ForgottenTomb – Nihilistic Estrangement

Longstanding Italian band Forgotten Tomb begins a new chapter of doom & misanthropy on the tenth studio album “Nihilistic Estrangement” which was recorded using vintage analogue techniques to create charismatic timeless soundscapes. 

On “Active Shooter” there is an insanely addictive melody that is destined to spellbind you since the first listening while the ominous growls and the inflamed rhythmic section channel blackened nuances that will embrace an exquisite melancholic essence through the bewitching guitar melodies. 

“Distrust3 “ offers some catchy black ‘n roll dynamics with an overload of galloping sharp guitar riffs and thunderous drumming yet the mournful doom influence is still present within the slower hypnotizing melodic progressions and the gelid tonalities. 

The title track stands out for the enthralling melodic crescendos that become the main focus in order to fully express a grave emotional whirlwind through the darkened allure of the guitar phrases that naturally lead to a gorgeous dreamy finale.  

On “RBMK” the recurring haunting melodic guitars evoke a decadent gothic flair carefully mixed with more aggressive blackened roots that generate imposing obscure vibes and faster rhythmic dynamics. 

As a perennial darkness lingers throughout “Nihilistic Estrangement” Forgotten Tomb successfully depict an introverted sonic realm with a memorable blend of lugubrious doom patterns and venomous black metal inspiration. 

Sojourner – Premonitions

Atmospheric metal band Sojourner has the chance to conquer a wider audience with the kaleidoscopic music style and the lavish darkened soundscapes of the third full length “Premonitions”. 

“The Monolith” introduces a darkly alluring sonic realm with enchanting piano melodies accompanied by soulful vocals but soon the rhythmic section will embrace a significantly heavier gothic tinged pathway embellished by harmonious folk nuances. 

“Eulogy For The Lost” emphasizes a melodic grandeur with loads of sorrowful guitar melodies flowing gently through the lush folkish atmospheric waves that intensify the inner melancholia while at times the main rhythmic patterns and the obscure growls can still channel a subtle extreme metal inspiration. 

“Fatal Frame” conveys pure tranquility with graceful flute & piano in contrast with the heavier rhythmic core fueled by a primal force that spontaneously generates massive ominous grooves while the multilayered keyboards and the gloomy guitar phrases create a mesmerizing melodic realm. 

“Atonement” will inevitably melt your cold heart with poignant piano melodies and profoundly melancholic guitar tonalities flourishing through the glowing rhythmic crescendos and the contrasting emotions here are further expressed by the mix of ethereal vocals and tormented growls. 

“The Event Horizon” embodies all the elements and feelings that characterize the whole album as the charismatic grim guitar progressions continue to convey a wistful melodic grandeur amplified by the classical dreamy piano and the mysterious atmospheric ensemble. 

All the tracks on “Premonitions” have the ability to move the listeners as Sojourner confidently focus on a captivating melodic essence that allows them to genuinely express a multitude of vivid emotions. 

Winterfylleth – The Reckoning Dawn

Uk black metal masters Winterfylleth this time return to their majestic heavy roots skillfully blending pure blackened fury and poignant emotions on the new full length “The Reckoning Dawn”.  

The harsh nature of “Misdeeds Of Faith” becomes immediately palpable as the cold guitar riffs guide you through a desolate soundscape and while the rhythmic section confidently unleashes an overdose of ravenous blasts the solemn chanting amplifies the epic vibes. 

Within a stark sonic realm “A Hostile Fate (The Wayfarer Pt. 4)” continues to follow a fiery blackened pathway with monumental rhythmic patterns yet at times the slightly slower tempo highlights the striking melodic guitar phrases to convey a poetic melancholia. 

“Absolved In Fire” spellbinds the listeners with the magical folk nuances of acoustic passages and violins but gradually the instrumental ensemble will return to major aggressive blackened grooves full of gelid galloping guitar riffs and malevolent growls. 

The title track goes straight to a hostile rhythmic rampage with the perfect dosage of obscure tonalities and punishing drums that inevitably create a dreary sonic realm yet guitars will eventually focus on a passionate melodic grandeur with slower elegant phrases. 

“In Darkness Begotten” features a menacing blackened formula channeling an imposing darkness through relentless guitar riffs and wintry atmospheric waves that leave you breathless while the cathartic finale fully embraces an enchanting melodic flair with the fragile beauty of violins.  

Besides the ominous blackened onslaught “The Reckoning Dawn” holds an understated atmospheric folk essence as Winterfylleth are always ready to embrace diverse tonalities and express contrasting emotions. 

…And Oceans – Cosmic World Mother

In the Scandinavian black metal scene …And Oceans are renowned for their compelling symphonic style and after seventeen years they are finally back with a revamped line-up including talented vocalist Mathias Lillmåns of Finntroll and an ex novo energy embodied by the new full length “Cosmic World Mother”. 

“The Dissolution Of Mind And Matter” marks a majestic beginning fully manifesting a bewitching darkened formula that revolves around the exquisite symphonic tapestries and the obscure guitar tonalities in fact the instrumental ensemble effortlessly shifts from unrestrained black metal dynamics to gelid melodic waves. 

