Album Reviews 2017


Vintersorg – Till Fjälls del II

Sweden’s folk metal hero and possible cultural ambassador moonlighting as a metal band, Vintersorg is back with his 10th album ...
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Municipal Waste – Slime and Punishment

After a four year (mostly) dormant period, the crossover revivalists Municipal Waste return with a grime drenched piece of political ...
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Front Final 2000PX

The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices – Pora Sotunda

For six decades the choir known as The Mystery Of The Bulgarian Voices has worked with various artists and delivered ...
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Hard Action – Hot Wired Beat

Following an explosive debut in the underground scene young Finnish rockers Hard Action return with the sophomore release “Hot Wired ...
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the faceless

The Faceless – In Becoming A Ghost

After quite a bit of lineup changes and delays, The Faceless finally return with their 4th album. This showcases a ...
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Travelin Jack_Commencing Countdown_1500px

Travelin Jack – Commencing Countdown

Berlin based rockers Travelin Jack don’t want to be considered a retro rock band despite clearly drawing inspiration from renowned ...
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Toothgrinder – Phantom Amour

New Jersey’s quintet Toothgrinder is ready to entertain and surprise the audience experimenting with multiple music styles ranging from jazz ...
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DAIS108 - DOL - ACROBAT COVER - 3000x3000 - 300DPI

Death Of Lovers – The Acrobat

Featuring Domenic and Kyle from shoegazers Nothing the band Death Of Lovers offers a new artsy manifesto with the debut ...
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beast in black

Beast In Black – Berserker

Those who were heartbroken when Battle Beast songwriter and guitarist Anton Kabanen left the band will be happy to enjoy ...
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b.o.s.c.h – Fleischwolf

It seems that the harsh climate of Germany’s North Sea coast had an effect on b.o.s.c.h resulting in the fierce ...
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Complete Failure – Crossburner

American grindcore maniacs Complete Failure finally & proudly unleash the latest full length “Crossburner” which could be easily categorized as ...
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Archspire – Relentless Mutation

The third album in any bands career can be tricky. it is usually seen as the pivotal release to see ...
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Virvum – Illuminance

Following a record deal with Season Of Mist Swiss quartet Virvum has re-released their punishing technical death metal debut album ...
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Diablo Swing Orchestra – Pacifisticuffs

Those familiar with the avant-garde Swedish ensemble Diablo Swing Orchestra will have an idea of what to expect on the ...
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Appice – Sinister

For more than forty year brothers Carmine and Vinny Appice have worked with many renowned artists in the metal scene ...
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Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown – Tyler Bryant & The Shakedown

As a classic rock revival is taking over the world the high voltage rock style of Nashville’s young talent Tyler ...
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Nullingroots.Into The Grey.1000x1000

Nullingroots – Into The Grey

Since black metal and shoegaze inevitably combined, many bands emerged to embrace the niche yet trendy underground blackgaze subgenre and ...
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Narcotic Wasteland – Delirium Tremens

Since Narcotic Wasteland is the full-time project of former Nile frontman Dallas Toler-Wade surely you can expect loads of infectious ...
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GWAR_-_The_Blood_of_Gods (Smaller)

GWAR – The Blood Of Gods

It’s a long story but we all know that GWAR do not belong to this world yet this brave rock ...
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Anguis Dei – Ad Portas Serpentium

Self-proclaimed True Satanik Black Metal secretive collective Anguis Dei are ready to unleash the spine chilling debut EP “Ad Portas ...
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Panzer – Fatal Command

Featuring Destruction’s bassist & vocalist Schmier, ex-Accept Stefan Schwarzmann on drums, V.O Pulver of Poltergeist & G.U.R.D on guitar and ...
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The Howling Void – The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn

Ryan Wilson’s The Howling Void has composed the elegantly gloomy sixth album “The Darkness At The Edge Of Dawn” delivering ...
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Dead Quiet – Grand Rites

Canadian metallers Dead Quiet are eager to conquer the audience with the sophomore work of music “Grand Rites” containing a ...
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The Fright – Canto V

Fronted by charismatic baritone vocalist Lon Fright German dark rockers The Fright are ready to delight the audience with the ...
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Legend – Midnight Champion

Legend is another absolutely intriguing band coming from the burgeoning rock/metal scene of Iceland and the newest effort “Midnight Champion” ...
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Destruction – Thrash Anthems II

A thirty years career deserves a bombastic celebration and with the help of a successful crowd funding campaign Destruction has ...
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Dark Embrace - The Call Of The Wolves

Dark Embrace – The Call Of The Wolves

Spanish dark metal band Dark Embrace aims to conquer a solid spot in the metal scene with the newest effort ...
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Motörhead – Under Cöver

After the heartbreaking passing of legendary Lemmy Kilmister the new Motörhead album "Under Cöver" featuring a great selection of covers ...
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Sorxe Matter & Void 1000x1000

Sorxe – Matter & Void

Phoenix based band Sorxe is relatively a new name in the metal scene but the sophomore effort “Matter & Void” ...
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Black Wail – Chromium Homes

The story of Jersey City’s rockers Black Wail starts in 2014 so they might still be considered an emerging act ...
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Asking Alexandria – Asking Alexandria

In the modern rock/metal scene Asking Alexandria continues to gain popularity and following the reunion with longtime vocalist Danny Worsnop ...
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Belphegor – Totenritual

Belphegor, Austria’s blasting prophets of blasphemy unleash their latest offering of blood soaked blackened-death metal with Totenritual. Staying the course ...
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Abhorrent Decimation – The Pardoner

Hailing from the U.K, Abhorrent Decimation dish out a unique brand of death-core with their debut record, The Pardoner. The ...
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Boris – Dear

