Arkona Live at Bottom Lounge in Chicago

Arkona brought their unique blend of blackened folk metal to Bottom Lounge in Chicago following the release of their latest album, “Khram,” earlier in the year. The band opened with more recent songs like “Shtorm” and “Mantra,” showcasing Masha’s atmospheric chanting and sinister vocals. As the night progressed they moved to more folk-based hits, closing with fan favorites “Yarilo” and “Stenka Na Stenku.” The hour and fifteen minute set allowed Arkona to highlight every aspect of their sound, from black metal instrumentation to traditional Russian folk.

Suffocation Live in Joliet

Suffocation made their way to Joliet on their Death Chopping North America tour. This tour marks vocalist Frank Mullen’s last tour with the band, and fans piled into The Forge to see him perform with Suffocation one last time. The crowd filled the venue from wall to wall as the band played classics such as “Pierced from Within,” “Liege of Inveracity,” and “Catatonia.” Brutal riffs combined with technicality and deep, guttural vocals reminded fans why Suffocation is widely considered one of the most influential and innovative death metal bands. Frank gave a truly memorable performance on his last tour, leaving fans with a show that they will remember for years to come.

Angra Live in Joliet

With the release of their latest album “ØMNIearlier in the year, Angra embarked on a world tour in February and have made their way to Joliet in September. The Brazilian power metal group captivated the crowd at The Forge with their unique blend of aggression, soaring vocals, and mellow sweetness. Their setlist included plenty of classics like “Rebirth,” “Angels and Demons,” and “Nova Era,” along with their latest tracks from ØMNI, such as “Travelers of Time,” “Black Widow’s Web,” “ØMNI – Silence Inside,” and more. Don’t miss your chance to see Angra’s triumphant return to venues across the world.