The Crown – Royal Destroyer

Swedish death metal band The Crown celebrated the thirtieth anniversary in 2020 and now is ready to deliver an overdose of impactful grooves throughout the tenth full length “Royal Destroyer”.
Staying true to the title “Let The Hammering Begin!” unleashes an overwhelming rage following a fast menacing rhythm constantly fueled by hostile drum blasts and extra heavy guitar riffs channeling an insane thrash metal energy.
Since the beginning, the monumental rhythmic section on “Motordeath” crafts enraged dynamics channeling the raw energy of 90s death & thrash metal enriched by a series of charismatic & groovy guitar progressions.
“Ultra Faust” embraces a slower creepy mood as the darkened tonalities of the guitar work can evoke a sense of impending doom that will ultimately evolve into an aggressive rhythmic assault amplified by the savage growls.
On “Glorious Hades” a mysterious atmosphere introduces robust rhythmic patterns yet a darkly alluring melodic essence will emerge through the mournful guitar phrases and the sophisticated solo.
The classic melodic death metal style of “We Drift On” leads to a balanced mix of somber guitar progressions demanding a slower contemplative rhythm and inflamed riffage fully conveying darkened vibes.
“Beyond The Frail” returns to a faster blistering rhythmic ensemble relying on crushing guitar riffs and spiteful growls to generate memorable grooves while the finale acquires ethereal tones with haunting arpeggios.
Undoubtedly the core of “Royal Destroyer” revolves around the fury of the massive rhythmic section and the relentless riffage yet The Crown manage to add some dramatic melodic textures to such extreme metal formula.

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