In their 25th year of existence Tokyo’s amplifier worshipping experimental metal power trio Boris daringly continues to push traditional music ...
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Katla - M+¦+¦ur+ístin Cover

Katla – Móðurástin

Named after a majestic active volcano Icelandic duo Katla, featuring ex-Sólstafir drummer and visual artist Guðmundur Óli Pálmason and singer/multi-instrumentalist ...
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Electric Wizard – Wizard Bloody Wizard

British doom masters Electric Wizard return with the uncompromising “Wizard Bloody Wizard” fueled by their renowned vintage rock blend and ...
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The Hirsch Effekt_Eskapist_3000x3000

The Hirsch Effekt – Eskapist

German progressive band The Hirsch Effekt has released the rather complex new album “Eskapist” which is the result of a ...
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Altarage – Endinghent

In a world where everybody wants to become a famous rockstar Spanish death metallers Altarage beg to differ keeping total ...
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Red Moon Architect – Return Of The Black Butterflies

Coming from Kouvola, the 'largest lighted cemetery' in Finland, funeral doom band Red Moon Architect depicts desolate soundscapes through the ...
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Annihilator – For The Demented

Canadian metallers Annihilator are simply unstoppable holding a solid influential status in the metal scene since 1989 and writer/guitarist/vocalist Jeff ...
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Marty Friedman.Wall of Sound.3000x3000

Marty Friedman – Wall of Sound

Marty Friedman has been making a bit of a comeback as of late with some new solo material that "keeps ...
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Cavalera Conspiracy – Psychosis

After the worldwide touring success performing Sepultura’s iconic opus “Roots” Max and Iggor Cavalera, joined by talented guitarist Marc Rizzo, ...
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The Tangent – The Slow Rust Of Forgotten Machinery

With a pretty extensive catalogue for the period of time that they've been around, The Tangent release quite a lengthy ...
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Auðn – Farvegir Fyrndar

Iceland is quickly becoming a burgeoning center for extraordinary underground metal and Auðn might have what it takes to be ...
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Antisect – The Rising Of The Lights

Anarcho- punk band Antisect has not released new music for over thirty two years yet suddenly has returned to the ...
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Cloak - To Venomous Depths 1500x1500 (RGB)

Cloak – To Venomous Depths

Georgia based young band Cloak is eager to enter the chaotic realm that is the current metal scene with the ...
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Uncle Acid VOL 1 copy 2 (SMALLER)

Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats – Vol 1

There was a time when Uncle Acid And The Deadbeats was still simply unknown and the very first music effort ...
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Rikard Sjoblom’s Gungfly – On Her Journey to the Sun

A solo album from the frontman of the band Beardfish, takes the listener on quite a journey. This album is ...
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Honeymoon Disease – Part Human, Mostly Beast

As the retro rock revival continues to trigger interest worldwide Swedish rockers Honeymoon Disease are ready to release the sophomore ...
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Dawn Of Disease – Ascension Gate

German death metal act Dawn Of Disease has crafted the newest release “Ascension Gate” keeping in mind the band’s primordial ...
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Zaius.Of Adoration.3000x3000_rsz

Zaius – Of Adoration

In the overcrowded metal scene the emerging Chicago based instrumental quartet Zaius deserves to be on your radar as the ...
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3rd 1500x1500

The 3rd Attempt – Egocidal Path

Looking for new creative outlets former Carpathian Forest guitarists Tchort and BloodPervertor joined forces to start the new band The ...
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Witchery - I Am Legion (2)

Witchery – I Am Legion

Over two decades of existence is already a great achievement but Swedish extreme metallers Witchery still have a lot to ...
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Butcher Babies - Lilith - Album Cover

Butcher Babies – Lilith

Renowned for the intense live performances, Los Angeles based act Butcher Babies continues to evolve triggering mixed feeling among the ...
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The Ditch and the Delta.Hives in Decline 3000x3000

The Ditch And The Delta – Hives In Decline

Emerging sludge rockers The Ditch And The Delta unleash the debut album “Hives In Decline” delivering all kinds of crazy ...
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unnamed (18)

Savage Messiah – Hands Of Fate

British metallers Savage Messiah return with the fourth full length “Hands Of Fate” which definitely focuses on renowned energetic dynamics ...
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Sons Of Apollo – Psychotic Symphony

Probably Mike Portnoy and Derek Sherinian were always meant to create music together and the new band Sons Of Apollo ...
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Lisa Cuthbert – Hextapes

Vocalist/songwriter Lisa Cuthbert Initially released “Hextapes” via Bandcamp and as a limited-edition cassette but now this haunting album, an artsy ...
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Act Of Defiance – Old Scars, New Wounds

Featuring ex- Megadeth members Chris Broderick on guitar and Shawn Drover on drums Act Of Defiance are ready to unleash ...
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36 Crazyfists – Lanterns

Alaskan band 36 Crazyfists has been around since 1994 therefore the mature musicianship and songwriting that characterize the latest full ...
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Tarja_From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)_cover_CD

Tarja – From Spirits And Ghosts (Score For A Dark Christmas)

One of the most beloved female vocalists Tarja Turunen has chosen to delight her fans with the rather unexpected album ...
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Cannabis Corpse – Left Hand Pass

Cannabis Corpse emerges from a true passion for Floridian death metal shared by Municipal Waste bassist / vocalist Phil "LandPhil" ...
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Evil Invaders – Feed Me Violence

Belgian metallers Evil Invaders proudly release the sophomore album “Feed Me Violence” which confidently proves to be more than just ...
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Shrapnel – Raised On Decay

Inspired by decades of uncompromising energetic thrash metal British metallers Shrapnel unleash the crushing sophomore full length “Raised On Decay” ...
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Nachtblut – Apostasie

