Chrome Division – One Last Ride

When a new record is released there is a lot excitement but in the case of Norwegian Doomsday Raiders Chrome Division fans will feel rather sad because the band has decided that the fifth full length “One Last Ride” will be the final studio album.

Filled with gritty guitar riffs following a classic rock mood “So Fragile” gets the party started as the sing along chorus, the raspy rocker style vocals of original singer Eddie Guz and the flamboyant guitar solo spontaneously channel all kinds of positive vibes.  

“Walk Away In Shame” feels even more accessible probably because of the unexpected explosive vocal duet with pop singer Miss Selia yet besides the powerful soaring guitar driven grooves this song features a lovely somber melodic breakdown where guitars temporarily leave behind the drunken party mood to favor colder tonalities.

On “You Are Dead To Me” massive dirty guitar riffs successfully create engaging rhythmic blasts yet there is a significantly darker mood here that spices up the classic rock formula and influences the melodic tonalities of the guitar soloing.

“Staying Until The End” features an impactful charismatic guitar work that besides the traditional heavy rock riffage adds wah-wah effects leading to plenty of explosive grooves amplified by the dazzling guitar soloing.

As soon as “This One Is Wild” starts you know the title absolutely fits the mood because it’s biker style party time again as the steady hooks and riffs build a loud rhythmic galore while the unrestrained guitar solo offers another generous round of killer licks.

The title track aims to channel all the glory of heavy rock and officially salutes the faithful fans for the last time therefore you can expect an anthemic rock structure and good times as guitars gallop wildly generating another round of solid grooves.

“We Drink” still keeps the party going and again it’s time to drink all night forgetting problems etcetera, so obviously the rock spirit is very much alive in the thrilling rhythmic patterns and the enjoyable lead guitar dynamics.

It’s “One Last Ride” and definitely a wild one as Chrome Division raise the whiskey glasses and keep the engines roaring throughout the whole album to deliver a collection of entertaining heavy rock songs that the fans will not forget.

Sarah Longfield – Disparity

Rising guitar prodigy and multi-instrumentalist Sarah Longfield is finally releasing the new album “Disparity” which features the expected generous dose of shredding but also plenty of intriguing cinematic soundscapes.

“Embracing Solace” begins with a remarkable dreamy atmospheric core carefully built by kaleidoscopic ambient layers and embellished by opulent glowing guitar melodies.

“Departure” continues to follow a relaxing music pathway as vocals channel uplifting emotions flowing through calm ambient waves and charismatic melodic guitar phrases while the song’s finale shines for the nostalgia infused piano piece.

Within the intricate sonic realm of “Cataclysm” technical prog becomes evident in the massive eclectic guitar work naturally shifting from enticing shredding & tapping with scattered heavier rhythmic accents to fluent melodic grandeur.

In the midst of birds chirping and tranquil feelings “Miro” returns to luminous tonalities embedded in the glossy atmospheric textures, jazzy saxophone soloing and obviously brilliant melodic guitar progressions.  

“The Fall” is another track that will immediately stand out for the darker ambient arrangements and the energetic technical guitar work featuring intense shredding, crispy melodies and striking prog inspired dynamics.

“Disparity” is not just about a constant virtuoso showcase as Sarah is eager to impress the audience also with a multifaceted creative force and unexpected sonic twists that are evident from beginning to end.

Unearth – Extinction(s)

Representing the New Wave of American Heavy Metal Unearth has built a strong legacy during the last two decades and the highly anticipated album “Extinction(s)” promises to add another successful chapter in the band’s career.

The opening track “Incinerate” has a typical metalcore framework so crunchy guitar riffs hold a crucial role generating a series of harsh grooves that also benefit from the steady roaring drumming and the massive venomous growls while gloomy melodic lead guitars lead to a more introspective momentum.

On “Dust” the rhythm is often less frenetic allowing a higher dosage of melodic guitar phrases & soloing and a general dramatic mood yet there are plenty of crushing dynamics skillfully built by super tight riffage.

