Wolves In The Throne Room – Primordial Arcana

Ritualistic black metal act Wolves In The Throne Room emerges from a desolate forest conjuring mysterious forces to create the darkest new offering “Primordial Arcana”.
“Mountain Magick” opens a portal to an ancestral realm as an arcane atmosphere surrounds a blackened rhythmic rampage fueled by unrestrained tremolos and monolithic drumming while the guitar leads skillfully add gloomy melodic accents as the tempo slows down enhancing a dramatic depth.
A compelling ritualistic aura lingers throughout “Through Eternal Fields” as the slower melodic passages, the sombre guitar tonalities and the imposing atmospheric arrangements celebrate darkness evoking doom-death influences.
On “Underworld Aurora” a magical folk spirit comes to life through the opulent synths layers highlighting a surreal post-metal flair and even if there are scattered aggressive rhythmic patterns the guitar work tends to focus on mournful melodic phrases.
“Masters of Rain and Storm” often emphasizes the cascadian black metal style as the thick guitar riffs march relentlessly through an ominous rhythmic maze in contrast with the peaceful arpeggios of the cathartic breakdown.
Wolves In The Throne Room continue to search for archetypal energies channeling a strong cascadian essence and listening to “Primordial Arcana” we wander through an ancient forest far from chaos and humanity.

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