Straight from a realm of pure darkness German gothic/dark metal outfit Nachtblut emerges with the new release “Apostasie” symbolizing a ...
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Moonspell – 1755

Acclaimed longstanding gothic metal band Moonspell has chosen to create a quite grandiose album that often bears the stylish quality ...
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New Language – Everybody Screams

There is a buzz around the young Los Angeles based band New Language and the freshly released  EP “Everybody Screams” ...
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Sleeping Romance – Alba

Among young emerging bands, Italian symphonic metal act Sleeping Romance has the opportunity to stand out with the sophomore release ...
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Jess And The Ancient Ones – The Horse And Other Weird Tales

Finnish psychedelic rockers Jess And The Ancient Ones deserve to be recognized worldwide as an exceptionally intriguing band in fact ...
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The New Roses – One More For The Road

German hard rockers The New Roses certainly know how to entertain the audience with loud classic rock tunes that in ...
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Der Weg Einer Freiheit – Finisterre

German black metallers Der Weg Einer Freiheit have released the new album “Finisterre” which stays true to the band’s chosen ...
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Camerata Mediolanense - Le Vergini Folli - 2000x2000_300

Camerata Mediolanense – Le Vergini Folli

When poetry and music embrace usually something unexpectedly beautiful comes to life. In the case of the extremely talented Italian ...
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Integrity – Howling, For The Nightmare Shall Consume

Formed in 1988 Integrity has been known for the influential heavy hardcore music style and continues to unleash such radical ...
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Lord Of The Lost – Swan Songs II

Hamburg-based dark metal band Lord Of The Lost is proud to return to the music scene with the unique new ...
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Montreal based trio BIG|BRAVE is ready to embark a new experimental journey on the latest effort “Ardor” which stands out ...
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Wolves In The Throne Room – Thrice Woven

Like ancient alchemists Wolves In The Throne Room experiment with primordial blackened elements and mythical concepts on the latest full ...
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Then Comes Silence – Blood

There might be a real goth rock revival going on this year and Swedish band Then Comes Silence joins the ...
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Impure Wilhelmina – Radiation

Swiss post-hardcore veterans Impure Wilhelmina have been a prolific band for 10 years and the emotionally charged new full length ...
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CyHra – Letters To Myself

New band CyHra might be considered a supergroup as it features ex-Amaranthe vocalist Jake E, former In Flames guitarist Jesper ...
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Ne Obliviscaris – Urn

Among modern metal bands, Australian Ne Obliviscaris have proven to be seriously devoted to the creation of complex fascinating music ...
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Eshtadur – Mother Gray

Hailing from Colombia Eshtadur is ready to release into the world a genuinely powerful blend of melodic death metal with ...
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Taake – Kong Vinter

Acclaimed Norwegian band Taake is proud to unleash the coldest music creation of the year aptly entitled “Kong Vinter” on ...
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Five The Hierophant – Over Phlegethon

Instrumental trio Five The Hierophant is ready to debut in the music scene with the avant-garde obscure music opus “Over ...
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Atrox – Monocle

Norwegian band Atrox has been around since 1990 and, after exploring diverse music styles, has embraced an intriguing sonic evolution ...
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Voids Album Art

Voids – No Character : No Crown

In the growing chaotic metalcore scene, Maryland based quartet Voids is ready to stand out with the debut album “No ...
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SOM408-River Black-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

River Black – River Black

River Black is a new name in the metal/grindcore scene but in reality the band’s line up features former members ...
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Mountains Crave – As We Were When We Were Not

British band Mountains Crave has released the debut full length poetically entitled “As We Were When We Were Not” which ...
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Urarv - Aurum cover 3000px (Custom)

Urarv – Aurum

Black metal connoisseurs are certainly familiar with the work of Björn Aldrahn Dencker in DHG, The Deathtrip and Thorns. With the ...
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ewigkeit cosmic man cover

Ewigkeit – Cosmic Man

In the underground metal scene multitalented artist James Fogarty is known for several music endeavors and now is ready to ...
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Samael – Hegemony

With thirty years career and numerous excellent records Swiss veterans Samael do not need any superfluous introduction. Samael certainly put ...
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Caligula’s Horse – In Contact

Based in Australia progressive rock/metal band Caligula’s Horse has crafted an ambitious new album entitled “In Contact” conceptually based on ...
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Album art

Death Rattle – Volition

New Hampshire based groove/thrash outfit Death Rattle worked hard to independently release the sophomore full length “Volition” which promises a ...
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SOM427-Vulture Industries-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

Vulture Industries – Stranger Times

We could try to analyze and categorize the music style of Norwegian Vulture Industries but it would become a challenging ...
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Pentakill II art

Pentakill – II: Grasp Of The Undying

When the realm of video games and metal collide some phenomenon like Pentakill might happen. Directly from the League Of ...
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grave pleasures

Grave Pleasures – Motherblood

Dwelling in a darkly romantic limbo of post-punk and goth/death rock Finnish band Grave Pleasures has crafted the new macabre ...
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Kaipa – Children Of The Sounds

Formed in 1973 Swedish prog rockers Kaipa have been known for the eclectic music experimentation and on the newest release ...
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Implore - Subjugate

Implore – Subjugate

Blackened death metal grinders Implore aim to impress the extreme metal scene with the brutally intense sophomore release “Subjugate”. “Birth ...
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Tetrarch – Freak

You might have never heard about Tetrarch but that is about to change because this young band is ready to ...
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Vuur – In This Moment We Are Free – Cities

Undoubtedly Anneke Van Giersbergen is one of the most beloved female vocalists and she finally returns to fully embrace a heavier ...
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Ex Eye – Ex Eye

Led by experimental saxophonist Colin Stetson, instrumental supergroup Ex Eye has released a rather unique avant-garde debut album. Blending extraordinary ...
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comeback kid

