Gaahls WYRD – GastiR – Ghosts Invited

Renowned prolific black metal vocalist & composer Gaahl has created the new anticipated debut album “GastiR – Ghosts Invited” under the moniker Gaahls WYRD which certainly showcases distinct black metal roots but deliberately goes beyond such genre following an experimental and theatrical vision.

“Ek Erilar” is drenched in undiluted darkness as dense atmospheric layers add mystical depth to the asphyxiating blackened rhythmic patterns but there are also some epic moments well expressed by the sober distant chants and grave melodic guitars that amplify the mysterious vibes.

“Ghosts Invited” sometimes sounds less extreme stepping out of the traditional black metal formula but still maintaining a thunderous blackened force and in the end the dramatic clean vocals and the gloomy guitar progressions become more intriguing.

On “Carving The Voices” the darkened aesthetics acquire contemplative vibes through the sophisticated guitar melodies and the solemn vocal delivery that certainly evokes a multitude of grim feelings well supported by the primal rhythmic dynamics lurking in the dark.  

With faster menacing rhythmic bursts “Veiztu Hve” returns to a more aggressive approach filled with steady monochromatic guitar riffs and mournful melodic accents surrounded by massive sinister chants and haunting atmospheres.

The obscure allure of “Within The Voice Of Existence” is constantly generated by ghastly whispers accompanied by the slow hypnotizing guitar progressions that will eventually evolve into a series of arcane rhythmic crescendos within an impenetrable darkness.

“GastiR – Ghosts invited” focuses on cryptic nuances and contrasting tonalities rather than a full blown black metal assault and ultimately Gaahls WYRD craft an extremely dark opus that is bound to trigger curiosity in the underground metal scene.

Numenorean – Adore

Canadian post black metallers Numenorean worked hard for three years to craft the sophomore album “Adore” which has the potential to conquer the listeners with cathartic instrumental passages and fiery blackened force.

The melancholic nuances evoked by soft soulful guitar melodies on “Portrait Of Pieces” showcase evident shoegaze inspiration and are certainly essential throughout the entire song while angered feelings are fully expressed by the blackened rhythmic crescendos and ravenous growls.

On “Horizon” the black metal energy of the album is confidently unleashed since the very beginning through a fast merciless rhythmic assault but such aggressive approach doesn’t sacrifice the melodic aspects that will later emerge through emotive harmonious guitar phrases.

“Stay” is a brief track that emphasizes the melodic essence and the dreamy shoegaze elements of the album as hazy atmospheres surround mellow darkened guitar melodies and emotional clean vocals.  

The daydreaming mood of “Coma” allows poignant guitar melodies to take the center stage before embracing a fierce increasingly darker soundscape fueled by relentless blackened guitar riffs and obscure tonalities.

The title track successfully maintains the balance between contrasting tonalities offering loads of dramatic melancholia infused instrumental passages and lovely contemplative arpeggios executed in proper modern post-metal fashion while the mighty rhythmic section leads to moments of sheer blackened fury.

Even if Numenorean are still relatively new in the current metal scene they already have the ability to express their own personalities through music and words embarking on a sonic evolution that becomes increasingly powerful on “Adore”.

Gold – Why Aren’t you Laughing?

It’s not easy to categorize the music style of Dutch band Gold but their eclectic creative force is very clear on the fourth full length “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” which naturally expresses an emotional turmoil telling personal stories and experimenting with different sounds.

“He Is Not” can sound quite gloomy as guitars craft spellbinding melodies with enticing goth vibes enhanced by Milena Eva’s dazzling and deeply emotive vocals yet the rhythmic section ensures plenty of catchy vibes.

On “Things I Wish I Never Knew” the darkened atmosphere naturally surrounds the vibrant guitar work that showcases a diverse approach shifting from steady riffs to compelling melancholia infused leads and the resulting multitude of feelings is further emphasized by Milena’s soothing vocal delivery.

The dreamy atmospheric nuances and delicate guitar phrases of title track introduce a groovy instrumental ensemble that relies on the increasingly energetic rhythmic patterns and towards the finale the guitars even acquire rebellious quasi chaotic tonalities.

