Black Crown Initiate – Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape

In the underground circles Black Crown Initiate have already gained attention & praise but now it’s time to embrace a new sonic evolution on the latest offering “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape” which immediately stands out for the fascinating multifaceted songwriting approach. 

“Invitation” begins with gentle harmonies and soulful vocals but such contemplative mood will change as soon as the merciless growls, the chunky riffage and the precise rhythmic blasts take the center stage yet the darkened melodic essence will continue to linger through the enthralling guitar progressions and the comforting arpeggios. 

Throughout “Trauma Bonds” the soulful melodic passages shine within the dramatically heavier energetic sonic realm fueled by belligerent guitar riffs and aggressive drumming while the technical accents of the guitar work amplify the eclectic progressive flair. 

While on “Years In Frigid Light” the abrasive guitar riffs can easily channel a brutal death metal inspiration, the progressive nature often prevails generating unexpected rhythmic twists while at times a genuine melancholic soul comes to life through luminous melodic phrases and understated atmospheric nuances. 

The fragile guitar melodies and the moody atmospheric waves of “Death Comes In Reverse” convey a delightful sense of nostalgia destined to endure even during the heavier rhythmic crescendos and the edgy prog dynamics surrounded by an exquisite darkened aura. 

The visionary composition behind “Holy Silence” can effortlessly generate heartfelt melodic textures as well as complex & significantly faster passages as guitars can shift from crestfallen phrases to venomous groovy riffs and ultimately reach the acme with a charismatic solo. 

Black Crown Initiate confidently explore diverse sonic territories in order to maintain an inflamed creative force that successfully leads to the irresistible blend of bittersweet melodic tapestries  and majestic heavy patterns throughout “Violent Portraits Of Doomed Escape”.

Septicflesh – Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX

Greek symphonic death metal titans Septicflesh finally release the “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” show on Blu-ray DVD filmed in February 2019 during a sold out show at the Metropolitan Theater in Mexico City with over 100 musicians from the Symphonic Experience Orchestra, the Enharmonía Vocalis Choir, and the ‘National University of Mexico Children’s and Youth Choir’.

Septicflesh have chosen a stellar setlist for this memorable event in fact the flawless execution, the charismatic musicianship and the majestic production will satisfy the band’s faithful acolytes. “Portrait of a Headless Man”, “Martyr”, “Communion”, “Dogma of Prometheus” and “Anubis” clearly symbolize the irresistible blend of extreme metal and classical grandeur that certainly during this special live concert is further enhanced by the impeccable intricate orchestrations. 

Considering the solemn visionary creativity that Septicflesh have developed and perfected during all these years “Infernus Sinfonica MMXIX” feels like a natural evolution and an essential milestone in their career as the live orchestrations fully bring to life the compelling symphonic splendor that has always impressed the audience worldwide. 

Gaerea – Limbo

Portuguese post-black metal outfit Gaerea embarks on a cathartic journey channeling a primal blackened force and pure melancholia through the captivating soundscapes of the new full length “Limbo”. 

“To Ain” instantly manifests an overwhelming obscurity as guitars engage in fiery riffage and sophisticated progressions that can create fast & aggressive rhythmic patterns amplified by the desperate growls yet a melancholic allure will always emerge through the spellbinding melodic phrases and the dreamy atmospheric waves. 

The untamed blackened essence of “Glare” immediately generates majestic & utterly brutal rhythmic blasts fueled by the insane fast drumming yet within such chaotic instrumental ensemble guitars will also manage to add some vibrant melodic accents. 

“Conspiranoia” dwells within a misanthropic sonic realm as the gelid guitar melodies feel very dominant emphasizing a profound emotional turmoil through many bewitching progressions surrounded by a subtle arcane atmosphere while the cascading blackened riffs effortlessly lead to heavier ominous moments. 

The bleak soundscapes of “Mare” bring closure and highlight the role of the gorgeous mournful guitar melodies flourishing through a hazy atmosphere and creating mesmerizing crescendos but the primal blackened flair will always have a chance to gain intensity through the soaring rhythmic segments.  

As the title suggests “Limbo” feels like a distant world that lies in between darkness & light, reason & madness, as Gaerea confidently showcase a visionary blend of fiery blackened grooves and spiritual harmonies. 

Valkyrie – Fear

Founded by brothers Jake and Pete Adams Valkyrie delivers an overdose of earthy heavy rock vibes on the fourth full-length “Fear”. 

“Feeling So Low” fully manifests the heavy rock spirit of the whole album as the guitars take the center stage immediately delivering fiery riffage to build robust rhythmic grooves and charismatic elaborate solos that showcase an eclectic approach. 

The melodic soul of “Afraid To Live” comes to life through a series of somber guitar phrases and the resulting emotional motif will continue to linger even if the bold rhythmic section will add some thrilling grooves enriched by the moody tonalities of the extensive soloing. 

