Silence In The Snow – Levitation Chamber

Silence In The Snow is the joint effort of guitarist/vocalist Cyn M. and drummer Trevor DeSchryver (Wolves in the Throne Room, Lycus, Dispirit, ex-Deafheaven) and the result of this collaboration comes to life through the dreamy sonic experience of the sophomore release “Levitation Chamber”. 

“Time Will Tell You Nothing” puts a spell on you with a darkened cinematic soundscape featuring otherworldly vocals that gently guide you through monochromatic atmospheric waves filled with dreamy vibes and intense melancholia. 

On “Smoke Signals” a mix of gothic tinged guitar tonalities and catchy drumming creates a more energetic rhythm surrounded by understated atmospheric arrangements and the vulnerable emotions expressed by the spellbinding vocals. 

“In The Dark” once again puts the spotlight on the cathartic vocal delivery accompanied by the fragile atmospheric layers and the minimalist darkened melodic tapestries so everything flows like a lovely midsummer daydream. 

“Dread The Low” welcomes you to an ethereal sonic realm where blurry instrumental crescendos and scattered luminous harmonies emphasize the minimalist approach and the emotional drive of Cyn’s passionate vocals will captivate the listeners. 

With its inner emotional turmoil and the evocative melodies “Levitation Chamber” has the power to relax the listeners and Silence In The Snow are confidently evolving into a unique sonic entity within the current music scene. 

3TEETH – Metawar

Iconoclast industrial metal band 3TEETH has put together the ambitious new album “Metawar” that with its palpable raw energy and confrontational lyrical themes has the potential to ignite a certain musical activism that aims to inspire the audience.  

On “Affluenza” gritty guitar riffs and pulsating synths create a series of abrasive grooves rightfully enhanced by the filtered furious vocal delivery but also surrounded by elegantly somber atmospheric nuances.  

“Exxxit” has a post apocalyptic mood with loads of nightmarish vibes crafted by the intricate synths layers and matched by the bold scratchy vocals yet the mixture of chaotic guitar riffs and dancey beats feel absolutely catchy. 

The sonic manifesto of “American Landfill” can sound deliciously vicious with plenty of stomping quasi robotic grooves filled with blistering guitar riffs marching anxiously through obscure electro layers and vitriolic screams. 

There is a perceptible melodic serenity flowing through “ALTÆR” as the electronic arrangements acquire dreamy tonalities and clean vocals evoke sheer melancholy yet the main inflamed grooves tend to express unrelenting rage. 

On “Bornless” dizzy distortions and massive throbbing electro accents become the main focus ensuring a constant infectious groovy ensemble with familiar industrial dynamics and spiteful harsh screams.  

“Surrender” mainly dwells within a less belligerent sonic realm with slower rhythmic patterns and hazy atmospheric textures but occasionally picks up speed as the corrosive guitar riffs take over amplifying the darkened aspects of the song. 

On “The Fall” hypnotizing gloomy synths naturally create a decadent dystopian soundscape leading to haunting melodic moments and an irresistible catchy chorus spiced up by malicious electro twists and scattered heavier guitar riffs. 

Certainly you could say that “Metawar” is a solid industrial effort sometimes clearly angered yet quite entertaining but there is more under the surface as 3TEETH are delivering a wake up call and sharing their views on this decaying society through music & words. 


Bloody Hammers – The Summoning

Goth rock duo Bloody Hammers pays homage to classic horror flicks with the spooky themes of the new full length “The Summoning”.

You can immediately appreciate the catchy melodies & chorus of “Let Sleeping Corpses Lie” which relies on straightforward rhythmic dynamics with an evident goth rock structure enhanced by the gloomy atmospheric layers that can even add some dramatic depth.  

“Now The Screaming Starts” offers loads of gritty darkened guitar riffs following faster groovy rhythmic patterns while keyboards and vocals effortlessly maintain the catchy & creepy mood that characterizes the entire album.  

The title track amplifies the nightmarish vibes with mysterious atmospheric arrangements but there is a prominent accessible melodic core reminiscent of a familiar goth rock style also incarnated by the somber vocal delivery. 

The sultry melancholy of “The Beast Is Coming Out” is constantly enhanced by the darkly soothing laid back rhythm and the solemn baritone vocals plus the massive eerie keyboards intensify the horror movie soundtrack vibe. 

“Condemned, The Prisoner” sounds a bit different as gentle acoustic phrases and sorrowful vocals channel immense nostalgia adding some comforting ballad elements while the keyboards focus on the creation of understated atmospheres. 