Comeback Kid – Outsider

After signing a record deal with Nuclear Blast Canadian hardcore/punk outfit Comeback Kid returns to the metal scene with renewed ...
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Enslaved – E

Against all redundant music rules and limited categorizations, Norway’s finest Enslaved is a band that has courageously embraced a gradual ...
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enisum web cover

Enisum – Seasons Of Desolation

Italian band Enisum has been creating music for several years yet it might still be a new name in the ...
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Noumena – Myrrys

Finnish metallers Noumena return with their 5th full length album, "Myrrys" which is chock full of their distinctly Finnish brand ...
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Rings Of Saturn – Ultu Ulla

2017 sees the return of Sci-Fi tech-death masterminds Rings of Saturn with their 4th album of otherworldly, futuristic brand of ...
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Kadavar – Rough Times

German rockers Kadavar return triumphantly with the fashionably loud album “Rough Times” which, as expected, will take the listeners through ...
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Eluveitie – Evocation II – Pantheon

After major lineup changes beloved Swiss folk metallers Eluveitie is ready to release the new acoustic effort “Evocation II – ...
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Satyricon – Deep Calleth Upon Deep

Norwegian masters Satyricon are ready to begin a new chapter as our favorite duo, Satyr and Frost, has crafted the ...
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Rub My Mind art

Barb Wire Dolls – Rub My Mind

As the story goes legendary Lemmy Kilmister discovered Barb Wire Dolls and signed them to Motörhead Music. Now Barb Wire ...
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Loviatar – Loviatar

Hailing from Canada Loviatar proudly releases the first self titled full length effort crafting an interesting blend of gloomy doom/post-metal ...
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Epica - The Solace System - Artwork

Epica – The Solace System

Symphonic metal masters Epica are known to be quite prolific and an unstoppable creative force in the current metal scene ...
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With The Dead – Love From With The Dead

Iconic former Cathedral singer Lee Dorrian and ex-Electric Wizard/Ramesses bassisit/guitarist Tim Bagshaw have joined forces again in the band With ...
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Cradle Of Filth - Cryptoriana - The Seductiveness Of Decay - Artwork

Cradle Of Filth – Cryptoriana – The Seductiveness Of Decay

Legendary groundbreaking band Cradle Of Filth is ready to conquer even the most stubborn audience with the exquisite dark beauty ...
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Alpha Tiger – Alpha Tiger

Following the vocalist’s departure German rock Alpha Tiger returns with new singer Benjamin Jaino and a refreshed creative energy that ...
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Hallatar – No Stars Upon The Bridge

Hallatar is born as an extension of Trees Of Eternity to bring Aleah Starbridge’s poems and music to the world ...
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Light to the flies

Dark Tone Company – Light to the flies

The Finnish Dark Tone Company debuted on the metal scene with its first full-length "Light to the flies" some weeks ...
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the dark red seed - stands with death

The Dark Red Seed -Stands With Death

Long-time guitar player for King Dude Tosten Larson has a new project called The Dark Red Seed and the first EP “Stands ...
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Neun Welten – The Sea I’m Diving In

German dark folk band Neun Welten is back with the new music endeavor “The Sea I’m Diving In”. Adding remarkable ...
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VARG_EP_Cover _Final_3000_dark

Varg – Götterdämmerung

They might sound like pagan metal but German metallers Varg prefer to call it ‘wolf metal’. Regardless of music categories ...
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Logical Terror – Ashes Of Fate

Logical Terror is a modern metalcore band from Italy, after the debut album "Almost Human", in 2016 they released "Ashes ...
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In No Man's Memory ARTWORK redlogo 600dpi_preview

Proliferhate – In No Man’s Memory

Proliferhate is a progressive death metal band from Turin in Italy, their debut album “In No Man's Memory” has been ...
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Edguy – Monuments

We can really say that time flies when we realize that the power metal band Edguy has been on the ...
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Soror Dolorosa Apollo 2000x2000 300 dpi

Soror Dolorosa – Apollo

Fronted by talented photographer/artist Andy Julia, Soror Dolorosa worked four years to deliver the latest dystopian opus “Apollo”. With a ...
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GlerAkur – The Mountains Are Beautiful Now

Icelandic post-rock/drone band GlerAkur has released the debut album elegantly entitled “The Mountains Are Beautiful Now” originally written for, and ...
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Foscor – Les Irreals Visions

“Les Irreals Visions” is the poetic title of the new full length by Spanish band Foscor. The album elegantly blends ...
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Wintersun – The Forest Seasons

There has been a lot of hype about what mastermind Jari Mäenpää would create for his devoted fans, now that Wintersun’s ...
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Sea In The Sky – Everything All At Once

Progressive/alternative rock band Sea In The Sky is ready to release the first full length entitled “Everything All At Once” ...
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TEE Emotion BlackV

Radio Moscow – New Beginnings

Lovers of sweaty and passionate psychedelic rock will absolutely appreciate Radio Moscow’s signature style. The power trio is back with ...
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Septicflesh – Codex Omega

Greek orchestral extreme metal icons Septicflesh continue to impress the audience with the majestic new release “Codex Omega”. Like Titans ...
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Paradise Lost – Medusa

Beloved gothic metal pioneers Paradise Lost return with the intense new album “Medusa”. Focusing on depressing reality and the timeless ...
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Shade Empire – Poetry Of The Ill-Minded

Crafting extreme metal since 1999, Finnish band Shade Empire is ready to release the new multilayered work of music intriguingly ...
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End Of Green – Void Estate

Long standing German gothic rock band End Of Green returns with the latest melancholic collection of songs “Void Estate”. “Send ...
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Cellar Darling – This Is The Sound

Anna Murphy, Merlin Sutter and Ivo Henzi have left acclaimed folk metal band Eluveitie but since their music journey is not over they ...
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Leprous – Malina