“The Choice” has a retro heavy rock jam mood in fact everything revolves around the remarkable guitar work which once again can deliver a highly enjoyable blend of groovy riffage and enthralling melodies. 

“Fear And Sacrifice” continues to favor a melodic pathway so the soothing guitar harmonies and the compelling rhythmic crescendos naturally express a vivid melancholia while the acrobatics of the guitar solos are bound to impress the listeners.

The vibrant emotions of “Brings You Down” flourish through the gentle guitar melodies and the comforting vocals following a slower nostalgic tempo that will eventually evolve into a heavier rhythmic rampage with a fair dosage of energetic riffs and an explosive solo. 

Following a genuine sonic evolution today Valkyrie crafts soulful melodies and super groovy dynamics on “Fear” which from beginning to end definitely feels like a fascinating sonic journey. 

Conan & Deadsmoke – Doom Sessions Vol.1

Renowned label Heavy Psych Sounds Records has started a new series of split EPs and the first one “Doom Sessions Vol.1” features a reissue of UK’s heavy riff masters Conan’s “Beheaded” and two exclusive tracks from Italian kings of slowness Deadsmoke.

With “Beheaded” Conan simply unleash a monolithic track that could not sound darker as the heavy doom force demands painfully slow guitar riffs, lugubrious atmospheric progressions and tormented vocals that inevitably create a murky sonic realm where all hope is lost. 

The first track by Deadsmoke is “Dethroned Concrete” which immediately channels undiluted darkness and impending doom as the chunky guitar riffs and the desperate screams march confidently through a dense atmospheric ensemble while the rhythmic crescendos successfully channel a fuzzy psychedelic tinged temper ultimately leading to a totally trippy grand finale. 

On “Dead Minds Army” Deadsmoke continues to convey a smoky darkened atmosphere that surrounds the faster monumental rhythmic section fueled by mighty guitar riffs and grave tonalities enriched by a good dosage of enigmatic psychedelic elements. 

As “Doom Sessions Vol.1” demonstrates this new series is a really exciting idea destined to entertain lovers of the genre as both Conan and Deadsmoke deliver their signature heavy sonic manifesto. 

Let Us Prey – Virtues Of The Vicious

Boston-based dark melodic power/thrash band Let Us Prey begins an adventurous music endeavor with the savage & groovy debut album “Virtues Of The Vicious”.

“Above The Vaulted Sky” doesn’t waste any time as the bold rhythmic section constantly channels explosive thrash metal vibes while the smooth guitar solo and the chorus hold a subtle melodic flair also enhanced by the versatile vocal delivery. 

The title track immediately unleashes a series of furious unrestrained rhythmic patterns that also highlight the eclectic guitar work shifting from merciless riffage to fancy intricate leads until everything slows down as a darkly elegant atmospheric momentum takes over.  

“In Suffering” begins with understated atmospheric layers that introduce a series of charismatic melodic guitar progressions in fact the rhythm here is less hostile emphasizing the passionate vocal performance and the somber feelings.  

Despite the mellow piano intro “Murder Thy Maker” reveals an aggressive approach as the inflamed rhythmic section follows a faster menacing tempo and guitars skillfully engage in sophisticated progressions and brilliant shredding.

The darkened essence of “The Cruel Creation Of Me” is fully expressed by the presence of ruthless growls and the haunting atmosphere which surrounds the fierce rhythmic dynamics and the excellent guitar leads. 

“And Hell That Followed With Me” closes the album with an elaborate composition blending a darkly alluring atmospheric ensemble and a massive series of vicious guitar driven grooves in contrast with the melodic soul of the mellow contemplative breakdown and the soothing vocal harmonies. 

Let Us Prey aim to keep things interesting throughout the debut release “Virtues Of The Vicious” as they tend to blend diverse metal subgenres in order to develop a personal sonic manifesto while maintaining a heavy & groovy mood. 

Kamancello – Of Shadows

Featuring a collaboration between Kurdish kamanche (four-string Persian spike-fiddle) player Shahriyar Jamshidi and renowned cellist Raphael Weinroth-Browne, Kamancello present the new album “Of Shadows” which was recorded live and all the pieces were improvised in one take. 

The mysterious vibes of “Beyond The Gate” flourish through the compelling rhythmic crescendos and it’s quite impressive to hear how the Kurdish kamanche and the cello can craft such elaborate dynamics.

The impeccable classical approach and the exotic tonalities of “To Mourn” can certainly express a somber emotional turmoil as the entwined heart wrenching melodic waves generate cathartic progressions. 

“Dance Of Shadows” seems to dwell within a limbo in between darkness & light as the opulent melodies create eclectic progressions that could not sound more poetic making you feel compelled to embark on a soul searching journey. 