In the beginning “Taken By Storm” is full of bittersweet harmonies that will evolve into a massive heavier & faster rhythmic ensemble featuring sharp guitar riffs and obscure tonalities clearly fueled by a primal blackened force that inevitably evoke tormented feelings.  

“Wide-Eyed” has an introspective mood as the guitar work creates irresistible darkened nuances through unusual rhythmic patterns and hypnotizing melodies surrounded by intricate brooding atmospheres always embellished by passionately melancholic vocals.

On “Till Death Do Us Part” Milena is able to express genuine emotions with ethereal vocals accompanied by fragile guitar melodies that maintain an apparent serenity while later eerie post-metal dynamics will flourish influencing the whole instrumental ensemble.

The multifaceted nature of “Why Aren’t You Laughing?” is fundamental in the creation of a unique sonic experience that can always move the listeners and Gold confidently prove to have the ability to craft elaborate soundscapes that will definitely grab your attention.

Darkthrone – Old Star

Norwegian legends Darkthrone return with the brand new album “Old Star” which this time unleashes a savage series of guitar driven grooves with prominent 80’s thrash & death/doom metal influences within a distinct dark sonic realm.  

“I Muffle Your Inner Choir” relies on consistent no frills heavy rhythmic patterns and the unmistakable ominous growls of Nocturno Culto creating a fiery sonic assault that doesn’t really need breakneck speed to make an impact and actually sounds more accessible than expected.

“The Hardship Of The Scots” focuses on an overdose of gritty guitar riffs leading to bold black n’ roll grooves that throughout the song will evolve into dramatically slower doom laden segments that certainly amplify the obscure undertones.

With a deeply darkened mood the title track again puts the spotlight on the extremely cold somber guitar work delivering the perfect dosage of dismal tonalities accompanied by venomous raspy vocals as the fiery black metal roots and the slower doom elements naturally embrace.  

“The Key Is Inside The Wall” definitely channels a sense of impending doom that recurs through the frenetic drumming and the relentless guitar riffs fueled by familiar menacing blackened elements while the slick guitar leads have the ability to create memorable gloomy melodic moments.

While you can always perceive a strong blackened force behind the songwriting approach of “Old Star” the iconic duo Fenriz & Nocturno Culto clearly aims to expand the music vision of Darkthrone that on this album generates constant groovy vibes with the addition of old school dynamics that inevitably make you feel nostalgic.

Kampfar – Ofidians Manifest

Norwegian band Kampfar has been around for twenty five years crafting intense extreme metal music and after taking some time off to heal the release of the new album “Ofidians Manifest” marks a majestic renaissance.

“Syndefall” unleashes an obscure impactful sonic assault with vicious growls matching the aggressive rhythmic patterns which belong to the darkest realm of metal showcasing an inflamed blackened force that demands anguished atmospheres and belligerent guitar riffs.

On “Ophidian” the soaring guitar riffs confidently craft obscure rhythmic progressions channeling an overdose of dismal emotions enriched by the addition of some triumphant epic vibes fully expressed by the solemn clean vocals and choirs.

“Dominans” continues to offer wicked blackened grooves but stands out for the mysterious aura and suspenseful keyboards arrangements that surround a darkly alluring melodic essence enhanced by a dramatic vocal duet featuring guest vocalist Agnete Kjølsrud.

A sense of desolation emerges through fragile acoustic phrases on the lavish final track “Det Sorte” followed by powerful rhythmic blasts characterized by fast grim guitar riffs and pagan metal accents while the exquisite melancholic soul will truly come to life through dreamy piano melodies, haunting atmospheric arrangements and theatrical vocal delivery.

Kampfar naturally demonstrate the ability to express authentic emotions through gelid melodic tapestries and ferocious blackened momentum on “Ofidians Manifest” which always holds a darkened fervor that feels like the perfect way to begin a new flourishing chapter of the band’s career.

