Deathchant – Deathchant

The music style of Los Angeles-based band Deathchant is categorized as psychedelic heavy proto-metal and the self-titled debut album promises an unpredictable sonic journey that will certainly trigger curiosity.

The album opener “Pessimist” is characterized by an interesting songwriting approach which ensures an overload of fuzzy rock tonalities in the guitar work and enigmatic psychedelic vibes amplified by filtered vocals but there are also unexpected noise oriented dissonant moments.  

“Control” can deliver peaceful guitar melodies while a wilder series of stoner rock influenced rhythmic grooves dominates the majority of the song as guitars confidently deliver extra gritty riffs, surreal psychedelic accents and even a doom tinged heavier momentum enriched by spacey distortion and feedback.

On “Ritual” fiery galloping guitar riffs diligently build massive groovy dynamics that again showcases an intense stoner rock influence while the dreamy nature of the song will come to life with the inspiring darkened melodic guitar jams.

Since the very beginning “Hex” offers a particularly groovy sonic ensemble focusing on majestic guitar driven grooves fueled by energetic classic heavy rock tonalities that will generate a spontaneous instrumental jam.  

Deathchant are eager to develop a unique sonic pathway drawing inspiration from an intriguing blend of diverse music genres and the debut eponymous album certainly stands out for the psychedelic nuances and the entertaining retro heavy rock soul.


Nailed To Obscurity – Black Frost

Hailing from Northern Germany, melodic death/doom metallers Nailed To Obscurity proudly unleash the new full length “Black Frost” which symbolizes an emotional journey that explores the burdens on our souls and minds through an enthralling blend of harsh tonalities and gorgeous melodies.

The title track marks a majestic beginning feeling like a gelid melancholic wonderland as guitars craft various elaborate passionate melodies, elegantly soothing soloing and even more energetic extreme metal oriented moments within a wistful atmospheric realm constantly fueled by an omnipresent darkness.

On “Tears Of The Eyeless” the obscure death metal roots emerge from a hopeless abyss through fierce rhythmic blasts and massive wicked growls but the band always returns to embrace a graceful melancholy infused mood with poignant melodic guitar progressions and heartfelt clean vocal delivery.  

With an overdose of haunting vibes “Feardom” continues to evoke all kinds of darkened emotions and while the aggressive rhythmic momentum is still essential within the song’s structure the sorrowful guitar melodies accompanied by dreamy clean vocals often steal the spotlight.

The intensely darkened aura of “Road To Perdition” influences inevitably the whole instrumental ensemble that effortlessly shifts from primordial energetic dynamics to the sheer melodic splendor of intricate guitar melodies and inspiring solo which are always ready to channel profoundly contemplative vibes.

Nailed To Obscurity are confidently following a captivating darkened music formula that allows the introspective soul of “Black Frost” to stand out through the intricate melodic waves and the overall wintry mood that certainly matches the album’s title.

Legion Of The Damned – Slaves Of The Shadow Realm

Veteran Dutch extreme metal outfit Legion Of The Damned is proud to unleash an overload of raw energy and undiluted darkness with the colossal seventh studio album “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm”.  

“The Widows Breed” can sound truly aggressive channeling an old school thrash intensity that will trigger instant headbanging with its fast belligerent rhythmic section and the sharp neckbreaker guitar riffs while the lead guitar work is characterized by utterly somber tonalities.

The merciless force behind “Nocturnal Commando” becomes immediately evident with loads of harsh guitar riffs, hellish vocals and ferocious drumming that build a furious heavy rhythmic core interrupted only by scattered dismal guitar leads.

“Slaves Of The Southern Cross” continues to effortlessly showcase a thunderous rhythmic core yet the whole instrumentation often follows a slower tempo to emphasize the ominous vibes generated by blackened guitar tonalities and diabolical vocals.

“Shadow Realm Of The Demonic Mind” begins with a melancholic piano piece but never really leaves behind the extreme metal approach as guitars gallop relentlessly offering all kinds of vicious riffs.

“Priest Hunt” surprises with a eerie & triumphant symphonic intro that will be followed by a solid round of groovy guitar riffs but when the rhythm slows down the dramatic guitar leads and darkly melodic accents definitely steal the spotlight.

“Dark Coronation” is full of tight fierce riffs as guitars still hold a dominant role through the punishing rhythmic progressions which are spiced up by some intensely grave leads while the profoundly dark finale features elegant & mysterious atmospheric arrangements.

Full speed and heaviness are essential throughout the entire sonic assault offered by “Slaves Of The Shadow Realm” yet Legion Of The Damned is also interested in the creation of monumental darkened melodic & atmospheric moments that certainly match and enhance the general obscure mood.

Jinjer – Micro

Following massive touring cycles Ukrainian band Jinjer has managed to conquer a wider fanbase therefore this is the perfect time to release new music and while waiting for the next full length the EP “Micro” will satisfy your need for groovy prog metal.

“Ape” was the first acclaimed single released from this EP and certainly stands out for the massive fury generated by an intense & intricate rhythmic core full of harsh guitar riffs and groovy bass lines while Tatiana’s growls can sound absolutely brutal and her enchanting melodic cleans perfectly match the song’s contemplative moments.

“Dreadful Moments” is definitely the darkest song on the EP with the profound melancholy expressed by bittersweet clean vocals but is also characterized by impressive prog elements as all instruments effortlessly shift from wilder aggressive rhythmic segments to emotionally charged harmonies.

With an evident intricate songwriting approach “Teacher, Teacher!” shines for the eclectic nature as unusual tempo variations can even lead to breakneck speed and loads of crazy & groovy rhythmic progressions certainly showcase a solid prog inspiration while guitars can also deliver smooth darkened melodies embellished by heartfelt clean vocals.