In the beginning “Cultivation Of Infection” has an atmospheric approach channeling tragic feelings and such gloomy themes will recur throughout the songs with monumental melodic waves while guitar riffs can sound absolutely vicious leading to breakneck rhythmic segments.

“The Hunt Begins” often dwells within a somber realm with refined melodic guitar passages and contemplative clean vocals nevertheless pummeling drums and ruthless riffs showcase a rather aggressive instrumental approach.

“King Of The Arctic” confidently offers loads of impactful and extra heavy frantic rhythmic patterns easily amplified by the monstrous vocal delivery until the crispy guitar solo shifts the focus to a calmer melodic gloom.

“One With The Sun” diligently packs colossal furious grooves featuring technical guitar work and ravenous drumming, a punishing combo that will induce wild moshpits at shows, but later a charismatic melancholic momentum will steal the spotlight with sorrowful guitar melodies and elegant orchestration.

Undoubtedly “Extinction(s)” aims to please the faithful fanbase delivering all the expected & beloved groovy and impactful dynamics as Unearth passionately renew their allegiance to the heavy metal community and deliberately follow their powerful signature music style.  

Beyond Creation – Algorythm

For Canadian progressive technical death metal band Beyond Creation the next step in their remarkable sonic evolution is embodied by the latest release “Algorythm” which promises an eclectic and absolutely crushing ensemble.

A furious instinct sets the mood of “Entre Suffrage Et Mirage” and consequently belligerent drums and fiery guitar riffs channel a rather extreme metal force that will be interrupted by contrasting soothing nuances and luminous melodic guitars.

The tranquil beginning of “Surface’s Echoes” features sophisticated prog oriented harmonies yet this track can sound simply brutal with a ravenous array of guitar riffs and powerful bass lines plus the terrific guitar solo and melodic whirlwind will instantly grab your attention.

The title track continues to offer an excellent blend of brighter melodic textures and harsh rhythmic segments featuring savage drum blasts and tight riffage while the poignant guitar solo here feels particularly compelling.

“In Adversity” will delight you with a series of bold rhythmic sections loaded with technical guitar work and death metal accents especially amplified by the relentless drumming and ruthless growls but the crispy melodic approach of the guitar solo can be considered the highlight of the song.

The instrumental track “Binomial Structures” begins with remarkable bass work and subtle atmospheric layers while guitars can fully showcase excellent technical expertise and create intricate melodic waves with vibrant & melancholic tonalities.

“The Afterlife” features loads of thrilling rhythmic segments where guitars can acquire insanely heavy tonalities due to the primal death metal elements but also craft extravagant melodic phrases and fancy solos characterized by an impeccable sound and execution.

Certainly Beyond Creation follows an intriguing and mature music pathway where extreme metal elements are very much alive yet the proggy & jazzy moments often feel more innovative and therefore tend to steal the spotlight throughout the intricate soundscapes of “Algorythm”.

Witchthroat Serpent – Swallow The Venom

French stoner doom band Witchthroat Serpent is ready to embark on a spacey sonic journey with the esoteric vibes of the latest full length “Swallow The Venom”.

Full blown psychedelia takes over “Lucifer’s Fire” as guitar dynamics are characterized by gritty tonalities and retro vibes supported by a massive series of heavy bass lines and embellished by vibrant melodic guitar soloing.  

The super psychedelic beginning of “Pauper’s Grave” introduces the occult atmospheres that will deeply influence the whole instrumentation leading to heavy rhythmic sections, doom worshipping guitars and some hazy moments generated by a slower tempo and calmer guitar phrases.  

“Scorpent Serpion” doesn’t deviate from the whole album’s mood so the overdose of fuzzy guitar riffs is certainly expected and also enigmatic tonalities amplify the mysterious vibes that surround the rhythmic crescendos.

“Red Eyed Albino” begins with monolithic bass tones swiftly followed by another round of dirty guitar riffs with a prominent sludge/stoner approach interrupted only by the spacey melodic guitar solo and additional super fuzzy segments.