Latitudes – Part Island

UK-based post-metal outfit Latitudes invites you to join an immersive music journey within the gorgeous melancholia infused melodic grandeur of the new full length “Part Island” which for the first time in the band’s career features captivating vocals on every track.

In the beginning “Underlie” will conquer your heart with the poetic themes, the understated piano melodies and the delicate arpeggios accompanied by exquisite emotive vocals while later the whole instrumentation takes over to generate a darker rhythmic momentum.

On “Moorland Is The Sea” the dreamy nature of post-metal always feels prominent through charming atmospheric arrangements and sophisticated guitar melodies that often evolve into significantly heavier doom tinged rhythmic patterns yet never overlook the irresistible nostalgic vibes.

Like the rest of the album “Dovestone” can trigger an emotional tumult as distorted guitars use familiar blackened dynamics to craft a cohesive rhythmic structure with the right dosage of darkened grooves firmly supporting the intricate melodic & atmospheric tapestries adorned by heartfelt vocals.

The title track takes you to a majestic yet desolate sonic realm offering a multitude of mesmerizing melodic textures, fragile harmonies and a lovely introspective vocal delivery that will continue to evoke a profound sense of melancholy through the fascinating tranquil guitar phrases as well as the dramatic & heavier rhythmic crescendos.

What Latitudes have created with “Part Island” is an absolutely enchanting collection of songs that have the power to move the listeners and showcases an impressive mature songwriting approach that benefits also from the expression of sincere emotions through music and words.

The Damned Things – High Crimes

The music journey of the supergroup The Damned Things begins nine years ago when Scott Ian of legendary Anthrax started writing songs with Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and now they are back to impress the audience with the sophomore album “High Crimes”.

The album starts with the explosive rock vibes and the rebellious attitude of “Cells” revolving around groovy rhythmic progressions and catchy segments amplified by the raw energy of vocals and some cool guitar leads.  

“Something Good” has a playful cheerleaders style chorus that lets you know that this is a fun track with some evident alt rock vibes which lead to a widely accessible mix of guitar driven grooves and melodies.

“Omen” is full of crunchy guitar riffs and catchy melodic phrases especially evident in the super catchy chorus but the warm bluesy guitar variations have the power to grab your attention more than anything else.

“Storm Charmer” feels more complex and a bit darker as the band here experiments with synths adding loads of atmospheric accents to embellish the thrilling classic heavy rock structure which is certainly enhanced by the slow burning guitar leads.

The strength of “Keep Crawling” is generated by the memorable chorus and the soothing guitar melodies that often follow a slower slightly pensive & nostalgic mood but plenty of groovy guitar riffage guarantees a heavy rock momentum.

“The Fire Is Cold” closes the album with a faster punkish impact that relies on the wilder screams and the frenetic rhythmic section yet there are calmer moments featuring a passionate vocal delivery and bittersweet guitar melodies.

The enjoyable heavy rock spirit of “High Crimes” is palpable in each song and as expected the stellar quality of both songwriting and musicianship reflects the experience of the renowned artists behind The Damned Things.  

Death Angel – Humanicide

We all notice how strong the thrash metal legacy still feels today and one of the reasons can be found in the true dedication expressed by iconic bands like Death Angel that give all they got to the faithful fans once again with the evident explosive nature of the brand new album “Humanicide”.

The title track immediately stands out for the smoldering guitar melodies that channel a rather darkened mood introducing an authentic merciless thrash assault full of memorable guitar riffs and pummeling drums while Mark Osegueda delivers a charismatic vocal performance that simply cannot be ignored.

From beginning to end “Divine Defector” stands out for the stellar guitar work carefully crafted by Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar unleashing cohesive rounds of terrific guitar riffs and flamboyant leads that effortlessly complement the aggressive rhythmic patterns.

The contemplative vibes of “Aggressor” are fully expressed by moody melodic aesthetics as elegantly darkened guitar tonalities embellish the main classic thrash metal dynamics and the glorious guitar solo undoubtedly adds stylish variations to the bold rhythmic segments.  

