Dornenreich – Du wilde Liebe sei

Austrian band Dornenreich reaches a crucial milestone with the release of the ninth album “Du wilde Liebe sei” which embodies their signature black arcane rock style.
A darkened aura surrounds “So ruf’ sie wach das Sehnen” as the alluring mix of soulful acoustic phrases and gritty guitar progressions ultimately creates a contemplative sonic realm further embellished by sublime violin melodies.
“In Strömen aus Verwandlung ein flackerloses Licht” can offer heavier rhythmic dynamics due to the edgy guitar riffs while the intricate melodic patterns highlight a charming folk inspiration with eloquent violins.
The theatrical vocals on “Dein knöchern’ Kosen” immediately emphasize a dark mood that becomes even more palpable when the raw guitar riffs and the tribal drums skillfully build a bold rhythmic tension.
“Der Freiheit Verlangen nach goldenen Ketten” revolves around contrasting feelings as the magical violin and the soothing arpeggios can easily evoke sheer melancholia while the guitar work and the vocals reveal a mysterious essence.
On “Sie machen Mangel zum Geschenk” guitars and drums create a fervent rhythmic rampage while the violin continues to spellbind the listeners with sophisticated classical nuances and catchy melodies.
The final track “Freiheit erlösen” conveys a sense of tranquility focusing on the emotional themes as the captivating neofolk harmonies flourish within the gentle acoustic ensemble and the dreamy violin melodies.
Exploring all the aspects of love throughout “Du wilde Liebe sei”, Dornenreich confidently manifest a mesmerizing sonic vision that naturally leads to gorgeous elaborate soundscapes.

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