Odal – Welten Mutter

For over twenty years German black metallers Odal have explored the coldest depths of metal and their pagan influences continue to flourish on the latest dark offering “Welten Mutter”.
“…um Ewiges zu schaffen” reveals the epic flair and the brooding nuances that characterize the whole album as the fierce guitar riffs accompanied by ravenous growls effortlessly showcase strong blackened roots while mournful textures are bound to emerge through the melodic progressions.
“Der Kälte Atem” can unleash plenty of ominous black metal dynamics through the fast menacing rhythmic section yet the lead guitar work has a chance to add a fair dosage of darkened melodies ultimately evoking crestfallen feelings.
The title track might favor the melodic aspects of the guitar work which successfully delivers poignant phrases yet the main rhythmic patterns can maintain a frostbitten black metal essence enhanced by the pummeling drums.
The final track “Erden Zeit” definitely continues to embody the band’s icy aesthetics and the pagan inspiration through the grave guitar tonalities and the unrestrained blackened rhythmic blasts which can also acquire familiar folk metal elements.
“Welten Mutter” takes you to a gelid Nordic landscape as Odal confidently channel the obscure force of traditional black metal without sacrificing an appealing melancholic melodicism.

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