Eyehategod – A History of Nomadic Behavior

Veteran hardcore/sludge band Eyehategod returns with the long anticipated new full length “A History Of Nomadic Behavior” depicting a world of chaos and hypocrisy.
“Built Beneath The Lies” opens the album with a series of acidic & wild grooves that highlight a raw sludge energy amplified by the dark tonalities of the riffage and the enraged screams.
On “The Outer Banks” the massive guitar riffs lead the way to a dismal sonic realm that will ultimately embrace faster rough rhythmic patterns fueled by the pummeling drums.
“Fake What’s Yours” offers another solid round of gritty guitar riffs and ominous vibes so you can perceive a perennial sense of impending doom.
The groovy mood of “High Risk Trigger” celebrates a renowned swampy sludge/doom style as guitars and drums deliver heavy dynamics without any hesitation accompanied by chaotic feedback.
The instrumental ensemble on “The Trial Of Johnny Cancer” feeds off paranoia and delusions so the guitar work constantly emphasizes the dirty sound and the old school approach.
“Circle Of Nerves” sounds rebellious and dystopian as the monumental guitar riffs march through a doom laden realm and the desperate vocals express disgust and fury.
The dirty sound and the extra chunky riffs throughout “A History Of Nomadic Behavior”definitely match the turmoil and anger expressed by the lyrics as Eyehategod choose a songwriting approach inevitably influenced by the current events.

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