Wolfheart – Skull Soldiers

After the successful release of the full-length “Wolves Of Karelia” last year, Finnish death metal band Wolfheart continues to show an unstoppable creative force with the EP “Skull Soldiers” which includes two new tracks and two special rarities.
The title track takes you straight to a bloody battlefield as the unrestrained riffage and the hostile drum blasts generate a harsh rhythmic ensemble enriched by the charismatic licks of the guitar solos while the atmospheric arrangements aptly add solemn vibes.
Listening to “Hereditary” you can instantly perceive an intense rage as the faster aggressive rhythmic patterns amplified by the insanely vicious growls become the main focus marching through the somber nuances of the gelid atmospheric layers while the melodic guitar solo leads to a contemplative acoustic momentum.
The acoustic version of “Aeon of Cold”, released on the album “Shadow World” back in 2015, revolves around minimalist arpeggios and sorrowful vocals evoking a captivating melancholia.
The last track is a live version of “Reaper”, released on “Wolves Of Karelia”, which fully embodies the blend of wintry soundscapes and fierce rhythmic dynamics.
Once again pack leader Tuomas Saukkonen proves to be a prolific composer as “Skull Soldiers”, inspired by heroic battles, channels the monumental energy that characterizes the winter metal style of Wolfheart’s recent offerings.

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