Wheel – Resident Human

Helsinki-based prog metal band Wheel is ready to impress the audience with cathartic soundscapes and stellar technical musicianship on the brand new full length “Resident Human”.
A charming melancholy lingers throughout “Dissipating” as the delicate melodic phrases flow like a fading daydream around the emotive vocal delivery and will ultimately evolve into a series of complex prog dynamics fueled by monolithic drumming and crunchy riffage that will simply delight any music connoisseur.
“Movement” marks an impactful moment as the brilliant guitar work tends to focus on the creation of memorable heavier grooves maintaining an elaborate prog approach that naturally leads to unexpected rhythmic twists.
The intricate track “Hyperion” emphasizes the inner contrasting emotions and truly showcases the band’s prowess as the sophisticated guitar progressions can shift from luminous harmonies during the slower contemplative passages to heavier crescendos offering sharp somber tonalities amplified by a majestic rhythmic section.
A grim atmosphere introduces the emotional turmoil embodied by the title track which relies on shapeshifting rhythmic patterns highlighting the impeccable drumming while guitars confidently deliver a striking blend of groovy riffs and mesmerizing melodic progressions.
Exploring human nature and constantly manifesting an intense creative force within the convoluted & fascinating progressive realm of “Resident Human” Wheel rightfully have the chance to solidify their status in the modern prog metal scene.

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