Kamelot Live in Chicago

Following the release of their latest album, “The Shadow Theory,” Kamelot put on a high-energy show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. The setlist was a great mix of old and new songs, featuring some of the best tracks from “The Shadow Theory” including “RavenLight” and “Amnesiac.” Tommy Karevik gave a captivating vocal performance throughout the show and performed wonderfully alongside guest vocalists Lauren Hart (Once Human) and Charlotte Wessels (Delain). The band’s stage presence and chemistry made the show dynamic, fun, and heavier than expected. Fans will not want to miss Kamelot on tour with Delain and Battle Beast.

Delain Live in Chicago

In support of Kamelot on their North American tour, Delain played an an impressive show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago. Their setlist consisted mostly of songs from their 2016 release, “Moonbathers.” Songs from their earlier albums included hits like “We Are the Others” and “Don’t Let Go.” Delain gave a truly memorable performance, and they were visibly moved by the overwhelmingly positive response they received from the crowd.