Cosmic Reaper – Cosmic Reaper

North Carolina based psych-doom band Cosmic Reaper is ready to make you space out like there’s no tomorrow with the monumental self-titled debut full length.
The hypnotizing soundscapes of “Hellion” come alive through the monolithic guitar riffs, the darkened tonalities and the massive fuzzy bass lines that inevitably emphasize the doom worshipping spirit of the whole album.
In the fuzzed out world of “Stellar Death” guitars can easily create a constant groove with an extra gritty sound that amplifies the retro style of the robust rhythmic dynamics while the slower passages ultimately evoke major bewitching vibes.
Throughout “Wasteland II” the extra heavy combo of bass & guitars sets a proper stoner doom mood definitely amplified by the constant fuzz overload and the appealing vintage flair of the extensive soloing.
With a slower & darker rhythm “Planet Eater” can easily induce a trancelike state as you simply cannot escape the monstrous heavy ensemble fueled by the monochromatic doom tonalities of the guitar riffs while the moody vocals seem to emerge from a distant alternate dimension.
Listening to Cosmic Reaper’s debut album you are bound to enter a hazy sonic realm as they confidently embrace a renowned fuzzy pathway inspired by the glorious days of stoner doom.

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