The Sabbathian – Latum Alterum

Formed by multi-instrumentalist Chad Davis and vocalist Anette Uvaas Guldbrandsen, The Sabbathian is ready to embark on the darkest music journey to deliver the arcane nuances of the debut full length “Latum Alterum”.

The darkened aesthetics of “The Brightest Light” hold a fundamental role within the brooding sonic realm fueled by the dismal doom tonalities of the monochromatic heavy guitar progressions while Anette’s enchanting vocals create surreal harmonies flowing through mysterious melodic waves.

The Nordic folk atmospheres of “Liti Kjersti” emphasize the profoundly melancholic melodies generated by the hazy guitar tones and the spellbinding classical vocal delivery while the rhythmic core of the song showcases a primordial creative force often inspired by traditional black metal.

On “Head Of A Traitor” vocals become exquisitely alluring with a lavish operatic delivery featuring the iconic Liv Kristine Espenæs as guest vocalist while the instrumental progressions revolve around steady obscure doom oriented guitar riffs embellished by elegant gothic atmospheres and melodic accents.

On “One Night Of Cruelty” guitars focus on a monumental heavy riffage channeling impending doom and occult rock vibes while spellbinding vocals enhance the pure darkened melancholy of the dreamy melodic phrases.

The enigmatic tonalities and the mystical aura of “Latum Alterum” will definitely attract lovers of dark melodies and doom metal as with evident songwriting skills The Sabbathian craft an hypnotizing music opus that demands your utmost attention.

Autumn Tears – Colors Hidden Within The Gray

Gothic/neoclassical collective Autumn Tears is ready to celebrate a fashionable return from slumber with the first full length album in eleven years entitled “Colors Hidden Within The Gray”, a grandiose opus focused on a detailed composition featuring thirty talented artists.

An elegant classical piano piece introduces the triumphant symphonic spirit of “The Day Of Wrath” as majestic operatic vocals naturally flow through enchanting melodic tapestries emphasizing the theatrical aspects of the kaleidoscopic composition.

“Rainlight Ascension” begins with the exquisite beauty of classical piano melodies accompanied by gentle vocals while the multi instrumental approach ensures variety with loads of dramatic strings and dreamy progressions.  

Ethereal neoclassical textures render “The Impressionist” particularly emotional skillfully blending rich symphonic orchestrations and soothing vocals but at the same time this track evokes darkened nuances.

“In Remembrance” feels darkly romantic with serene strings phrases and understated atmospheric layers yet it also features solemn symphonic crescendos embellished by lovely impeccable vocals.

With understated strength the title track offers monumental baroque orchestrations that allow the organ and violin to truly shine and often acquire gothic, even vampyric, tonalities in contrast with the minimalist piano and soft vocals.

“What We Have Become” features gorgeous violins that effortlessly create a dreamy classical realm full of gloomy emotions and adorned by the theatrical splendor crafted by the meticulous symphonic orchestrations and the luminous vocal delivery.

The neoclassical opulent music vision of Autumn Tears might be dedicated to a niche audience as “Colors Hidden Within The Gray” is a quite unique album that often feels like a night at the opera focusing on charming multi layered arrangements and sumptuous vocal performances.

Mono – Nowhere Now Here

Originally formed in 1999, Tokyo based instrumental band Mono has garnered attention worldwide with a unique shoegaze/rock sonic palette that continues to flourish through the otherworldly soundscapes of the new album “Nowhere Now Here” which feels even more meaningful as it celebrates the 20 year anniversary.

“After You Comes The Flood” can make you totally space out with its lavish atmospheric splendor as contrasting feelings of gloom and hope emerge through the thrilling distorted guitar riffage, the quasi chaotic momentum and the luminous melodic passages.

“Breathe” is meant to spellbind the listeners as Tamaki’s poetic vocal performance emphasizes the sheer melancholia that influences deeply the understated atmospheric arrangements and the dreamy tonalities of the minimalist guitar melodies.

The title track is a striking trippy sonic experience where solemn atmospheric orchestrations and electronic textures naturally surround intricate waves of fragile melodies that will eventually morph into a series of thrilling rhythmic crescendos featuring kaleidoscopic shoegaze guitar tonalities and fiery drumming.