The blackened assault of “Vigilance And Atrophy” is carefully built by sharp guitar riffs and thunderous drumming accompanied by fierce growls and enriched by the intricate epic arrangements that tend to enhance the dramatic depth and the presence of mournful melodies. 

“As The After Becomes The Before” begins with an opulent combo of refined atmospheric layers and melancholic guitar phrases that will maintain a shimmering melodic essence throughout the song even if the rhythmic ensemble will become darker & heavier with galloping riffage and ominous growls. 

The magical atmosphere of the title track introduces a blistering blackened rhythmic rampage certainly amplified by the ravenous screams so darkness continues to prevail through the icy melodic accents of the guitar work while the kaleidoscopic keyboards increase the sonic diversity with artsy electronic textures. 

“Helminthiasis” opens with aptly cosmic atmospheric waves that evoke somber feelings and adorn the bleak soundscape while the precise rhythmic section is always ready to unleash blackened grooves with an overload of scorching guitar riffs. 

The darkly enchanting atmospheric arrangements of the grandiose final track “The Flickering Lights” guide you through a lavish melancholic realm that focuses mainly on the fascinating melodic guitar work and the consequent grim emotions flourishing through the monumental rhythmic crescendos.  

Despite the long hiatus …And Oceans are destined to garner attention with the darkly alluring songwriting and the arcane atmospheres of the brand new effort “Cosmic World Mother” which feels like the perfect way to celebrate their comeback. 

Barishi – Old Smoke

Progressive sludge metal band Barishi aims to make a strong impact in the current underground metal scene creating complex darkened soundscapes on the sophomore full length “Old Smoke”. 

“The Silent Circle” depicts a murky sonic realm where the mighty weight of the guitar riffs and the chunky bass lines naturally lead to crushing rhythmic dynamics certainly amplified by the cavernous growls yet within the dense darkness there is also space for contemplative melodic progressions evoking grim feelings. 

The strength of “The Longhunter” can be found within the heavy rhythmic maze channeling the darkest aspects of sludge metal and the eclectic guitar progressions evolve into a wild soloing adding interesting style variations. 

Through the hazy atmosphere of “Entombed In Gold Forever” the guitar work can acquire massive ominous tonalities shifting from crunchy riffage to monolithic progressions that emphasize the doom metal roots while the excellent solo provides some charismatic prog oriented twists. 

On the title track there is a dramatic change of pace as the band focuses on a vibrant melodic ensemble evoking an ancestral connection with nature with deeply melancholic guitar phrases emphasized by a comforting clean vocal delivery and a laid back rhythmic section yet occasionally the significantly heavier guitar riffs will generate colossal grooves. 

“Old Smoke” immediately stands out for the elaborate composition and the ambitious music vision as Barishi clearly works hard to develop a personal sonic identity inspired by a wide range of diverse styles. 

(0) – SkamHan

Danish progressive black metal quintet (0) aims to remain elusive but the debut album “SkamHan” is bound to trigger curiosity in the underground metal scene. 

“Tyndere end Hud” unveils enigmatic atmospheric nuances surrounding a blistering blackened assault fueled by the perfect dosage of primal energy yet there are several rhythmic variations showing a desire to experiment with diverse styles.  

A delightful melancholia lingers throughout “Sjælstjæler” generating slower grim melodic progressions and the monochromatic guitar tonalities confidently channel hazy post-metal nuances leading to lavish desolate soundscapes. 

“Rød Glorie” begins with minimalist darkened guitar phrases that will gradually embrace an intense blackened void with faster riffs and ominous growls until a calmer dramatic mood takes over to highlight a cryptic atmospheric crescendo. 

The trascendental darkness of the title track is embedded within the dense blackened guitar riffs and the mournful phrases are destined to flourish through the monumental doomed rhythmic maze so the resulting gelid melodic passages can easily evoke overwhelming crestfallen emotions. 

(0) arise like a mysterious entity and “SkamHan” definitely symbolizes the arcane nature of the band’s chosen music pathway offering a fascinating blend of  fierce blackened blasts and hypnotizing atmospheres. 

Helfró – Helfró

Black metal duo Helfró arises from the burgeoning Icelandic black metal scene to conjure the coldest and darkest soundscapes on the eponymous debut full length.  

“Afeitrun” brings a shroud of frost as the ominous guitar riffs lead the way to an asphyxiating blackened assault amplified by the malevolent energy of the vocals yet you can almost perceive a mournful melodic flair running through the cascading guitar progressions. 

“Ávöxtur af rotnu tré” relies on unstoppable precise rhythmic patterns proudly favoring the ferocious temper of classic black metal until the theatrical vocal delivery announces a solemn atmospheric momentum reminiscing of an arcane ritual. . 

In the beginning “Þegn hinna stundlegu harma” channels an overwhelming fury with merciless drum blasts and monochromatic tremolo picking yet the resulting frantic sonic realm will eventually slow down a bit to highlight the lugubrious quasi melodic guitars and the eerie atmospheric aura. 

