Nightfall – At Night We Prey

After seven years of absence Greek melodic death metal band Nightfall returns triumphantly with the new darkened offering “At Night We Prey” blending opulent melodies and ravenous grooves.
“Killing Moon” opens the album with an overdose of memorable guitar riffs characterized by gelid melodic accents while the belligerent rhythmic section is ready to unleash savage faster grooves fully showcasing a harsh musical direction.
“Witches” instantly channels obscure vibes as the aggressive drumming and the primal force of the guitar work effortlessly create a nightmarish sonic realm further amplified by the vicious growls.
“Giants Of Anger” still dwells within a pitchblack realm fueled by an intense groovy momentum yet the rhythm slows down as guitars tend to focus on mournful melodic phrases accompanied by the theatrical vocals.
On “Meteor Gods” the melodic aspects become dominant as the slower contemplative passages emphasize the gothic aesthetics of the guitar melodies and the enticing solo in contrast with the scattered heavier dynamics.
A mysterious gothic aura surrounds the title track as dramatic spoken words and dreamy melodic phrases introduce a fiery rhythmic ensemble amplified by the robust riffage and the arcane chanting.
The nocturnal vibes of “Wolves In Thy Head” come to life through the menacing rhythmic patterns and the furious growls that inevitably convey a primordial strength which often becomes entwined with the gothic tinged melodic grandeur.
Without any hesitation Nightfall follow a darkly alluring sonic pathway which today on “At Night We Prey” leads to the monumental combo of extreme metal influences and compelling melodic tapestries.

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