Enforced – Kill Grid

Virginia-based crossover metallers Enforced proudly channel the menacing force of extreme metal on the brand new release “Kill Grid”.
“The Doctrine” opens the album with obscure tonalities that certainly foreshadow a fiery sonic assault as guitars deliver a winning combo of crunchy riffs and wicked soloing supported by the thrash vibes of the bold rhythmic section.
“Uxo” continues to unleash insane rhythmic patterns following pummeling drum blasts and the consequent enraged mood is inevitably cemented by the malignant growls and the raw energy of the guitar work.
The darkened atmosphere and the dismal guitar tonalities of the title track lead to a slightly melodic & lugubrious ensemble but the apparent calm will vanish as the rhythmic section gains extra speed fueled by the monumental drumming.
Staying true to classic thrash metal “Curtain Fire” focuses on the creation of massive groovy dynamics that once again highlight the dominant role of the glorious shredding and the sharp riffage.
The final track “Trespasser” properly embodies a relentless thrash style with the necessary belligerent tempo and the overload of ferocious guitar riffs spiced up by another solid round of memorable leads.
You simply cannot escape the ravenous sonic realm carefully crafted by Enforced as the unstoppable riff driven grooves that characterize “Kill Grid” are bound to trigger constant headbanging.

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