Album Reviews 2018


Omnium Gatherum – The Burning Cold

Formed in 1996 Finnish melo-death metallers Omnium Gatherum have always been devoted to the Scandinavian blend of melancholy & brutality ...
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Thy Catafalque – Geometria

Led by multi-talented composer Tamás Kátai Thy Catafalque is already renowned in the underground metal scene as a profoundly eclectic ...
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Shylmagoghnar – Transience

Dutch atmospheric black metal duo Shylmagoghnar has generated a lot of interest with the debut album “Emergence” back in 2014 ...
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Age Of Taurus – The Colony Slain

The time has come for doom metal diehards Age Of Taurus to release the sophomore full length “The Colony Slain” ...
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Frequency Drift – Letters To Maro

With delightful artistic concepts in mind and a desire to create innovative tonalities German progressive band Frequency Drift embarks on ...
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Cor Scorpii – Ruin

It’s been a decade since the debut album of Norwegian sognametal band Cor Scorpii which started as an offshoot of ...
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Unprocessed – Covenant

German progressive metal band Unprocessed aims to impress the audience with the eclectic tonalities and the crushing rhythms of the ...
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KHORADA_SALT_album cover

Khôrada – Salt

Featuring former Agalloch members Don Anderson on guitar, Jason Walton on bass and Aesop Dekker on drums alongside former Giant ...
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Night Club – Scary World

For the sophomore album “Scary World” Los Angeles based electronic duo Night Club has created an exciting sonic realm where ...
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Acârash – In Chaos Becrowned

Norwegian occult rock band Acârash is ready to conquer the underground scene with the esoteric poetry and blackened nuances of ...
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Tusmørke – Fjernsyn i Farver

Norwegian prog/folk band Tusmørke is ready to impress and surprise the listeners once again with the unique macabre romanticism and ...
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The Night Flight Orchestra – Sometimes The World Ain’t Enough

After the sensational 2017 album “Amber Galactic” Swedish classic/progressive rock supergroup The Night Flight Orchestra, featuring Soilwork’s Bjorn ‘Speed’ Strid ...
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Follow The Cipher – Follow The Cipher

Started by Sabaton’s longtime collaborator Ken Kängström, Swedish power metallers Follow The Cipher are eager to reach a wide audience ...
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With The End In Mind – Unraveling; Arising

Based in Olympia, Washington black metallers With The End In Mind are finally ready to release the debut full length ...
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YOB – Our Raw Heart

Known as one of the most loved and respected bands in the current metal scene YOB returns with the monumental ...
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Alkaloid – Liquid Anatomy

The second release from the mighty Alkaloid, proves that these guys are evolving and growing immensely as musicians. Truly progressive, ...
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Long Distance Calling – Boundless

Germany’s Post-metal powerhouse Long Distance Calling return with “Boundless.” The title of this record couldn’t be more apt, for LDC ...
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Tsjuder – Throne Of The Goat

Norwegian cult black metal stalwarts Tsjuder are proudly releasing a new edition of their first EP “Throne Of The Goat” ...
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Dead Cross – Dead Cross EP

When a supergroup like Dead Cross releases a surprise self titled EP we are all curious to listen what this ...
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Carpenter Brut – Leather Teeth

The new unannounced release “Leather Teeth” by French synthwave or darksynth artist Carpenter Brut is the real soundtrack to an ...
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Nocturnal Graves – Titan

Australian extreme metallers Nocturnal Graves are ready to spread undiluted darkness and uncompromising ferocity on the newest full length “Titan” ...
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Pig – Risen

Mastermind and apocalyptic storyteller Raymond Watts has a long history in the electro/industrial rock scene and on the new Pig’s ...
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Witch Mountain – Witch Mountain

There has been some drastic line up changes but Portland based doom stalwarts Witch Mountain return with the new singer ...
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Nightmarer – Cacophony Of Terror

Emerging from the darkest depths of metal Nightmarer proudly releases the debut full length “Cacophony Of Terror” confidently exploring extreme ...
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Marduk – Viktoria

The blackened legacy of Swedish icons Marduk is renowned worldwide and its blasphemous essence continues to be crucial in the ...
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Immortal – Northern Chaos Gods

It’s been almost nine years since Norwegian black metal icons Immortal have released an album and their faithful acolytes have ...
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Ails – The Unraveling

Former Bay Area avant-garde band Ludicra vocalist Laurie Shanaman and guitar player/vocalist Christy Cather have started a new intriguing music ...
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Lucifer – Lucifer II

