Album Reviews 2015

MDB Feel The Misery cover

My Dying Bride – Feel The Misery

My dying Bride has rightfully earned the title of legendary pioneers of gothic/doom metal and has never ceased to amaze ...
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Monster Magnet – Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)

Monster Magnet’s new work of re-imagination entitled “Cobras And Fire (The Mastermind Redux)”could easily turn a listening party into an ...
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Graveyard – Innocence & Decadence

As the retro trend continues to spread intensely in the current metal scene, and visibly everywhere else, Swedish act Graveyard ...
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Danzig – Skeletons

Those who were hoping to finally hear a brand new album will have to settle for a collection of covers ...
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Draconian – Sovran

Draconian’s latest release “Sovran” is an absolutely delightful treat to celebrate, and survive, the dreadful grip of winter. It’s a ...
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Amorphis – Under The Red Cloud

Amorphis, one of the most prolific and enduring Finnish bands, comes back with a new album graciously entitled “Under The ...
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Moonspell – Extinct

For those who are “always under the spell”, the release of “Extinct” by Portuguese long standing act Moonspell can’t come ...
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Paradise Lost – The Plague Within

Paradise Lost is undoubtedly one of the few long lasting bands with an extraordinary influential career that overcomes the common ...
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Metal Allegiance – Metal Allegiance

A fantastic all-star musical collective featuring Alex Skolnick, Dave Ellefson, Mike Portnoy, founder Mark Menghi and a generous number of ...
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The Gentle Storm – The Diary

The Gentle Storm, featuring the lovely and talented Dutch singer Anneke van Giersbergen and renowned Ayreon’s mastermind Arjen Lucassen, must ...
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Soulfly – Archangel

We do not need to investigate and analyze the reasons why Max Cavalera comes back full of anger and darkness ...
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Fear Factory – Genexus

With the latest release “Genexus”, Fear Factory attempts to carve a contemporary personal identity in the overcrowded metal scene and ...
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Helloween – My God Given Right

With thirty years of career and fifteen studio albums, Helloween doesn’t need any formal introduction. The latest release “My God ...
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Sigh – Graveward

With the brand new full length “Graveward”, a humble homage to Italian zombie flick classics, Japanese extreme metal act Sigh ...
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Sirenia – The Seventh Life Path

We are all aware of Morten Veland’s many talents, especially as a composer. With the latest Sirenia’s creation, “The Seventh ...
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Blind Guardian - Beyond The Red Mirror - Artwork

Blind Guardian – Beyond The Red Mirror

Blind Guardian’s new album “Beyond The Red Mirror” is indisputably one of the most awaited release of the year. When ...
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Melechesh – Enki

With the sixth full length release entitled “Enki”, Melechesh doesn’t seem to step out of the comfortable musical niche that ...
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To/Die/For – Cult

The release of “Cult” by Finnish act To/Die/For brings a mix of delight and nostalgia. It is absolutely a pleasure ...
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Shining – IX – Everyone, Everything, Everywhere, Ends

Putting aside all the suicidal/depressing imagery that seems to symbolize and stigmatize the work of Swedish act Shining, the new ...
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Xandria – Sacrificium

With the latest full length “Sacrificium” Xandria proudly introduces the new vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen and, since we keep on ...
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Within Temptation – Let Us Burn – Elements & Hydra Live in Concert

Within Temptation’s career sure feels like an ethereal rollercoaster that began quietly with the understated gothic tinged album “Enter”. Now, ...
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MaYan – Antagonise

With MaYan’s latest release “Antagonise” Mark Jansen makes a quite serious declaration of intent about what seemed to be “just” ...
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L’Ame Immortelle – Drahtseilakt

In a music scene influenced by ambiguous seasonal trends, it’s simply amazing to see how a groundbreaking band such as ...
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Liv Kristine – Vervain

It’s always a pleasure to listen to the solo work of a talented artist and with the fifth solo album ...
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Insomnium – Shadows Of The Dying Sun

It feels good to see that Finnish act Insomnium is back with a powerful new album entitled “Shadows Of The ...
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