Acid Mammoth – Caravan

Greek doom metal band Acid Mammoth will take you on a fuzzed-out trip with the crushing riffs and the vintage flair of the brand new full length “Caravan”.
“Berserker” immediately manifests the album’s harrowing mood as the doom worshipping style comes to life through the heavy rhythmic patterns and the raw energy of the guitar work that can also craft captivating fuzzy melodic leads.
“Psychedelic Wasteland” aptly adds moody psychedelic accents to the lugubrious slow rhythmic ensemble which is obviously fueled by the robust doom riffage and the mighty drumming while the lead guitar amplifies the bewitching vibes with extensive intriguing progressions.
“Black Dust” can make you space out easily with its intense stoner spirit and also properly channels the glory of traditional doom as the alluring obscure tonalities feel quite dominant constantly generating monumental guitar riffs, fuzzy soloing and witchy vibes.
Acid Mammoth confidently follow a doomed sonic pathway on “Caravan” providing an overdose of monolithic guitar driven grooves within a heavy & dark sonic realm.

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