The comforting melodic guitars of “Sorrow” almost feel like a lullaby and the melancholic mood will ultimately acquire a triumphant spiritual energy through the majestic orchestrations in contrast with the experimental electro layers and the wilder rhythmic twists created by guitar driven gritty grooves.  

“Meet Us Where The Night Ends” dwells within an ethereal sonic realm where darkness and light inevitably embrace, a precious moment in time celebrated by the tranquil beauty of guitar melodies and magical atmospheres while the final part of the song revolves around a monumental groovy jam with an overdose of spacey & heavier guitar riffs.

The mood becomes exquisitely peaceful yet utterly nostalgic on “Vanishing, Vanishing Maybe” as the slower tempo allows guitars to focus on sophisticated melodies and heartwarming nuances that simply glow through the sorrowful hazy atmospheric arrangements.

With its hypnotic nature and mature songwriting the tenth album “Nowhere Now Here” is a grandiose cinematic opus that often stands out for the positive feelings and profound serenity as Mono carefully craft each song with a clear artsy vision and untamed passion for music.

Astronoid – Astronoid

Back in 2016  Boston quartet Astronoid made a memorable debut in the underground metal scene and now it’s time to conquer a wider audience showing the band’s purest form with the brand new self-titled sophomore album.  

On the album opener “A New Color” you will find the key elements of Astronoid’s chosen music pathway as guitars can engage in frenetic and slightly heavy segments with evident prog influences yet the delicate daydreaming atmospheres feel fundamental enhancing the soothing melodic nature of the guitar phrases and solo.  

As the title suggests everything on “I Dream In Lines” flows like a dream with loads of kaleidoscopic melodic textures surrounded by extra spacey atmospheric arrangements and spiced up by the occasional chunky rhythmic blasts.

“Lost” begins with lovely guitar melodies and soothing vocals channeling genuine peaceful feelings that will never really fade away even if the rhythmic core eventually acquires sophisticated prog metal tonalities leading to technical guitar riffing and a significantly heavier momentum.

“Water” holds a strong prog metal inspiration that leads to a crunchy series of tight guitar riffs well supported by an intense rhythmic ensemble while the hazy atmospheric layers and the soulful vocal delivery emphasize the song’s inner melancholia.

“Ideal World” features a captivating melodic essence within a shadowy atmospheric realm yet doesn’t leave behind a heavier core as guitars confidently shift from contemplative luminous harmonies to borderline chaotic harsh riffage following the eclectic rhythmic variations.

While the dreamy atmospheres concocted by Astronoid are reminiscent of modern post metal style this self-titled album relies on a multifaceted songwriting that generates an interesting blend of groovy dynamics and moments of absolute solace.

Soen – Lotus

Swedish based progressive metal band Soen is ready to impress the audience once again with the highly anticipated release “Lotus” which certainly showcases the expected stunning musicianship but also focuses on the expression of contrasting emotions.

“Opponent” marks such a compelling beginning for this album as guitars fluently craft exceptional prog passages with the perfect dosage of technical prowess and groovy tonalities following a flawless rhythmic section which stands out for the eclectic variations and the monumental bass lines while the atmospheric breakdown enhances the song’s grand melodic gloom with dreamy textures and crystalline guitar phrases.

“Lascivious” has all the magical tonalities and technical quality to become a favorite offering smooth introspective vocals that naturally match a rather melancholic mood while guitars are ready to deliver tight prog oriented riffs as well as loads of lavish melodies during the cathartic calmer moments.

The profound  emotions and the contemplative nature of the title track are destined to spellbind the listeners with the sophisticated melodic flow and the crispy tonalities of the guitar work that definitely reaches a natural acme with the absolutely dazzling solo.

The melodic grandeur of “Penance” is made of fascinating atmospheric arrangements, passionate vocals and luminous harmonies but in the midst of such emotive ensemble guitars will concoct some sharp groovy dynamics.

With an intricate multifaceted approach “Lunacy” always maintains a balance between proggy technical rhythmic segments featuring enjoyable dense instrumental patterns and catchy melodic tapestries that can convey a brighter hopefulness while later the final part of the song fully embraces a hypnotic atmospheric ensemble embellished by understated guitar phrases and poignant vocals.

