Rorschach interview

Finland is the land of metal music, it’s almost impossible to count how many metal bands come from this country, time by time we find out new bands and this time we have Rorschach.
Rorschach is a newcomer on the scene, their music can be define alternative metal, at the moment they are working on their first EP.
We met the guys before their first show in Pori and talked about the band, the music and much more.



In These Chains interview

In These Chains is a young band from Pori, Finland. After the released of the first EP they are working on new songs and trying to find out their own final sound.
We had the opportunity to meet the band after their gig in Pori and talk about their music, the plans for the future and much more.



Countless Goodbyes interview

Countless Goodbyes is a metalcore band from Finland, in the next months they are going to released a debut album. After some line-up changes the band is ready to blow up with energetic shows, ready to play also outside Finland.
We had the opportunity to meet the band before their gig in Pori and known better them, talk about their music and the experience of opener for August Burns Red from last summer.


Eartheria Interview

The Finnish death metal band Eartheria has released its second EP “Awaken the sun” some weeks ago, now they are ready to play the new songs live as much as possible.
We had the opportunity to meet the band just before the release party and talk about the new EP, their hopes for the future and much more.




The Italian surreal metal band Mhela has released its first EP “ES” last month.
It presents 7 tracks which introduce the band’s style.

The melancholic “All around me” is the first track of the album,
I really enjoy the intro with the piano and the guitar solo.
The surprise is “Eden and Hell” sung in spanish, this song is pretty slow but
the sound is addictive.

“Night with spirits” is the first single released from this album and it’s a good track with a catchy refrain.
The guitar arpeggio introduces “She isn’t here”, the sound in this song is soft and all works well.

More heavy are “Nightmare before the war”, “Bastard snake” and “Vampires don’t sleep” but somehow didn’t get my attention
that much.

It’s a good EP, even if the sound is still unripe, I like the change of vocals in between clean and growl and musically the band is compact.
If you listen to bands like Bullet for my Valentine you will enjoy Mhela’s music.

Viper Arms interview

Viper Arms is able to shut up all those people who think women don’t belong to rock and metal scene.
The Finnish band has released its first album “Black Aura” last year and they are always up to create new music.
We had the opportunity to meet Niina and Soffe, before their gig in Pori, and talk about the band, the album and much more.


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