2017 ushers the return of Norway's progressive wizards, Leprous, on their 5th full length album Malina. On this outing, we ...
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Arch Enemy - Will To Power

Arch Enemy – Will To Power

One of the most awaited releases this year is certainly “Will To Power”, the brand new full length by Swedish ...
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Merrimack – Omegaphilia

French black metallers Merrimack worked for five years to create the new album “Omegaphilia”. At the very first listening you ...
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Sun Of The Sleepless – To The Elements

Many know and appreciate the work of German talented musician Schwadorf in The Vision Bleak and Empyrium. With his solo ...
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Limbonic Art – Spectre Abysm

After seven years, Limbonic Art returns, essentially as Daemon’s solo project, with the full length “Spectre Abysm” which promises to ...
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Salems Lott – Mask of Morality

Self proclaimed "Shock Metal" band, Hollywood's Salem's Lott return with new three song e.p. "Mask of Morality." Fusing all things ...
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Suffocation – Of The Dark Light

The New York giants are at it again with another crushing release. Staying true to their brutal, yet technical sound ...
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Replacire – Do Not Deviate

Technical Death Metal from Boston, Massachusetts, but seems to lean more towards the Progressive Death Metal thing. With their second ...
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Decrepit Birth - Axis Mundi - Artwork

Decrepit Birth – Axis Mundi

After seven long years floating in the NetherRealm, California tech-death behemoths Decrepit Birth return with their 4th and most punishing ...
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Origin - Unparalleled Universe - Artwork

Origin – Unparalleled Universe

The titans of inhuman warp speed, song complexity that could rival Quantum mechanics homework, and planet shattering brutality, ORIGIN reemerge ...
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Decapitated - Anticult - Artwork

Decapitated – Anticult

Polish extreme metallers Decapitated return with Anticult another slab of grooving, whiplash inducing heaviness. Voog and company continue down the ...
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SOM414-Carach Angren-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

Carach Angren – Dance And Laugh Amongst The Rotten

Renowned for an intense ensemble of theatrical soundscapes and ghastly storytelling Dutch symphonic black metal act Carach Angren is ready ...
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Tuesday The Sky – Drift

The new project Tuesday The Sky started when Jim Matheos of progressive metal pioneers Fates Warning felt that a bonus ...
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Beastmaker Inside The Skull front

Beastmaker – Inside The Skull

Beastmaker might be considered an emerging band but with the new full-length “Inside The Skull” the band is eager to ...
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The Wizards - Full Moon 12x12cm

The Wizards – Full Moon In Scorpio

Spanish rock band The Wizards must have found the right inspiration to create the new album “Full Moon In Scorpio” ...
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Helfir cover

Helfir – The Human Defeat

Italian multi-instrumentalist Luca Mazzotta’s solo project Helfir is ready to release the second album “The Human Defeat”. “Time In Our ...
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Chiral – Gazing Light Eternity

Italian one-man band Chiral has released an atmospheric post-black metal album entitled “Gazing Light Eternity”. “Part I (The Gazer)” kicks ...
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Paz Manera- Superbreakout

"Superbreakout" is the debut album of the Italian trio Paz Manera, released last April via AW Recordings, it contains 10 ...
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Schammasch – The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite

Swiss avant-garde post-metal band Schammasch has great endeavors in my mind and the new EP “The Maldoror Chants: Hermaphrodite” is ...
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Exist So True So Bound (digital cover) 3000x3000

Exist – So True, So Bound

Fronted by Max Phelps, touring member of Cynic and Defeated Sanity, Maryland based technical death metal band Exist has released ...
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Pristine – Ninja

Norwegian rock band Pristine is ready to release the latest effort “Ninja” which aims to conquer new fans worldwide with ...
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Tengger Cavalry – Die On My Ride

Nomadic folk metal band Tengger Cavalry is ready to explore further exotic music territories with the new album “Die On ...
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Sabbath Assembly – Rites Of Passage

Sabbath Assembly is often categorized as a psychedelic doom or even occult rock band but the new album “Rites Of ...
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Avatarium - Hurricanes And Halos - Artwork

Avatarium – Hurricanes And Halos

Founded by Leif Edling of Candlemass, Swedish band Avatarium crafts an intriguing blend of doom and retro rock mood in ...
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Tusmörke – Hinsides

Already popular in their homeland Norwegian band Tusmörke has released the eclectic album “Hinsides” which conceptually deals with macabre themes ...
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Medusa1975 – Rising From The Ashes

American band Medusa1975 is ready to take you on a nostalgic rock trip with the latest album “Rising From The ...
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Kobra And The Lotus – Prevail I

Canadian band Kobra And The Lotus fronted by charismatic vocalist Kobra Paige has released the new melodic rock/power metal oriented ...
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Nad Sylvan – The Bride Said No

Renowned progressive rock multitalented musician Nad Sylvan returns with the new solo album “The Bride Said No” which aims to ...
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Solstafir – Berdreyminn

Critically acclaimed Icelandic band Solstafir continues to fiercely explore diverse music and emotional territories in the long awaited album “Berdreyminn” ...
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Wednesday 13 - Condolences - Artwork

Wednesday 13 – Condolences

Thinking about horror rock/metal Wednesday 13 obviously comes to mind as a prominent figure in that particular genre. Like a ...
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LOA Cover

Life Of Agony – A Place Where There’s No More Pain

It feels like a long time since we had the pleasure to listen to new songs by Life Of Agony ...
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Full Of Hell – Trumpeting Ecstasy

Experimental death/noise band Full Of Hell has released the third full-length album “Trumpeting Ecstasy”, a memorable dynamic music experience that ...
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Ulsect – Ulsect