While “Lotus” certainly holds a charismatic progressive metal core Soen always aim to go beyond the standard rules of such genre in order to translate personal feelings into music and this new sonic endeavor ultimately stands out for the unique melodic alchemy.

A Pale Horse Named Death – When The World Becomes Undone

Fronted by Sal Abruscato, former drummer of legendary Type O Negative, New York quintet A Pale Horse Named Death is ready to embark on a dark & gothic music journey with the third full length album “When The World Becomes Undone”.

The title track is a multifaceted entity fueled by raw emotions and profound darkness beginning with elegant melancholic piano melodies that will recur through an intricate gothic ensemble featuring hazy atmospheres and a dreadful distorted guitar work that often leads to gritty rhythmic blasts.

Sometimes “Love The Ones You Hate” makes you feel like dancing under the moonlight due to a familiar unforgettable goth rock style that generates sultry darkened grooves blending massive catchy guitar riffs and dreamy melodies that will be ultimately embellished by an electrifying guitar solo.

The dark atmospheric aura of “Fell In My Hole” is immediately palpable as nostalgia infused instrumental passages and passionately somber vocals naturally flow through crunchy guitar driven grooves leading to the dazzling melodies of the guitar solo.

On “End Of Days” guitars acquire acidic rock tonalities and a bit of grunge feelings as melodies & riffs tend to space out through dismal atmospheric waves consequently dwelling in a bleak sonic realm until it’s time for the flamboyant guitar solo.

Following the album’s dismal mood “Lay With The Wicked” constantly offers sheer melancholia with loads of compelling darkened guitar melodies while the rhythmic core can become quite groovy and danceable without sacrificing the inner gloom & doom.

Obviously on a song entitled “Dreams Of The End” the mood must be absolutely dark in fact the gothic elements here are essential in the creation of intricate melodic textures and haunting atmospheric arrangements while the monochromatic guitar tonalities and the grim slower tempo are certainly influenced by classic doom metal.

It becomes quickly clear that A Pale Horse Named Death are destined to follow a darkened music vision which explores personal struggles and genuine emotions so it should be noted that “When The World Becomes Undone” is an album for those brave enough to get lost within its uncompromising gloomy grandeur.

Oomph! – Ritual

Renowned pioneers of the Neue Deutsche Härte, Oomph! triumphantly reach another milestone with the darkened nuances and über-catchy grooves of the thirteenth full length “Ritual”.

The intense groove laden nature of “Tausend Mann und ein Befehl” is evident since the very beginning as guitars are ready to deliver massive rock riffage yet the song will morph into a more atmospheric & melodic entity with the irresistible chorus and the smooth guitar soloing.  

“Achtung! Achtung!” doesn’t waste any time as guitars focus on fiery rounds of heavy riffs with a distinct industrial influence but there is also a somber melodic streak expressed by the refined atmospheric arrangements and solemn chorus.

The darker tonalities of “Kein Liebeslied” are naturally emphasized by the mysterious vibes of the atmospheric layers and the melodic guitar leads while the electro accents enrich the monumental guitar driven grooves.

Featuring Chris Harms of Lord Of The Lost “Europa” is destined to become a hit blending profoundly darkened guitar melodies and stomping riffs while the majestic atmospheric arrangements constantly evoke a rather mystical aura.

“TRRR – FCKN – HTLR” is probably the most aggressive track on the album clearly fueled by a raw industrial energy, consequently guitars acquire extra crunchy tonalities to create loads of relentless stomping grooves amplified by savage vocals and frenetic nightmarish electro layers.

Solemn orchestrations create a suspenseful mood on “Phönix aus der Asche” which can be drenched in darkness as guitars unleash some heavy stomping grooves but tend to focus more on dramatic melodies that are intensified by the emotive vocal delivery of the chorus and the contemplative breakdown.

The sonic approach of “Seine Seele” is definitely softer and introspective allowing melancholic guitar melodies and heartfelt vocals to become essential elements while the chorus relies on super groovy rhythmic dynamics.

Undoubtedly “Ritual” reconfirms the influential status of Oomph! as the strength of this album emerges from a genuine passion and an intense creative force that lead to a captivating blend of harsh German rock and vibrant melodies.  

Puppy – The Goat

British trio Puppy could become the next breakthrough band with the ‘90s alt rock flavors and grungy vibes the debut album “The Goat”.  