“Hin forboðna alsæla” still dwells in a world of menacing obscurity fueled by the inflamed blackened approach but guitars can skillfully add diversity crafting refined gloomy melodies enriched by the fascinating dramatic vocal delivery.  

On “Katrín” the visceral black metal roots continue to unleash diabolical growls and venomous guitar riffs yet at times the chaotic speed is slightly reduced to enhance the crucial role of the melodic twists and the imposing atmospheric textures. 

The endless arctic darkness is the leitmotif chosen by Helfró and in fact this first album constantly revolves around gelid tonalities and monumental dynamics that generate massive obscure soundscapes. 

Lustre – The Ashes Of Light

Swedish multi Instrumentalist Nachtzeit is renowned for his ambient black metal project Lustre which returns with the seventh album “The Ashes Of Light” to spellbind the listeners with magical wintry soundscapes. 

Listening to “Part 1 (Eyes Like Stars)” you can easily escape the woes of reality as the main harmonious atmosphere surrounds you with uplifting vibes while the tormented growls seem to emerge from a distant darkened dimension. 

“Part 2 (A Silent Tale)” certainly holds a darkened arcane spirit but also flows like an ethereal daydream due to the fragile nature of the lavish synths creating a subtle rhythmic crescendo.  

“Part 3 (Like Music In The Night)” feels like sleeping under the stars as the intricate synth arrangements seem to be fueled by a cosmic energy yet darker & mysterious feelings always linger through the comforting harmonies. 

 “Part 5 (The Ashes of Light)” embodies an immersive music journey that will take you to an ancient forest guided by the pale light of the alluring multilayered atmospheric arrangements and the hypnotic melodic tapestries. 

“The Ashes Of Light” dwells within a limbo between light and darkness in fact Lustre successfully depicts contrasting feelings through dreamy nuances and refined atmospheric waves. 

Mountaineer – Bloodletting

Bay Area post-metal doom band Mountaineer have developed an intriguing sonic vision that audaciously channels diverse influences throughout the third full length “Bloodletting”. 

In the beginning, the choral vocals of “Blood Of The Book” create a suspenseful mood introducing mellow shimmering shoegaze nuances that hold an essential role in the composition yet guitars will soon embrace a massive doom inspiration delivering some heavy lugubrious riffage. 

The minimalist melodies of “Shot Through With Sunlight” flow through the hazy atmosphere like a fading daydream and guitars gradually acquire darker doom tonalities amplified by the fierce growls ultimately generating elaborate heavier rhythmic patterns.  

You can easily appreciate the introspective depth of the gorgeous harmonies flourishing throughout the title track which in fact aims to create a moody melodic grandeur emphasizing the darkened melancholia of the soothing guitar progressions and the soulful clean vocals.  “South To Infinity” deliberately follows a significantly heavier doom/sludge formula focusing on mighty guitar riffs and hostile vocals to build imposing groovy dynamics yet there are also pleasant contemplative moments and stylish nostalgic melodies. 

 “Ghost Story” immediately feels like an immersive experience as the guitar work carefully crafts comforting melancholic melodies that will naturally evolve into a majestic rhythmic crescendo expressing ardent feelings. 

Mountaineer are fully embracing the emotive nature of post-metal without sacrificing the crushing force of doom metal and the consequent cathartic musical evolution today naturally leads to the darkly epic soundscapes of “Bloodletting”. 

Witchskull – A Driftwood Cross

Australian trio Witchskull is ready to raise the bar and conquer the soul of doom metal fans with the third release “A Driftwood Cross” which evidently relies on mighty riffs and monolithic grooves. 

The doom worshipping is clear as soon as “Black Cathedrals” kicks off with unstoppable energetic riffage and cohesive groovy rhythmic patterns while the lead guitar work can confidently unleash memorable fancy soloing and slow burning fuzzy progressions that acquire arcane tonalities in the finale. 

“Baphomet’s Child” is a wildly entertaining track that offers a major dosage of charismatic guitar driven grooves blending bold stoner dynamics and fiery occult rock vibes which influence the mournful melodic progressions. 

“The Red Altar” fully showcases an untamed doom spirit through the monumental guitar riffs and the intense vocal delivery while as the rhythm slows down highlighting the chunky bass lines the overall mood becomes increasingly darker embracing a major eerie atmosphere. 

“Nero Order” has some slower gloomy moments skillfully created by hypnotic melodic progressions yet the excellent rhythmic section is always able to provide inflamed galloping grooves amplifying the fuzzy stoner elements. 

The title track incarnates an authentic doom essence as the darkened guitar melodies emphasize the ominous feelings while the colossal riffage builds a powerful rhythmic tension generating an alluring mix of calmer brooding moments and absolutely explosive grooves. 

The irresistible classic doom flair of “A Driftwood Cross” will please all the acolytes of this timeless influential genre and Witchskull once again composed and performed the whole album with undiluted passion.