “Access All Worlds” featuring talented vocalist Jón Aldará of Hamferð. 

“Voyage Of The Garganey I” marks a grandiose beginning as the spacey atmospheric intro leads to a harsh rhythmic ensemble characterized by vicious growls and crunchy riffage yet the prog metal inspiration will generate elaborate dynamics and majestic guitar soloing. 

The monumental title track immediately stands out for the dramatic clean vocal delivery embellishing the technical aspects of the intricate guitar progressions which will naturally shift from sumptuous melodic moments following a slower rhythm to aggressive dynamics evoking somber feelings. 

“The Weaver System” offers a pleasant overdose of gorgeous melodies emphasizing the soulful tonalities of the guitar work and the poignant emotions expressed by the theatrical vocals yet the band carefully creates convoluted rhythmic patterns channeling the gelid darkened vibes of melodic death metal. 

The ambitious final track “Safe Across The Endless Night” perfectly manifests the band’s prowess as within a massive sonic maze guitars fiercely deliver unrestrained riffage enriched by prog oriented technical accents and thrilling solos but you can also perceive a captivating melancholia through the darkened melodic phrases and Jón’s eloquent vocal performance. 

While Iotunn are just beginning their sonic endeavor you can immediately appreciate the remarkable musicianship and the fascinating creativity that generate the complex composition of “Access All Worlds” which is definitely destined to impress the metal scene. 

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