Autarkh – Form In Motion

Founding member and composer/guitarist of Dodecahedron Michel Nienhuis embarks on a dystopian journey with the new band Autarkh which instantly manifests a radical sonic identity on the debut release “Form In Motion”.
“Turbulence” stays true to the title as the twisted rhythmic patterns and the abrasive riffage can create an asphyxiating sonic realm that at times embraces a futuristic approach with the addition of multilayered synths.
“Cyclic Terror” focuses on convoluted dissonant dynamics and heavily distorted tones that definitely emphasize the industrial inspiration while the hazy atmospheric textures become entwined with the aggressive blasts.
“Introspectrum” immediately unleashes a chaotic rhythm generating massive industrial grooves fueled by the cryptic electronic beats and the angered vocals within a moody atmospheric ensemble.
The distorted reality of “Lost To Sight” leads to obscure tonalities and visceral rhythmic segments accompanied by tormented growls & screams surrounded by unusual robotic sounds.
“Alignment” continues to combine harsh metal elements, diverse electronic layers and even subtle atmospheric nuances that ultimately create tumultuous soundscapes and uneasy feelings certainly amplified by the ravenous screams.
With Autarkh Michel Nienhuis follows an eclectic sonic evolution and certainly aims to push boundaries throughout “Form In Motion” channeling the fury of extreme metal and the enigmatic vibes of industrial.

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