Probably the appealing nature of “Black Hole” comes from the throwback rock tonalities mixed with the enthusiasm of youth so guitar riffs always aim for a fun groovy sound while the melodic passages are all about dreamy nostalgia.

“Vengeance” has its rebellious rock moments with a fair dosage of gritty guitars that could get a party started while vocals can sound super mellow or just dazed matching the underlying grunge attitude.  

“And So I Burn” showcases a healthy classic rock inspiration and should be played at ‘90s themed parties with the raw energy of the chunky guitar riffs and the consequent uncomplicated grooves.

The mood gets significantly darker on “Entombed” which often reminisces of classic heavy metal song as sharp guitar riffs and hazy nostalgic melodies lead the way to extra catchy rhythmic dynamics.

While “Bathe In Blood” has a gruesome title in reality the sonic realm here remains quite accessible as the alt rock spirit is amplified by the several mellow melodic moments mixed with wilder guitar riffs.

Super distorted guitars on “Handlebars” are busy crafting all kinds of rocking grooves that naturally embrace the daydreaming melodies and laid back vocals with a truly nostalgic approach.

“Demons” should or could sound evil but even if guitars deliberately acquire bold tones and a solid heavy rock attitude the core of the song still relies on a big arena chorus and warm melodies.

Puppy have already gathered fans through their various live performances but the entertaining grooves and easy melodies of “The Goat” will certainly give them a chance to reach a wider audience and pave the way for a bright future.

Dust Bolt – Trapped In Chaos

Even if they are from Germany Dust Bolt are absolutely devoted to Bay Area style thrash metal so it won’t be surprising to find retro flavors within the massive sonic assault of the fourth album “Trapped In Chaos”.

“The Fourth Strike” diligently stays true to the traditional thrash metal legacy so throughout the song you can expect monumental grooves generated by a merciless rhythmic section and savage guitars but sometimes Dust Bolt adds a fair dosage of somber feelings with tasteful guitar melodies.

Darkened vibes and contemplative moments on “Dead Inside” deeply influence the whole guitar work leading to a mix of grim melodies and groovy riffage that certainly showcases consistent thrash dynamics without necessarily maintaining a constant breakneck speed.

There are loads of galloping heavy guitar riffs and wicked vocals on “Bloody Rain” so the anthemic groovy thrash aspects are still present but this track actually stands out for the exquisite dark mood of the slower ominous rhythmic segments.

A raw energy and an old school thrash momentum are the essential elements of “Shed My Skin” which will call for headbanging as it’s naturally filled with frenetic guitar riffs, extra wild shredding and fierce drumming.  

With a dramatically slower tempo “Another Day In Hell” is a moody track that tends to leave behind all the rage to convey gloomy emotions through sorrowful melodic guitar progressions and calmer pensive vocal delivery.  

“Chaos Possession” returns to a properly loud unrestrained thrash assault delivering cohesive monstrous grooves with the expected ravenous guitar riffs and thrilling leads well supported by a precise rhythmic ensemble.

If you’re in the mood for solid no frills thrash metal rest assured that “Trapped In Chaos” has plenty of fiery grooves to offer even if there are not exceptional innovations here as Dust Bolt prove to be truly passionate acolytes of such timeless genre.

Undantagsfolk – Den Ondes Fingrar

Featuring Êlea of Noeta and Erik of Grift, Swedish duo Undantagsfolk is ready to share arcane stories worldwide on the debut EP “Den Ondes Fingrar”.

Listening to the dreamy atmospheres of “Då All Tid Försvinner” can be very a relaxing experience as the band creates magical barren folk melodies using harmonium and nylon stringed guitars with a minimalist music approach that allows the delicate vocals to spellbind the listeners.

The title track often feels like a celebration of the beauty of nature as it continues to focus on enchanting detailed melodic progressions and moving tonalities embellished by a heartfelt vocal delivery and this graceful ensemble always flows like a dream evoking feelings of loneliness and nostalgia.

Undantagsfolk are certainly inspired by ancient folk and Swedish traditions, consequently the sonic realm of “Den Ondes Fingrar” is made of sheer melancholy and soulful harmonies that naturally lead to a delightful dreamy sonic journey.