Since the very beginning “Perennial” can feel utterly dramatic as the rhythm is often significantly slowed down to enhance the lovely introspective textures and fascinating guitar melodies enriched by Tatiana’s charismatic clean vocal delivery but this track will offer also some monumental harsh grooves and wicked growls.

Considered to be a breakthrough band in the current metal scene, the future looks bright for Jinjer and they definitely worked hard to achieve the unique sonic identity that naturally leads to the complex and compelling dynamics of “Micro”.

Mark Deutrom – The Blue Bird

You are certainly familiar with multi-instrumentalist Mark Deutrom for his memorable past music endeavors with Melvins and now it’s time to welcome a new chapter of Mark’s eclectic solo career with the anticipated new album “The Blue Bird”.  

With a mellow rhythmic core the instrumental track “Radiant Gravity” flows just like a dream as warm bluesy guitar melodies generate a relaxing mood floating through kaleidoscopic atmospheric layers.  

The multifaceted composition of “O Ye Of Little Faith” features a groovy approach with an intense distorted delivery and an edgy retro rock attitude as guitars become prominent within the enigmatic atmospheric realm that often leads to sudden spacey instrumental passages enhanced by bewitching organ harmonies.

On “Somnambulist” fragile guitar phrases and tranquil vocals guide the listeners through a compelling sonic maze made of magical melodic textures and daydreaming atmospheres later embellished by additional lavish keyboards arrangements.

“Maximum Hemingway” instantly channels darkened emotions with the acidic tonalities of heavier guitar riffs, moody soloing and filtered vocals yet there is an inner melodic spirit that will eventually deliver vibrant contemplative passages.

The intimate atmospheric nature of “They Have Won” comes to life through comforting melodic waves and is definitely emphasized by the elegant saxophone solo that will grab your attention with enthralling jazzy vibes.

The fervent rock nature of “The Happiness Machine” is evident as gritty & heavy grooves become essential elements in fact guitars constantly deliver super crunchy riffs supported by entertaining syncopated rhythmic sections and impress the audience with a flamboyant solo.

From beginning to end “The Blue Bird” is a rather surreal opus that deserves a wide audience as it becomes quickly evident that Mark Deutrom is following his personal unique artistic vision with absolute devotion and passion.  

John Garcia – John Garcia And The Band Of Gold

You all know John Garcia as vocalist of legendary Kyuss and founder of desert rock institutions such as Unida, Slo-Burn, Hermano and Vista Chino, now with The Band Of Gold John is ready to deliver an explosive new album that definitely represents his music legacy.

From beginning to end John delivers a memorable vocal performance on “Jim’s Whiskers” which is literally full of those irresistible desert rock vibes as gritty guitar riffs and raw energy naturally lead to entertaining solos and plenty of stoner grooves that could go on forever.

The groovy galore continues relentlessly with “Kentucky II” and the guitar work inevitably  stands out for the dirty rock soul and the slow burning melodic phrases as we are still jamming in the middle of the desert accompanied by John’s unique vocals.

While “My Everything” certainly focuses on another remarkable series of guitar driven grooves fueled by a charismatic stoner rock approach and John’s passionate vocals often steal the spotlight there is also a hypnotizing melodic momentum featuring dreamy guitar tonalities.  

It’s so easy to love the vibrant desertfest groovy core of “Popcorn (Hit Me When You Can)” which is obviously packed with gritty guitars supported by an impeccable wild rhythmic section and extra energetic vocals.

Following the album’s natural dusty rock mood “Cheyletiella” offers an overdose of killer hooks courtesy of galloping guitar riffs and a major addictive chorus while later a soulful melodic breakdown will generate an intensely hypnotic mood emphasized by the trippy guitar soloing and the mellow vocals.

Everything slows down significantly on “Softer Side” which closes the album with an authentic psychedelic sonic trip that relies mainly on hazy tonalities, lovely warm melodic guitars and a laid back vocal delivery which will make you space out for good.

With this new incarnation the return of John Garcia feels like the fascinating desert rock journey we’ve been longing for, hopefully this is not a swansong and we will hear more music from John and The Band Of Gold in the future meanwhile you should play this record loud preferably on vinyl.

Yatra – Death Ritual

Maryland-based doom trio Yatra is ready to begin a personal music journey with the debut full length “Death Ritual” composed in the solitude and darkness of the forest.

“Hour Of The Dragon” stands out immediately for the enigmatic atmospheres that set a suspenseful mood and soon the mighty weight of guitar riffs will lead the way to a hazy realm of stoner grooves and impending doom enhanced by gritty guitar soloing and obscure vocal delivery.  

“Black Moon” is drenched in darkness and holds a mysterious aura due to the slow dreary rhythm and the hypnotic guitar tonalities that will morph into a monolithic sludge entity with super heavy riffage and moody melodic accents.

On “Snakes In The Temple” grim distorted guitars and a funereal mood generate an overdose of doom laden passages and darkened melodies that follow a painfully slow tempo until the guitar solo channels some groovy sludge energy.

“Smoke Is Rising” can convey mystical vibes but can also be quite harsh with loads of sludge/doom guitar riffs marching steady with super fuzzy tonalities and reaching the hallucinogenic acme with the spacey distortions of the solo.

“Sailing On” instantly focuses on the hypnotizing quality and the numbing darkness of the heavy guitar riffs and again there is a prominent doom/sludge force that sponateneously leads to the song’s monumental grooves.

Undoubtedly undiluted darkness and heavy doom worship inspired the genesis of every song on “Death Ritual” which definitely marks an interesting beginning for Yatra’s career.