On “No More Giant Octopuses” guitars naturally enhance the psychedelic temper maintaining a steady series of stoner oriented grooves that will later acquire a quite ominous heavier doom quality while the soloing revolves around dizzy melodies.

Psychedelia and the black arts are the key elements behind “Swallow The Venom” as Witchthroat Serpent here are evidently inspired by classic doom and stoner rock and diligently follow such music formula to deliver a trippy collection of songs.

Hate Eternal – Upon Desolate Sands

So many have been anxiously waiting to hear new music from death metal legends Hate Eternal and now you can finally headbang to the massive brutal anthems of the full length “Upon Desolate Sands”.  

Just like the title suggests “The Violent Fury” is rather furious as relentless guitar riffs follow the insanely fast tempo dictated by thunderous drums and simply there is no escape until lead guitars offer brief melodic moments and utter desolation.

Since the beginning “What Lies Beyond” feels a bit different as the rhythmic section doesn’t speed up immediately allowing guitars to craft a diverse range of riffs and somber technical leads yet the classic death metal approach is still absolutely aggressive.

On “Nothingness of Being” the crushing impact of mighty rhythmic blasts cannot be ignored while the perennial fiery guitar riffs and cavernous growls definitely amplify the song’s sinister vibes but you can also perceive a melancholic depth in the lead guitar work.  

As soon as “Dark Age of Ruin” begins you realize that you simply cannot catch a break as guitars march violently through asphyxiating atmospheres delivering dense riffage with technical accents and deliberately following reckless tempo variations.

While the title track confidently maintains a hellish rhythmic core it also offers a generous dosage of arcane atmospheric arrangements that certainly don’t diminish the visceral death metal rage but provide intriguing variations.

Listening to “Upon Desolate Sands” it becomes evident that this is an album dedicated to faithful death metal acolytes and mastermind Erik Rutan has worked meticulously to achieve the heaviest sound for Hate Eternal’s new sonic endeavor.

Bosse-De-Nage – Further Still

Post- black metal band Bosse-De-Nage returns with the new record “Further Still” which far from being an average collection of songs deliberately features a furious sonic turmoil.  

“The Trench” doesn’t waste any time as the frenetic rhythmic blasts sound absolutely ferocious within a controlled chaos efficiently built by relentless guitar riffs and mighty drums while angered screams march steadily through such extreme sonic waves.

On “Down There” you might feel like you can catch a break as in the beginning strong bass lines generate slow minimalist dynamics until the uncompromising rhythmic fury and breakneck speed take over completely.

“Crux” offers enigmatic nuances and raw emotions through unusual and often uneasy blackened grooves briefly interrupted by unexpected rhythmic variations and introspective momentum.

“My Shroud” begins with elegant atmospheres channeling dreamy nuances in proper shoegaze fashion but its inner core is still very chaotic as the whole instrumental work is fueled by a primal blackened force.

“A Faraway Place” has a palpable aggressive approach that besides the black metal inspiration also channels hardcore/screamo elements to generate massive harsh guitar riffs and utterly enraged rhythmic patterns while guitars will acquire melodic accents in the song’s somber finale.

Since beginning to end “Further Still” hits you in the face with sheer brutality but Bosse-De-Nage also showcases a genuine desire to experiment with unusual and chaotic tonalities following an audacious sonic vision.

Nachtmystium – Resilient

Following years of silence and major drama Nachtmystium arises from the ashes, joins the  Prophecy Productions family of artists and begins a new chapter releasing the EP aptly entitled “Resilient”.

The title track is probably the most memorable offering on this EP and you can truly perceive painful feelings and bitter emotions flowing through the dense elegant atmospheric arrangements that surrounds and influence the harsh blackened guitar tonalities, the melancholic melodic moments and the raspy growls.