The second coming of rockers Lucifer starts when vocalist Johanna Sadonis finds Nicke Andersson as the perfect songwriting partner and ...
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Chrch – Light Will Consume Us All

Sacramento based doom practitioners Chrch embark on a spiritual music journey on the new album “Light Will Consume Us All” ...
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Kataklysm - Meditations - Artwork

Kataklysm – Meditations

For over twenty five years Canadian melodic death metal veterans Kataklysm have worked hard to conquer the rightful strong status ...
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Hypno5e – Alba – Les Ombres Errantes

French post-metal pioneers Hypno5e return with the new album “Alba - Les Ombres Errantes” which is actually a particularly interesting ...
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At The Gates – To Drink From The Night Itself

We all remember how Swedish melodic death metal veterans At The Gates made a stunning debut in the scene with ...
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Drudkh – They Often See Dreams About the Spring

Ukrainian black metal band Drudkh  returns with the new release “They Often See Dreams About the Spring” crafting traditional blackened ...
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Orange Goblin – The Wolf Bites Back

For over twenty years British icons Orange Goblin have been truly devoted to the noble art of heavy metal and ...
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Voices – Frightened

The fact that British band Voices features members of Akercocke should already trigger your curiosity and the new full length ...
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Graveyard – Peace

We were all heartbroken when charismatic Swedish rockers Graveyard announced their breakup back in 2016 so it is a great ...
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Candlemass – House Of Doom

Swedish doom metal pioneers Candlemass will finally release a new full length in fall 2018 but while you’re anxiously waiting ...
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Khemmis – Desolation

Following the memorable success of the 2016 release “Hunted” Denver quartet Khemmis is ready to impress a wider audience with ...
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King Witch – Under The Mountain

Scottish metal/doom rockers King Witch are just starting a promising intense music journey with the intriguing ideas and passionate approach ...
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The Dark Red Seed – Becomes Awake

King Dude guitarist Tosten Larson and engineer Shawn Flemming new musical outlet The Dark Red Seed last year released the ...
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Dark Buddha Rising – II

Finnish psychedelic doom practitioners Dark Buddha Rising are eager to drag you through the mind bending sonic maze of the ...
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A Perfect Circle – Eat The Elephant

We all waited patiently to listen to a new A Perfect Circle album and after fourteen years “Eat The Elephant” ...
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Witchskull – Coven’s Will

Australian trio Witchskull is eager to spread massive doom grooves worldwide with the sophomore release “Coven’s Will” which sees the ...
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Cave Bastard – The Bleak Shall Devour The Earth

San Diego based extreme metal band Cave Bastard has put a lot of effort in the creation of the debut ...
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God Is An Astronaut – Epitaph

With a successful sixteen years career Irish instrumental band God Is An Astronaut is well known for the magical post ...
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Yamantaka // Sonic Titan – Dirt

You could get lost within the sonic labyrinth of “Dirt”, the latest effort generated by the shape shifting creative force ...
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Hekate – Totentanz

In the neofolk scene German band Hekate certainly has acquired an elite status which will be re-confirmed with the long ...
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Spiral Skies – Blues For A Dying Planet

A new name is about to get your full attention because Swedish occult rockers Spiral Skies are finally ready to ...
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Winterfylleth – The Hallowing Of Heirdom

This time British band Winterfylleth has decided to explore traditional English folk music to the fullest extent paying homage to ...
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Midnattsol – The Aftermath

The return of Midnattsol could not be more grandiose as beloved vocalist Liv Kristine has officially joined the band to ...
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Grift – Vilsna Andars Boning

Swedish poet and dark folk artist Erik Gärdefors returns with Grift’s new EP “Vilsna Andars Boning” to captivate the audience ...
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Mos Generator – Shadowlands

Washington based heavy rock trio Mos Generator returns with a powerful sonic trip filled with  authentic ‘70s rock nuances on ...
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Lychgate – The Contagion In Nine Steps

Following a multifaceted music pathway Lychgate has earned a solid status in the UK extreme metal scene and the latest ...
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Octopus – Supernatural Alliance

Could something really cool emerge from the spectral swamps of Detroit? Yes, it’s the psychedelic turbo rock band Octopus who ...
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Rivers of Nihil - Where Owls Know My Name

Rivers Of Nihil – Where Owls Know My Name

This might be the strongest effort from this band. You can hear how much their composition has matured. This album ...
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Wolvhammer – The Monuments Of Ash & Bone

With a revamped lineup and renewed creative energy Wolvhammer emerge from the darkest depths of underground metal to deliver an ...
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Bruce Lamont – Broken Limbs Excite No Pity