On “Immortal Behated” the captivating guitar melodies lead to sophisticated melancholic moments and surround a series of absolutely catchy grooves amplified by Mark’s outstanding vocals and enriched by the impressive guitar soloing until the song fades into a deeply nostalgic piano piece accompanied by delicate arpeggios.  

There is an irresistible untamed anger running through “The Pack”, a song dedicated to the band’s loyal fans, as guitars fiercely deliver massive thrash grooves channeling the band’s renowned roots with an overdose of bold galloping riffs and intense shredding leads.

“Revelation Song” can slightly deviate from the Bay Area thrash trademark offering diverse and energetic rhythmic progressions confidently built by another series of inflamed guitar riffs that still allow the melodic core of the song to shine through Rob’s vibrant solos and the catchy chorus.

In all these years Death Angel have been showcasing high quality songwriting skills and an authentic passionate approach therefore  it’s not surprising to see them in excellent shape on “Humanicide”, a strong record that will increase the band’s popularity in the current metal scene.

Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion

It took three decades but death metal masters Possessed are finally back with the new merciless full length “Revelations Of Oblivion”, written by founder Jeff Becerra and his partner in crime Guitarist Daniel Gonzalez promising a memorable ride through hellfires.

“No More Room In Hell” dwells within an asphyxiating sonic realm where the old school death metal dynamics are certainly prominent just like the listeners would expect so get ready for an overdose of ravenous screams and crushing guitar driven grooves.

The punishing drum blasts of “Dominion” seem unstoppable leading to abrasive rhythmic patterns that demand an instant mosh pit with relentless sharp guitar riffs and an explosive soloing.  

“Demon” is another hellish track where guitars march fiercely through the bold thrash inspired rhythmic segments that will occasionally slow down just to amplify the bottomless obscurity with killer guitar licks.

On “Abandoned” you will certainly notice the massive ruthless drumming fueled by a primal energy perfectly matched by the technical accents of the frenetic guitar work which effortlessly shift from brutally fast riffage to fancy soloing.

The mysterious atmospheric intro of “Shadowcult” introduces thunderous rhythmic progressions filled with monstrous guitar riffs obviously following a quite frantic tempo while vocals evoke sinister vibes more than ever.

On “Omen” some devilish epic textures embellish the classic death metal structure and at times tempo slows down a bit to enhance the groovy aspects of the impressive guitar work that offers even some melodic elements within the majestic solo.

“The Word” relies on a nightmarish rampage with utterly savage drumming and viciously energetic guitar riffs but once again the guitar solos will please the listeners with charismatic shredding and tasteful melodic phrases.

Undoubtedly “Revelations Of Oblivion” symbolizes a diabolical renaissance for Possessed and despite so many years of inactivity on this anticipated album they confidently demonstrate to deserve a solid spot in the modern extreme metal scene.

Crowhurst – III

Crowhurst is the strictly experimental project of prolific artist Jay Gambit that deliberately aims to incorporate eclectic music styles and sounds ranging from black metal to noise as showcased on the latest album “III”.

“Self Portrait With Halo And Snake” crafts bleak soundscapes through calm guitar phrases and atmospheric layers favoring somber tonalities and monochromatic vocals that will eventually evolve into desperate screams following blurry rhythmic crescendos.

“The Drift” revolves around hazy post-rock/shoegaze inspired melodies and harsh guitar riffs lurking in the background which constantly evoke a profound sense of desolation further enhanced by the super spacey harmonies of the finale.

The immense melancholia of “Ghost Tropic” comes to life with gorgeous guitar melodies and a relaxing tempo until furious blackened rhythmic patterns lead to a drastically heavier momentum amplified by aggressive guitar riffs and tormented screams.

Named directly after an episode of ‘The Twilight Zone’ “Five Characters In Search Of An Exit” can sound claustrophobic or even trippy as massive distorted guitars lead to a primal blackened sonic assault followed by a chaotic realm full of intricate obscure electronic layers and anguished screams.

It becomes evident that “III” belongs to an experimental music niche so distant from standard composition or current trends as with Crowhurst Jay Gambit refuses to be confined within the foreordained boundaries of a specific genre and prefers to create a unique, often enigmatic, sonic experience.