Featuring members of extreme metallers Dodecahedron and progressive band Textures Ulsect is ready to debut in the metal scene with ...
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Hell Or Highwater – Vista

Featuring Atreyu’s drummer Brandon Saller as vocalist/songwriter hard rockers Hell Or Highwater have released the sophomore album “Vista” filled with ...
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Volker – Dead Doll

Young emerging French band Volker might have a chance to impress the music scene with the new album “Dead Doll” ...
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Lonely Robot – The Big Dream

Lonely Robot's 2nd album is definitely a progressive work of art. John Mitchell  whom you may know from Arena and ...
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Highland – Loyal To The Nightsky

"Loyal to the Night Sky" right off the bat reminds me of the 2nd wave of black metal. The nice ...
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SOM407-Earth Electric-1500X1500px-300dpi-RGB

Earth Electric – Vol. 1: Solar

Guitarist Rune Eriksen and vocalist Carmen Simoes, previously members of several bands such as Ava Inferi, are back with the ...
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Dead By April – Worlds Collide

Following line-up changes Swedish quartet Dead By April now has the renewed energy and focus necessary to deliver the fourth ...
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Doyle II - As We Die - Album Cover

Doyle – Doyle II: As We Die

Legendary Misfits guitarist Doyle Wolfgang Von Frankenstein returns with a new solo album “Doyle II: As We Die”, a nightmarish ...
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Hate – Tremendum

Polish extreme metal icons Hate are back with the tenth full length “Tremendum” which comes with a renewed energy featuring ...
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Galley Beggar front

Galley Beggar – Heathen Hymns

Kentish band Galley Beggar’s music style is often categorized as folk rock but the newest fourth album “Heathen Hymns” demonstrates ...
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Ancient Ascendant – Raise The Torch

British quartet Ancient Ascendant has surprised the metal scene with a multifaceted songwriting style featuring black/death aspects as well as ...
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Coltsblood – Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness

Liverpool based doom band Coltsblood proudly releases the latest dismal effort “Ascending Into Shimmering Darkness” which might be the darkest ...
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Shores Of Null – Black Drapes For Tomorrow

Italian band Shores Of Null returns with the latest effort “Black Drapes For Tomorrow”, a gothic/doom oriented wistful and sorrowful ...
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Return To Void – Return To Void

Finnish prog rockers Return To Void have worked hard to craft the self titled debut album which particularly shines for ...
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Necrowretch – Satanic Slavery

French extreme metal band Necrowretch furiously unleashes the latest effort “Satanic Slavery” a blasphemous anthem that draws inspiration and strength ...
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Völur – Ancestors

Canadian trio Völur is ready to release the sophomore full length “Ancestors” which features strong doom roots as well as ...
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Album art_rsz

Fortis Amor – Fortis Amor

Guitarist/vocalist/composer/producer Ryan Duke is ready to proudly release the self titled debut album of his passionate melodic progressive metal project ...
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When The Night Falls - Cover art

Raging Dead – When The Night Falls

Emerging Italian horror punk quartet Raging Dead has released the first full length album entitled “When The Night Falls” which ...
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Ides Front

Ides Of Gemini – Women

After few line-up changes Ides Of Gemini is ready for a reinvigorated comeback to the music scene with the new ...
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He Is Legend – Few

Following a very successful crowdfunding campaign, American rock band He Is Legend retreated to a remote cabin in isolation to ...
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Farsot – Fail·lure

German black metal band Farsot returns with the third full length “Fail·lure”, a work of music that showcases avant-garde attitude ...
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Les Discrets – Prédateurs

French dark band Les Discrets is well known in the shoegaze scene, also because founder Fursy Teyssier has worked with ...
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Valborg – Endstrand

Hard to categorize, Valborg self describe their music style as German metal monster and the newest full length album “Endstrand” ...
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Dynfari – The Four Doors Of The Mind

Icelandic band Dynfari is known to skillfully create post-metal/post-rock atmospheric music and the latest release “The Four Doors Of The ...
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Danzig - Black Laden Crown - Artwork

Danzig – Black Laden Crown

After the covers album “Skeletons” triggered mixed feelings back in 2015, the inimitable Danzig returns with the long awaited new ...
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Dawn of Ashes Daemonolatry Gnosis

Dawn Of Ashes – Daemonolatry Gnosis

American symphonic black metal veterans Dawn Of Ashes are back with the new full length “Daemonolatry Gnosis” which, as expected, ...
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cover saule

Saule – Saule

Polish emerging band Saule aims to craft dreamy music with post-rock and post-metal themes that are certainly prominent in the ...
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Alchimia – Musa

Young musician Emanuele Tito has created the multifaceted project Alchimia and is ready to release the debut album “Musa” which ...
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Troubled Horse - Revolution Front RED

Troubled Horse – Revolution On Repeat

Among the several interesting Swedish bands Troubled Horse has a rather clear music pathway where classic heavy metal and retro ...
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Brother Firetribe – Sunbound

Featuring beloved Nightwish’s guitarist Emppu Vuorinen Finnish AOR band Brother Firetribe embarks on a catchy nostalgic trip with newest full ...
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Altjira – Anent Wist

Italian Altjira surprises with its first Ep ”Anent Wist” released last January. The album, which lasts nearly 29 minutes, contains ...
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The Night Flight Orchestra – Amber Galactic

Featuring renowned Soilwork’s vocalist Björn Strid and guitarist David Andersson supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra is ready to guide you ...
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SUA 068P Gatefold (LP1042) OptM.indd

Nightbringer – Terra Damnata

American black metal act Nightbringer has unleashed a brand new brutally dark opus entitled “Terra Damnata” which fiercely explores the ...
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ajattara web cover