Multi-instrumentalist Bruce Lamont is best known for his work with Yakuza, Corrections House and Brain Tentacles but now is releasing ...
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Amorphis – Queen Of Time

A new album by Finnish masters Amorphis is bound to generate curiosity and high expectations as during a successful thirty ...
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Ihsahn – Ámr

Legendary Emperor frontman Ihsahn has built a strong reputation as a solo artist and the new long awaited effort “Ámr” ...
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Spiders – Killer Machine

Swedish rockers Spiders are on a mission to keep rock ‘n’ roll alive with the latest effort “Killer Machine” so ...
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Crematory – Oblivion

With a twenty seven years career German gothic metal band Crematory has rightfully earned a solid status in the metal ...
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Spiritual Front - Amour Braque

Spiritual Front – Amour Braque

Led by mastermind Simone H. Salvatori Italian trio Spiritual Front returns with the first new work of music in eight ...
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Tesseract – Sonder

Tesseract is back with their 4th full length album. It's pretty short, but is packed with high quality music. They ...
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Dimmu Borgir - Eonian - Artwork

Dimmu Borgir – Eonian

It’s been so long since successful extreme metal masters Dimmu Borgir released an album therefore fans are very curious to ...
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Crone – Godspeed

Hailing from Northern Germany dark rock band Crone led by the renowned talent of Secrets Of The Moon mastermind Phil ...
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Sol Invictus - Necropolis cover 2000 pix

Sol Invictus – Necropolis

The good news is that progenitors of the Neofolk genre Sol Invictus are back with the spellbinding new album “Necropolis”, ...
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Tengil – Shouldhavebeens

Young Swedish post-hardcore band Tengil will absolutely surprise and captivate the listeners with the spiritual essence, the diverse music approach ...
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Throneless – Cycles

Swedish doom metal outfit Throneless is ready to make an impact in the underground scene with the monolithic heavy anthems ...
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Wyrmwoods – Earth Made Flesh

Hailing from Finland multi-instrumentalist Nuurag-Vaarn has released the first Wyrmwoods album entitled “Earth Made Flesh” which contains an eclectic blend ...
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12 Jacket (Gatefold - One Pocket) [GDOB2-30CH-001]

Glorior Belli – The Apostates

French black metal band Glorior Belli returns triumphantly with the latest effort “The Apostates” showcasing strong black metal roots leading ...
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Underøath – Erase Me

There is so much hype and expectation around the comeback of Underøath, a band that decided to do a farewell ...
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Kamelot – The Shadow Theory

One of the most beloved bands in metal Kamelot triumphantly returns with the anticipated new album “The Shadow Theory” conceptually ...
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Black Foxxes – Reiði

Exeter's trio Black Foxxes is ready to surprise the listeners with the experimental edge and catchy melodies of the second ...
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Aura Noir – Aura Noire

Since twenty five years Aura Noir have proven many times to be Norway’s blackened thrash metal kings and the sixth ...
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Eagle Twin – The Thundering Heard

Salt Lake City based duo Eagle Twin is proudly releasing the latest effort “The Thundering Heard” which far from being ...
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Barren Earth – A Complex Of Cages

Finnish progressive death metal supergroup Barren Earth, featuring Olli-Pekka Laine of Amorphis, Sami Yli-Sirniö of Kreator, guitarist Janne Perttilä, vocalist ...
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Black Salvation – Uncertainty Is Bliss

Featuring Uno Bruniusson formerly of In Solitude and Grave Pleasures and currently of Death Alley, German psychedelic hard rock trio ...
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Chaostar – The Undivided Light

Fans of Greek titans Septicflesh are certainly familiar with Chaostar, the spellbinding experimental project led by guitarist and composer Christos ...
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Tax The Heat – Change Your Position

British bluesy rock band Tax The Heat returns with the explosive rhythmic dynamics and refreshing composition skills of the latest ...
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Malady – Toinen Toista

Finnish progressive rock quintet Malady invites you to experience the unique ‘70s influenced music journey of the new album “Toinen ...
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Nightwish – Decades

Not many bands can celebrate an exceptional twenty years career and when it comes to Nightwish there is no doubt ...
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The Golden Grass – Absolutely

New York-based psychedelic retro rock power trio The Golden Grass is ready to jam freely on the latest effort “Absolutely” ...
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Kalmah – Palo

Finnish band Kalmah has a lot of history and passion for melodic death metal that mixed with majestic symphonic accents ...
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Black Moth -Anatomical Venus

With renewed creative energy and higher confidence British rockers Black Moth aim to deliver a raw collection of wild rock ...
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Memoriam - The Silent Vigil - Artwork