“From Beyond The Grave” is full of memorable dancey grooves and the goth rock inspiration feels particularly strong within the glowing melodic ensemble enriched by the grim vocals and the darkened allure of the multilayered atmospheres. 

Frontman Anders Manga and keyboardist Devallia certainly have great chemistry in fact the sonic realm of “The Summoning” feels spontaneous and entertaining as Bloody Hammers skillfully blend eloquent melodic hooks with a generous dosage of ghastly vibes. 

Stille Volk – Milharis

In the year of their 25th anniversary French pagan folk pioneers Stille Volk are releasing the long awaited new album “Milharis” which always feels like a unique mystical offering inspired by the old myths of the Pyrenees mountain range. 

Listening to “Sous La peau De La Montagne” you will travel to a pristine ancient forest accompanied by lovely acoustic phrases and ethereal atmospheres as the band carefully crafts tranquil soundscapes evoking immense spiritual energy. 

“L’aurost Lunaire” diligently follows an authentic pagan approach but adds some atmospheric darkened nuances amplified by the arcane chanting style while the traditional instruments can sound delicate and at the same time convey an understated energy. 

While maintaining a soothing folk approach with relaxing acoustic guitars “Le Crépuscule Du Pâtre” also focuses on a mysterious atmospheric ensemble and the resulting darkened tonalities are further amplified by the tribal percussions and the solemn vocal delivery.  

“La Grotte Du Jadis” has a cryptic aura incarnated by the borderline ominous whispers and the gloomy tonalities while the harmonious vocals and the graceful instrumental passages keep alive the magical folk elements. 

“Sacré Dans La Tourmente” stands out for the spellbinding luminous violins that create a dreamy soundscape that feels like a heartfelt celebration of the beauty of nature while the vibrant rhythmic sections lead to enjoyable melodic crescendos. 

The harmonious essence of “Parmi Les Monts Oubliés” generates shimmering guitar progressions with a distinct folk approach and catchy rhythmic patterns while the dramatic chants emphasize the spiritual atmosphere. 

The enchanting primal pagan nature is extremely palpable throughout the seventh album “Milharis” and Stille Volk is probably the only band out there that can evoke otherworldly feelings telling stories about intriguing myths with such genuine devotion. 

Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind

Since their inception back in 2016 Memoriam have been quite prolific in fact they are already releasing the third album “Requiem For Mankind” which once again showcases their songwriting skills revolving around lyrical themes of war, death and destruction. 

“Shell Shock” has the ability to channel old school death metal without sounding dated so there are some extremely somber atmospheric nuances and darkened melodic moments but the center stage really belongs to the savage sonic onslaught led by the galloping guitar riffs. 

The enraged spirit of “Undefeated” is fueled by chunky guitar riffs and belligerent drums but it’s not just a straightforward death metal tune as there are plenty of harrowing melodies flourishing through the energetic rhythmic blasts. 

The tormented mood of “In The Midst Of Desolation” leads to slower contemplative moments enhancing the cathartic melodic essence that comes to life through the skillful guitar work that will occasionally shift to utterly aggressive rhythmic patterns. 

“Refuse To Be Led” features evocative melodic guitars that gracefully express feelings of grief and loss while the acerbic riffs and the desperate growls stay true to familiar brutal death metal dynamics. 

The title track perfectly incarnates the uncompromising nature of the album as relentless guitar riffs effortlessly build massive infectious grooves always amplified by the spiteful vocal delivery and supported by the precise ruthless rhythmic section. 

The instrumental “Interment” marks a sorrowful finale showcasing the bleak melodic soul of the album and you can perceive that besides being death metal veterans Memoriam also have the skills to create alluring darkened soundscapes. 

“Requiem For Mankind” can certainly sound merciless due to the massive anthemic death metal dynamics yet Memoriam always manage to add intriguing melodic textures and doom laden atmospheres to render everything more interesting. 

Scardust – Sands Of Time

Scardust is a new band from Israel eager to grab your attention making their official debut in the metal scene with the album “Sands Of Time” on which they skillfully mix multiple subgenres with a striking symphonic flair and elaborate prog dynamics. 

“Overture” opens the album with the classical splendor of strings and sumptuous orchestrations and you can immediately perceive the detailed songwriting that will lead to a variegated instrumental ensemble featuring major guitar shredding and intriguing rhythmic variations performed in prog metal fashion.