Ajattara – Lupaus

Ajattara has been considered the most dangerous black metal band to emerge from Finland and, after a six years hiatus, ...
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Dodecahedron – Kwintessens

Dutch black metal band Dodecahedron returns with the newest enigmatic work of music philosophically entitled “Kwintessens”, a blistering soundtrack for ...
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Davey Suicide - Made From Fire - Album Cover

Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

Industrial rockers Davey Suicide proudly return with the brand new full length “Made From Fire”, a charismatic collection of groovy ...
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alunah_solennial (Custom)

Alunah – Solennial

English band Alunah returns to the music scene with the enchanting fourth album “Solennial” which shines for the harmonious blend ...
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John Richardson – The Fold

Based in Finland, John Richardson is an experienced songwriter and university professor who decided share his music creativity in the ...
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horte - cover_media

Horte – Horte

Through echoes and surreal tones the enigmatic band/entity Horte has concocted the first anonymous and eponymous record. “Sekvenssi” is all ...
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SVART056 Hisko Detria

Hisko Detria – Mal Du Siècle

Among bizarre/eclectic bands to check out, if you feel the need for music that fearlessly cross standard boundaries, Finnish Hisko ...
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Adobe Photoshop PDF

Ghost World – Ghost World

Finnish indie band Ghost World is proud to release the self titled debut album characterized by raw 90’s rock themes ...
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Dimmu Borgir – Forces Of The Northern Night

Norwegian symphonic black metal icons Dimmu Borgir have been silent for some time but have recently announced that a new ...
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Black Magic Six – Choose Death

Finnish bluesy rock duo Black Magic Six has released a rather playful fourth album entitled “Choose Death” full of loud ...
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Babhell cover

Sawthis – Babhell

Italian quintet Sawthis proudly unleashes the newest musical effort titled “Babhell” which offers a passionate modern melodic metal hybrid with ...
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My Sleeping Karma – Mela Ananda – Live

Renowned German instrumental band My Sleeping Karma has released the first live record titled “Mela Ananda – Live” that will ...
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Pallbearer – Heartless

In the last few years progressive doom band Pallbearer has gained wider audience and critical acclaim therefore the newest effort ...
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Felix Martin – Mechanical Nations

Felix Martin isn't your typical guitarist. In fact, He plays a special guitar made just for him, with 16 strings ...
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Black Mirrors – Funky Queen

With the debut EP “Funky Queen” emerging Belgian rockers Black Mirrors are ready to take the listeners on a wild ...
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12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007}

Obituary – Obituary

Legendary Floridian death metal band Obituary fiercely confirms the band’s influential status with an aggressively guitar driven self titled new ...
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Memoriam – For The Fallen

Memoriam might be a new name in the death metal scene but many are certainly familiar with the band’s members ...
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Emmure – Look At Yourself

With a revamped line up and high hopes for a brilliant future Emmure returns with the new full length “Look ...
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Royal Thunder – Wick

With the newest full length “Wick” Atlanta based rockers Royal Thunder choose a rather melancholic pathway with deeply poignant songwriting ...
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anchored bts

Anchored – Beneath The Surface

American rockers Anchored have released a brand new explosive full length entitled “Beneath The Surface” packing loads of catchy melodies ...
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1476 – Our Season Draws Near

New England based duo 1476 returns with the new full length “Our Season Draws Near” which always holds a particularly ...
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The Moon And The Nightspirit – Metanoia

Hungarian multi instrumentalist duo The Moon And The Nightspirit has released the sixth full length entitled “Metanoia” which definitely feels ...
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The Charm The Fury – The Sick, Dumb & Happy

Amsterdam based metallers The Charm The Fury have released their sophomore album “The Sick, Dumb & Happy” which promises to ...
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Saturn Beyond Spectra RED

Saturn – Beyond Spectra

As the retro rock/metal trend continues to gain fans worldwide, Swedish rockers Saturn are ready to release their sophomore album ...
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Warbringer – Woe To The Vanquished

American thrash outfit Warbringer proves to be back in excellent shape with the new album “Woe To The Vanquished” which ...
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Vangough – Warpaint

American progressive metal band Vangough has released a brand new full length entitled “Warpaint” which aims to leave a mark ...
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Benighted – Necrobreed

French death metal grinders Benighted are ready to unleash their latest and most confident brutal effort “Necrobreed” filled with furiously ...
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Disperse – Foreword

Among new emerging bands, technical metal quartet Disperse might stand out thanks to the new full length “Foreword” which features ...
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Hark – Machinations

British sludge rock band Hark is ready to unleash the sophomore album entitled “Machinations” which promises to deliver a heavily ...
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Hyborian – Volume I

Sludge stoner rockers Hyborian has released a massive guitar driven album entitled “Volume I” which is meant to deliver high ...
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hello black hole cover

Hello Black Hole – In No Good Hand

Helsinki based post punk/rock band Hello Black Hole featuring Johan “Goatspeed” Snell, known as the creative force behind the cult ...
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Ex Deo – The Immortal Wars

After a short hiatus Kataklysm’s side project Ex Deo comes back with the third full length “The Immortal Wars” on ...
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Kairon; IRSE! – Ruination

Finnish eclectic band Kairon; IRSE!  has released an ambitiously visionary musical voyage entitled “Ruination” which fearlessly blends familiar prog rock ...
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Cover SOTW

John 5 And The Creatures – Season Of The Witch

Renowned guitarist John 5 and his backing band The Creatures return with a flamboyant album entitled “Season Of The Witch” ...
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SINGLE_Black copie

Nidingr – The High Heat Licks Against Heaven

Black metal lovers are certainly familiar with Norwegian band Nidingr founded by infamous Mayhem’s guitar player/songwriter Teloch. Nidingr makes a ...
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Haken – Visions