Memoriam – The Silent Vigil

If you paid attention last year you should have not missed the debut album of Memoriam, the new project featuring ...
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Green Druid – Ashen Blood

Denver-based psychedelic stoner doom collective Green Druid is currently celebrating the release of the trippy debut album “Ashen Blood” testing ...
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Oceans Of Slumber – The Banished Heart

Progressive metal quintet Oceans Of Slumber has certainly gained a lot of attention in the last few years leading to ...
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Eyes Set To Kill – Eyes Set To Kill

American trio Eyes Set To Kill worked hard to gain popularity and the catchy melodic alt rock & post-hardcore style ...
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Angra – Omni

Angra happens to be one of my favorite bands. Kiko Loureiro's departure from this band was very hard for me, ...
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Mile Marker Zero – The Fifth Row

The buzz around prog rockers Mile Marker Zero will be certainly amplified by the sophomore full-length concept album "The Fifth ...
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Michael Schenker Fest - Resurrection - Artwork

Michael Schenker Fest – Resurrection

Under the moniker Michael Schenker Fest legendary rock guitarist Michael Schenker releases the latest powerful effort “Resurrection” and for this ...
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Graveshadow – Ambition’s Price

Fronted by charismatic vocalist Heather Michele California based symphonic/gothic-metal band Graveshadow is ready to release the second full length “Ambition’s ...
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Auri - Auri - Artwork

Auri – Auri

Mastermind Tuomas Holopainen and Troy Donockley of Nightwish joined forces with popular Finnish singer Johanna Kurkela to create the new ...
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Hamferð – Támsins Likam

Doom has always dealt with terms of love & loss, depression, and the struggle to endure. The devastating album Támsins ...
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Deathwhite – For A Black Tomorrow

American trio Deathwhite raises the bar with the release of the first full length “For A Black Tomorrow” focusing on ...
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The Absence – A Gift For The Obsessed

Tampa death metal band The Absence finally returns to the scene with the 4th studio album “A Gift For The ...
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Monster Magnet – Mindfucker

The long awaited new Monster Magnet album aptly entitled “Mindfucker” is finally within your reach and you can rest assured ...
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Necrophobic – Mark Of The Necrogram

With a renewed line up and reinvigorated passion Swedish death metallers Necrophobic return to the scene with the hellish energy ...
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Forbidden Seasons – Promise

Italian metal band Forbidden Seasons is eager to make an impact in the music scene with the debut full length ...
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Eartheria – Awaken the sun

The Finnish progressive death metal band Eartheria has released its second EP at the beginning  of February. Two years ago ...
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Earthless – Black Heaven

Psychedelic power trio Earthless has already a dedicated fanbase that will inevitably grow with the newest long awaited full length ...
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On Thorns I Lay – Aegean Sorrow

Back in the ‘90s Greek band On Thorns I Lay offered unforgettable shades of gothic/doom metal and now with a ...
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Ministry - AmeriKKKant - Artwork

Ministry – AmeriKKKant

The return of industrial pioneers Ministry could not be more explosive as with a revamped line up and intense creative ...
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Atala – Labyrinth of Ashmedai

In the subterranean metal scene California based sludge/doom metal trio Atala is already known for the chosen catchy & aggressive ...
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Thy Antichrist – Wrath Of The Beast

Since 1998 US based Black Metallers Thy Antichrist have worked hard to gain a solid status in the underground scene ...
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Cabal – Mark Of Rot

Hailing from Denmark emerging band Cabal is ready to conquer acolytes with the incredibly crushing debut full length “Mark Of ...
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Hooded Menace – Ossuarium Silhouettes Unhallowed

Finnish doom cultists Hooded Menace demonstrate to be truly dedicated to authentic extreme doom metal on the latest effort “Ossuarium ...
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Eïs – Stillstand und Heimkehr

German atmospheric black metal act Eïs returns to spread pure melancholy with the cold poetry of the new EP "Stillstand ...
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Novareign – Legends

Southern California’s progressive power metal outfit Novareign is ready to impress the listeners with the untamed energy and over-the-top shredding ...
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Eye of Solitude/Marche Funébre – Eye of Solitude/Marche Funébre

The new split album featuring two lengthy tracks by England's Eye of Solitude and Belgium's Marche Funèbre perfectly represents two ...
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Legend Of The Seagullmen – Legend Of The Seagullmen

The new super-group Legend Of The Seagullmen will demand your full attention with the debut self-titled album. Featuring Danny Carey ...
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Insolvency – Antagonism Of The Soul