“Silver Lanterns” has a more straightforward approach that diligently follows an atmospheric black metal pathway shifting from faster nightmarish rhythmic dynamics with the expected dosage of tremolo picking to softer nostalgia infused melodies.

The lengthy track “Desert Illumination” again showcases profoundly grim emotions particularly enhanced by the atmospheric introspective momentum and glowing mellow acoustic guitars while later the whole instrumentation fully embraces colder tonalities leading to a faster pace and consequent heavier blackened passages followed by a rather spacey borderline psychedelic finale.  

“Resilient” definitely sounds like a story of redemption and rebirth therefore these songs must be really meaningful for Nachtmystium and there is enough action to spark interest again in the underground scene but we’ll see what the band will deliver in the future.

Icarus Witch – Goodbye Cruel World

Pittsburgh based heavy metal act Icarus Witch worked hard to complete the latest record “Goodbye Cruel World” which marks a new chapter in the band’s career being the first new album in six years and featuring new vocalist Andrew D’Cagna.

The title track aims for a straightforward impact delivering familiar heavy metal dynamics with dominant bold guitar riffs and explosive soloing while even if the soothing vocals often evoke a melancholic mood the chorus feels super catchy.

“Misfortune Teller” continues to rely on a classic heavy metal formula where flawless high pitch vocals and soaring rhythmic patterns hold a crucial role and are further spiced up by a memorable guitar solo.

“Through Your Eyes” might feel more dramatic yet still deliver loads of groovy rhythmic segments while vocals become particularly captivating flowing naturally through energetic guitar passages.

Beginning with somber melodies “The Flood” is an instrumental track that allows the guitar work to truly shine and showcase mature musicianship especially with the flamboyant nature of the soloing.

“Silence Of The Siren” offers another powerful round of traditional heavy metal grooves so once again guitars smoothly shift from tight riffs to glorious soloing through intense rhythmic patterns.

The nostalgic mood of “Antivenom” leads to ballad style moments focusing on a dreamy vocal duet with Katharine Blake and emotionally charged melodic guitar work that here offers another impeccable shredding galore.

Leaving the past behind Icarus Witch confidently return to the metal scene with the solid record “Goodbye Cruel World” where it becomes evident that the band is passionately devoted to the timeless tonalities of heavy metal and AOR.

Emigrate – A Million Degrees

For renowned Rammstein’s guitarist Richard Z. Kruspe the parallel project Emigrate represents a different creative outlet that allows him to passionately explore a wide range of music territories leading to the genesis of the third studio album “A Million Degrees”.

While leaning towards a widely accessible melodic style “War” has its dark & gritty moments as powerful guitar licks and charismatic solo march proudly through industrial blasts and sumptuous atmospheric arrangements.

The title track offers an overdose of catchy electro beats embellished by a vibrant chorus and shimmering guitar melodies that channel positive energy but also softer introspective moments.

Featuring guest vocalist Margaux Bossieux “Lead You On” revolves around bittersweet guitar melodies, hazy electro textures and sultry vocals yet there is a dancey upbeat tempo that truly comes to life in the chorus.

Featuring the unique vocals of Till Lindemann in both German and English “Let’s Go” has a melancholic mood crafted by a series of crispy rock melodies yet everything feels always catchy due to the entertaining electro layers channeling fashionable 80s vibes.

There are goth hints on “I’m Not Afraid” and the guest vocals by the one and only Cardinal Copia of Ghost feel like the perfect fit for the subtle darkened tapestries that constantly dominate the fluent guitar melodies, dreamy synth arrangements and memorable rhythmic crescendo.

On “Eyes Fade Away” nostalgia infused aesthetics become fundamental influencing profoundly the contemplative vocal delivery, the cinematic atmospheric arrangements and the wistful guitar melodies that naturally flow with a lovely rock ballad style.  

It becomes immediately clear that “A million Degrees” does not follow a particular set of rules or any specific sonic template with absolutely catchy tracks often characterized by rather unexpected nuances because here Emigrate shows genuine enthusiasm, a key element that generates such multifaceted work of music.