With massive epic vibes “Dials” follows the successful symphonic metal formula offering opulent symphonic layers, solemn choirs and flawless operatic vocals yet often deviates with unexpected jazzy tonalities and fancy technical guitar progressions. 

“Hourglass” focuses on delicate melancholia infused guitar melodies accompanied by the enchanting voice of Noa Gruman that here and throughout the entire album showcases a truly versatile delivery while the instrumental work is also full of surprises mixing different styles and acquiring heavier dynamics around the complex guitar phrases.  

The title track has a minimalist beginning with fragile piano melodies and poignant vocals but will soon embrace vivid symphonic tapestries enhanced by stunning operatic vocals & choirs leading to a full blown majestic piece. 

Featuring guest vocalist Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land “Out Of Strong Came Sweetness” certainly stands out for the ardent vocal duet which also matches the contrasting tonalities generated by the passionate melodic passages and the heavier rhythmic bursts with crunchy guitar riffs that often lead to darker groovy vibes. 

“Blade” can sound a bit romantic as Noa is joined by guest vocalist Jake E of Cyhra for a rather emotional duet which becomes the main focus surrounded by accessible polished melodic crescendos and soothing atmospheric arrangements. 

It’s a pleasure to see another metal band coming from Israel and certainly the cultural background of Scardust influences their music style leading to the evident diversity that characterizes the debut release “Sands Of Time” but it’s also clear that these songs will attract all lovers of symphonic metal. 


Soto – Origami

Recently we’ve seen the talented Jeff Scott Soto handling vocals in the stellar supergroup Sons Of Apollo, alongside Mike Portnoy, Derek Sherinian, Billy Sheehan and Bumblefoot and now he’s back with the band SOTO to deliver the third studio effort “Origami”. 

The album begins with the positive energy of “HyperMania” which combines catchy guitar driven grooves and 80’s influenced keyboards leading to a widely accessible melodic ensemble with electro beats and subtle heavier rhythmic segments obviously embellished by Jeff’s powerful vocals. 

On the title track the mood and the vocal harmonies get a bit somber so the classic heavy metal approach is still palpable but the modern prog elements become increasingly prominent leading to extra sharp guitar riffs and an absolutely stunning guitar solo featuring smooth shredding and intriguing technical accents. 

The rhythm slows down on “BeLie” to emphasize the luminous melodic guitar phrases and the intense vocal delivery in the midst of understated atmospheric waves while the rhythmic section channels thrilling prog dynamics. 

“Torn” is all about melancholy as Jeff’s sorrowful vocals are able to evoke an emotional tumult flowing through delicate atmospheric layers and graceful guitar melodies further enhanced by the stylish energetic soloing. 

“Dance With The Devil” focuses on heavier chunky guitar riffs and an increasing raw energy to build cohesive grooves amplified by Jeff’s charismatic rocker vocal style while the lead guitars engage the listeners with flamboyant prog oriented solos. 

“Afterglow” has an uplifting melodic rock approach with loads of smooth keyboards arrangements and bouncy guitar riffs while the brass section adds playful funky rhythmic variations. 

As expected all the songs on “Origami” are written around Jeff’s remarkable vocal abilities and consequently his charming voice is destined to steal the spotlight yet it must be noted that he is accompanied by excellent musicians and together they are able to create an entertaining sonic experience. 

Jess By The Lake – Under The Red Light Shine

We all know that Jasmin Saarela is an extremely talented vocalist from her enchanting work with the Finnish cult band Jess And The Ancient Ones and now she is ready to explore diverse music territories with the debut solo album “Under The Red Light Shine” under the moniker Jess By The Lake which celebrates her strong bond with nature. 

The title track features enjoyable trippy vibes courtesy of cool fuzzy guitar riffs as well as distinct bluesy rhythmic dynamics following a dreamy laid back tempo and such intriguing instrumental ensemble always enhances Jasmin’s dazzling vocals that showcase an enthralling multifaceted delivery ranging from soft passionate harmonies to energetic rocker vibes. 

“The Wait” offers gentle melancholic guitar phrases and subtle retro rock flavors that naturally surround Jasmin’s eclectic vocals that can effortlessly channel an emotional whirlwind in the catchy rock passages as well as bittersweet feelings during the slower contemplative moments. 

On “Nightmare” the rhythmic section gets super groovy blending psychedelic accents, soulful bluesy guitar melodies and tasteful vintage vibes creating a vibrant instrumental ensemble once again enriched by stunning vocals. 