French metal band Insolvency put a lot of effort in the creation of the intensely energetic sonic assault on the ...
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The Italian surreal metal band Mhela has released its first EP "ES" last month. It presents 7 tracks which introduce ...
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Letters From The Colony - Vignette - Artwork

Letters From The Colony – Vignette

Swedish progressive extreme metal architects Letters From The Colony proudly presents to the world their opus “Vignette” which, far from ...
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Knife The Glitter – Knife The Glitter

Featuring Kevin Antreassian of The Dillinger Escape Plan, New Jersey based instrumental progressive metal band Knife The Glitter spent eight ...
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Arkona – Khram

Hailing from Russia Arkona has conquered a prominent status in the metal scene gaining attention for the unique blackened pagan ...
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All Souls – All Souls

Los Angeles based quartet All Souls will be a new name for many but this band actually features experienced musicians, ...
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TERROR UNIVERSAL Make Them Bleed album cover webuse

Terror Universal – Make Them Bleed

The new masked metal supergroup Terror Universal, featuring Ill Nino members Dave Chavarri and Ahrue Luster, is ready to hit ...
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Fu Manchu – Clone Of The Universe

Southern California's desert/fuzz/stoner rock legends Fu Manchu are back with the exciting 12th full length “Clone Of The Universe” which ...
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The Atlas Moth – Coma Noir

Hailing from Chicago The Atlas Moth always focused on experimenting with psychedelic & atmospheric facets of metal and on the ...
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Therion - Beloved Antichrist - Artwork

Therion – Beloved Antichrist

The return of symphonic metal titans Therion could have not been more triumphant as Christofer Johnsson has been working meticulously ...
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Machine Head - Catharsis - Artwork

Machine Head – Catharsis

Fronted by charismatic vocalist/guitarist Robb Flynn, Machine Head is ready to deliver the ambitious ninth album “Catharsis” which aims to ...
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Tribulation – Down Below

Swedish quartet Tribulation is quickly becoming one of the most intriguing acts in the current metal scene following an unstoppable ...
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Heidevolk – Vuur Van Verzet

Dutch Pagan metal brotherhood Heidevolk proudly unleashes a new folkish collection of songs on the full length “Vuur Van Verzet” ...
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Rise Of Avernus – Eigengrau

Australian symphonic doom/death metal band Rise Of Avernus has the potential to become a new favorite in the underground metal ...
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Perfect Beings – Vier

If you can imagine in your minds third-eye what a quintessential classic prog band would sound like filtered through a ...
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White Wizzard – Infernal Overdrive

White Wizzard’s fourth album “Infernal Overdrive” is an important release for the band as it marks the return of classic ...
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Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons - The Age Of Absurdity - Artwork

Phil Campbell And The Bastard Sons – The Age Of Absurdity

Everybody knows and appreciate the work of Motörhead guitarist Phil Campbell so the new sensational band Phil Campbell And The ...
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Arson Cover copy

Harakiri For The Sky – Arson

If in the beginning Austrian Harakiri For The Sky was just a studio project recently this intriguing band has expanded ...
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pyramid v7

Orphaned Land – Unsung Prophets And Dead Messiahs

Known as pioneers of Oriental metal Orphaned Land have recently celebrated their 25th anniversary and the latest epic endeavor “Unsung ...
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audrey horne

Audrey Horne – Blackout

Norwegian rockers Audrey Horne are known to be highly influenced by ‘70s – ‘80s rock/metal and such stylistic choice certainly ...
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bleeding gods

Bleeding Gods – Dodekathlon

Young Dutch metallers Bleeding Gods are eager to unleash their latest epic death/black metal opus “Dodekathlon” conceptually based on the ...
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Shining – X – Varg Utan Flock

Swedish controversial band Shining is often surrounded by stories of madness and erratic behavior but nobody could ever deny that ...
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Sinistro – Sangue Cassia

Following the spellbinding album “Semente” released last year expectations are really high and Portuguese artsy post- doom quintet Sinistro is ...
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Corrosion Of Conformity – No Cross No Crown

The core Corrosion Of Conformity trio of Woody Weatherman, Mike Dean and Reed Mullin has proven to be extremely passionate ...
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Watain_TridentWolfEclipse_CDJewelcase_Box Set_Digital

Watain – Trident Wolf Eclipse

Swedish black metal outfit Watain, among controversy & mixed reactions, has relentlessly conquered a seminal status in the current metal ...
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Summoning – With Doom We Come

Known as the true guardians of Middle Earth, Austrian duo Summoning returns with “With Doom We Come” which continues to ...
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