A Re-release of the second album from the Prog Metal band Haken. Easily one of the leading bands in the ...
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Haken – Aquarius

The Re-release of Haken's first album "Aquarius," is quite an epic album and a hell of a debut. There's a ...
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Bathsheba – Servus

Fronted by charismatic vocalist Michelle Nocon, Belgian band Bathsheba is ready to release the blackened doom oriented debut album “Servus” ...
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Helén – Helén

Finnish multi-instrumentalist Kimmo Helén returns in the music scene with the self titled solo album “Helén” which features an interesting ...
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PH – Eternal Hayden

Finnish meta rockers PH, originally known as Mr. Peter Hayden, return with the new fourth full-length “Eternal Hayden” that celebrates ...
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Witherfall – Nocturnes And Requiems

Witherfall might be a new name in the music scene but many will be familiar with the musicians that created ...
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Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard – Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll

Australian outfit Zombie Motors Wrecking Yard are ready to release the debut album “Supersonic Rock ‘n’ Roll”  which promises to ...
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The Mute Gods – Tardigrades Will Inherit The Earth

Renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist Nick Beggs founder of the progressive rock band The Mute Gods returns with a fascinating full ...
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DOOL – Here Now, There Then

Dutch dark rock band DOOL is ready to debut in the music scene with the highly anticipated album “Here Now, ...
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Wolfheart – Tyhjyys

Finnish band Wolfheart are best known as the originators of Winter Metal and the brand new effort “Tyhjyys” stays true ...
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Vipassi – Sunyata

Featuring members of critically acclaimed Australian band Ne Obliviscaris, technical band Vipassi has released a compelling debut album entitled “Sunyata” ...
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Klimt 1918 – Sentimentale Jugend

Italian band Klimt 1918 might have been silent for several years but in reality has never ceased to work on ...
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Sinner Sinners – Optimism Disorder

French-American duo Sinner Sinners are ready to release a wild rock punk influenced new album recorded at Rancho de La ...
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Kill The Precedent – Some Version Of The Truth

California based band Kill The Precedent has released a wild punk/thrash influenced EP entitled “Some Version Of The Truth” which ...
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Suicide Silence – Suicide Silence

American deathcore act Suicide Silence returns with an ambitious self titled album in which the bands decides to experiment and ...
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Battle Beast – Bringer Of Pain

Finnish heavy metal act Battle Beast is still young enough to have loads of opportunities to explore the grandiose realm ...
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Black Star Riders – Heavy Fire

Featuring members of iconic rock band Thin Lizzy, supergroup Black Star Riders certainly knows how to write a catchy collection ...
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Accept – Restless & Live

We all know that Accept is a metal institution and one of those untouchable bands that gained fame and popularity ...
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Immolation – Atonement

Death metal pioneers Immolation reconfirm their undisputed influential status with the new full length “Atonement” which marks the band’s triumphant ...
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NOÊTA – Beyond Life And Death

Swedish folk/ambient multi-instrumentalist duo NOÊTA is ready to lure the listeners into a darkly magical sonic realm with the fascinating ...
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The Great Old Ones – EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy

French black metal act The Great Old Ones unleashes the brand new full length “EOD: A Tale Of Dark Legacy”, ...
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Ember Falls – Welcome To Ember Falls

Not all Finnish bands are dark and gothic, in fact Ember Falls can even sound rather happy at times due ...
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Bethlehem – Bethlehem

Underground dark/black metal legends Bethlehem return with a rejuvenated lineup and an ambitious self titled album which celebrates and marks ...
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Tim Bowness – Lost In The Ghost Light

Those who are familiar with the successful band No-Man will be excited to know that vocalist/songwriter Tim Bowness is back ...
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Emptiness -Not For Music

Belgian experimental band Emptiness returns with the new enigmatic album “Not For Music” proudly produced by Jeordie White aka Twiggy ...
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Overkill – The Grinding Wheel

Thrash revival keeps on going strong and in the midst of all this endless nostalgia another thrash legend Overkill returns ...
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Kreator – Gods Of Violence

German thrash icons Kreator are back in great shape with the brand new full length “Gods Of Violence” which never ...
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Xandria – Theater Of Dimensions

German symphonic metal act Xandria continues to gain worldwide interest and after intense touring is ready to unleash a majestic ...
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Afterthoughts Album

Greywind – Afterthoughts

Irish siblings Greywind dream big and aim to leave a powerful mark as the next alternative rock talent with the ...
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Front Cover HI

Vermilion Whiskey – Spirit Of Tradition

Hailing from Louisiana Vermilion Whiskey is ready to release the new effort “Spirit Of Tradition” which promises to deliver an ...
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John Garcia – The Coyote Who Spoke In Tongues

We all know and love iconic stoner rock vocalist John Garcia who, after successful years with many great bands such ...
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Empyrean Throne – Chaosborne

American black metal act Empyrean Throne will soon self-release the debut full length “Chaosborne”, meticulously crafted with epic symphonic accents ...
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Aversions Crown – Xenocide

Australian deathcore metallers Aversions Crown are ready to release their sophomore album entitled “Xenocide” which, even if lately deathcore is ...
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Seven Kingdoms – Decennium

Florida power metal act Seven Kingdoms is releasing the successfully crowdfunded new full length “Decennium” which clearly showcases the band’s ...
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Pain Of Salvation – In The Passing Light Of Day

Iconic Swedish progressive metal band Pain Of Salvation returns with the long awaited new full length “In The Passing Light ...
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Sepultura – Machine Messiah

After celebrating the 30th anniversary, legendary Brazilian act Sepultura returns with the 14th studio album entitled “Machine Messiah” where the ...
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Grave Digger – Healed By Metal

After 36 years in the metal scene German act Grave Digger fearlessly returns with the latest release triumphantly entitled “Healed ...
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