“Legacy Crown” feels like a daydream with delicate & moody guitar melodies that often generate trippy moments and perfectly match the somber vocals while the comforting atmospheric soundscape allows Jasmin to add mystical vibes and express genuine emotions with her alluring vocal delivery. 

“Interstellar” further amplifies the cosmic feelings of the album with darkened atmospheric layers and understated psychedelic elements while the flourishing sorrowful guitar work conveys an intense melancholic depth effortlessly matched by Jasmin’s dreamy performance and extraordinary vocal range.   

“Under The Red Light Shine” is a lovely collection of songs that rightfully puts the spotlight on Jasmin’s charismatic voice and has the potential to conquer the heart of a diverse audience with the album’s soothing warmth and spellbinding creative approach. 

Earth – Full Upon Her Burning Lips

Legendary experimental drone rock duo Earth consisting of guitarist Dylan Carlson and percussionist Adrienne Davies returns with the ninth record “Full Upon Her Burning Lips” which features a rather minimalist approach but is the result of an attentive exploration of styles and tonalities. 

“Datura’s Crimson Veils” is an epic lengthy track that relies mainly on intense guitar riffs flourishing in loop surrounded by enigmatic atmospheric nuances and enriched by bluesy melodic accents. 

“The Colour Of Poison” could make you space out and relax with enjoyable soul/r’n’b grooves and guitars are essential in the creation of stripped down fiery riffage that often showcases a classic doom inspiration. 

“She Rides An Air Of Malevolence” doesn’t really sound as malevolent as the cool title would make you think instead there are loads of spacey vibes spontaneously emerging through the comforting guitar melodies and the laid back rhythmic patterns. 

“An Unnatural Carousel” continues to offer cathartic guitar progressions and the mood becomes quite dreamy due to the soothing slow burning melodies basically stripped of any glamorous effects. 

There is a repetition of contemplative melodic moments on “The Mandrake’s Hymn” yet everything seems to amplify the raw energy of the vintage guitar sound also throwing some psychedelic elements in the mix. 

On “A Wretched Country Of Dusk” there are epic almost cinematic vibes with hints of positive energy as guitars can deliver brighter hopeful melodies mixed with some monumental riffs and hazy drone layers. 

The minimalist nature of “Full Upon Her Burning Lips” leads to an organic instrumental ensemble focused on the hypnotic power of guitar riffs and since Earth have been around for thirty years it’s not surprising to perceive a mature approach and a strong emotional drive throughout the album. 

Nevalra – Conjure The Storm

Founded in 2013 by guitarist/vocalist Scott Eames, known as touring guitarist for Thy Antichrist, blackened death metal band Nevalra is ready to unleash the debut album “Conjure The Storm” that aims to impress the audience with an elaborate aggressive sonic assault embellished by dramatic melodic textures. 

The majestic beginning of “Warchestra” features opulent orchestrations and creepy atmospheric accents swiftly followed by a rather hostile instrumental ensemble diligently built by relentless guitar riffs and punishing drums obviously accompanied by hellish growls yet there are many tasteful melodic guitar leads that enhance the darkened vibes and showcase impressive musicianship. 

“…Of Ruination” certainly has a vicious blackened rhythmic section that will trigger a massive moshpit yet the lead guitars confidently craft loads of intricate refined melodies with an exquisite neoclassical inspiration.  

The title track shines for the enthralling orchestral intro and the dazzling melodic guitar work, especially emphasized by the thrilling skillful solos, that certainly add some alluring  theatrical aesthetics to the main infectious rhythmic section. 

From beginning to end “It Dies In Vain” relies on a ferocious approach with menacing growls and unstoppable savage guitar riffs following a tight rhythmic section with evident death metal influences while the lead guitars again engage the listeners creating enticing melodic crescendos. 

“Take Your Leave” shows the most melodic aspects of Nevalra’s music style with sorrowful acoustic phrases followed by luminous impeccable guitar harmonies in contrast with the sheer brutality of the groovy rhythmic segments and the belligerent vocal delivery. 

“Prophet For Profit” can sound quite aggressive with a straightforward death metal oriented rhythmic blast that seems incessant until suddenly everything slows down for a brief yet intense dramatic moment delivering stylish melancholic guitar melodies. 

Nevalra are still an emerging band but it must be noted that on “Conjure The Storm” they already follow a precise music direction with great passion resulting in a cohesive debut effort that definitely has the potential to attract numerous acolytes of melodic extreme metal.