Marianas Rest – Fata Morgana

Finnish melodic death metal band Marianas Rest is ready to spread immense melancholia with the release of the third studio album “Fata Morgana” channeling a renowned Nordic gelid music style.
On “Sacrificial” the cold understated atmospheric intro leads to a dismal world where the gorgeous melodic guitar progressions convey overwhelming grave emotions that will inevitably move the listeners while the death metal inspiration triggers a heavier combo of galloping riffage and enraged growls.
The gloomy atmosphere of “Glow From The Edge” surrounds the elegant guitar melodies which rightfully become the main focus effortlessly evoking wistful feelings and wintry tonalities further enhanced by the theatrical narratives.
“Pointless Tale” stays true to the Finnish melodic death metal legacy as the charming darkness expressed by the excellent guitar work and the mournful rhythmic crescendos revolve around an irresistible mix of harsh riffs and hypnotizing melodic phrases.
The title track begins with monolithic rhythmic patterns channeling an obscure doom essence amplified by the desperate growls yet the fragile beauty of the refined atmospheric arrangements entwined with dreamy guitar harmonies can convey a cathartic feel.
A perennial melancholia continues to prevail throughout “South Of Vostok” as the mesmerizing atmospheric splendor enriches the tormented & heavy rhythmic segments while once again guitars hold a fundamental role crafting enticing and absolutely heart wrenching melodic passages.
Darkness and poignant emotions are destined to thrive within the sombre sonic realm of “Fata Morgana” as Marianas Rest carefully blend monumental doom/death metal elements and alluring melodic tapestries.

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