Violentory – Theory of Life

VIOLENTORY is a progressive/melodic metal act out of Bulgaria that is looking to pave their own path on the hemorraging worldly metal scene. Admirable, yes, given that so few acts out there do their own thing and do it well. And there could be even less treading down the road less travelled. So to that end, sometimes we need to just give some extra notice to such acts before we bear witness to Joe Thrasher trying to keep our attention rapt with his Kerry King riffings. If even for a little while in order to nod in appreciation just once.

And so we have “Theory of Life”, their first album since their 2007 inception…

As a whole VIOLENTORY takes a few twists and turns throughout the album’s duration. While musically owing quite a bit to the power metal acts of old, the usage of differing elements warrants some double takes here and there. Choppy guitar riffs, soothing symphonic interludes, a moment or two of blast beats and thrash screaming/passionate Matt Barlow vocals does not an average band make, to be fair. One is easily able to detect a group of guys who don’t want to be just another face in the crowd, and I applaud that, I really do. I’m all for thumbing your nose at the music scene at large and telling them to deep throat a railroad spike. It’s just that there could be more they could do to ensure a fine product without resorting to overt differentiation. Problem is, it’s within that differentiation that full-on, proper enjoyment seems a little out of reach for some (the harsh singing/screaming may be a bit of a distraction). There are all sorts of moments that sound so very promising, be they the heavier sections or (most especially) the legit melodic ends, but many a time it seems like both parts are at odds with one another, like they’re fighting over which one is meant to be most dominant aspect. Not so much that the band doesn’t know what they want on a musical level, what with the desire to do things their own way, but rather the extra amount of experimentation could really fly over prospective listeners’ heads. Somewhere deep within, an absolutely killer album is waiting to be unleashed, with the chance that these guys can pick up the pieces and attempt such a direction. Maybe capitalize on the mesmerizing melodies of “Master of Dreams” or the chaotic nature of “The Dreamkiller” and see which one is most memorable in the end (hint: it’s the melodic, symphonic stuff. Trust me.).

At the end of the day, VIOLENTORY show a lot of promise with their debut, but all is still not a perfect product in the end. Maybe if they went a bit more on the melodic/power metal end versus the harsher thrash elements they’d have an album to kill/die for. But time will be the ultimate test for such a notion…and we shall see…

Violentory Official Web Site



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