The cinematic nature of “Towards The Inevitable” fully comes to life through the fascinating instrumental dialogues that this time often gain a majesting energetic momentum generating significantly darker rhythmic patterns and in the end you could easily get lost through the sublime bowed passages. 

Undoubtedly the artistic vision behind “Of Shadows” goes beyond standard music categories as with a remarkable musicianship Kamancello spontaneously create otherworldly soundscapes that can take you far away from the grim reality. 

Might – Might

German duo Might have concocted a unique sonic experience for the debut self-titled release channeling an overdose of darkened post-rock vibes. 

“Pollution Of Mind” begins with an inflamed guitar riff that spontaneously shapes a sludge oriented sonic realm further amplified by rambunctious rhythmic blasts while the dark sultry vocals can evoke grim emotions. 

Darkness descends on “Vampire” as the mighty guitar riffs continue to rely on a sludge/doom inspiration to build murky groovy dynamics yet you will also find some lovely somber melodic passages. 

“Possession” still holds a palpable darkened soul as the enigmatic guitar tonalities lead the way through a dismal rhythmic ensemble and the monochromatic riffage showcases a lugubrious doom attitude. 

The minimalist composition behind “Warlight” has an intense post-rock flair lingering through the gentle guitar melodies, the bittersweet vocal harmonies and the hazy rhythmic crescendos that generate a captivating dreamy mood. 

On “Flight Of Fancy” a mysterious atmosphere surrounds the mournful rhythmic patterns and the moody guitar phrases while the dominant melodic essence accompanied by enchanting vocals constantly conveys darkened emotions.

Within a realm of shadows and lights on this eponymous debut album Might create darkly alluring soundscapes that can easily spellbind the listeners. 

Kingnomad – Sagan Om Rymden

The music of Swedish band Kingnomad is characterized by an interesting blend of 70s prog and proto-metal elements that come to life through the fascinating soundscapes of the latest album “Sagan Om Rymden”. 

The sonic realm of “Omniverse” already channels a comforting cosmic energy through the inspiring melodic phrases and the groovy rhythmic patterns that benefit from the magical retro tonalities. 

The majestic track “Tillbakablik – The Usurper King” tends to amplify the luminous prog rock style of the guitar work crafting smooth melodies accompanied by a soulful vocal performance yet the rhythmic section will eventually deliver some energetic grooves and an extensive psychedelic tinged guitar solo will emphasize the inner space rock temper. 

On “Multiverse” the soothing melodic essence flourishes through the charming oriental style of the guitar passages that often showcase compelling prog twists especially evident during the rhythmic crescendos embellished by the vintage flair of the spacey keyboards arrangements. 

The retro feel continues to influence the whole instrumental ensemble of “On The Shoulders Of Giants” as the shimmering guitar tonalities and the consequent moody melodies combined with subtle psychedelic accents can take you back in time. 

“The Unanswered Question” truly aims to hypnotize you with the tasteful melodic guitars that glow through a steady no frills groovy rhythm surrounded by another good dosage of psychedelic tones embedded within the keyboards work. 

The strength of “Sagan Om Rymden” certainly comes from the multifaceted songwriting approach and the psychedelic nuances that instantly make you wanna join Kingnomad on this new intriguing sonic journey. 

Primal Fear – Metal Commando

German heavy metal veterans Primal Fear reach another major milestone with the release of the 13th album “Metal Commando” revolving around heavy guitar driven grooves and darkened melodies. 

“I Am Alive” opens the album with great energy as the inflamed guitar riffs and the fancy shredding introduce a flawless groovy sonic realm channeling an overdose of classic heavy metal vibes and the bold rhythmic section will embrace a melodic pathway during the catchy chorus. 

“Along Came The Devil” continues to unleash mighty guitar riffs supported by the precise rhythmic section that as expected will trigger instant headbanging while the vocals can effortlessly deliver devilish high pitch screams.

With a slightly slower tempo “Hear Me Calling” emphasizes the stellar melodic guitar work which naturally shifts from mellow harmonies to flamboyant soloing while the sing along chorus definitely amplifies the song’s emotive essence. 

“My Name Is Fear” is another wild track with a significant old school approach fueled by the massive chunky guitar riffs that obviously generate a series of powerful rhythmic dynamics enriched by melodic elements and the excellent shredding galore of the solo. 

Throughout “Howl Of The Banshee” guitars rightfully maintain the spotlight crafting a generous dosage of relentless riffage and melodic hooks especially evident during the charismatic solos and the memorable chorus. 

The lengthy final track “Infinity” offers recurring darkened contemplative atmospheric arrangements which amplify the intense melancholia that characterizes the refined guitar melodies and the poignant vocal delivery yet the untamed rhythmic patterns and the impressive guitar solos will also showcase a strong epic flair within the faster & heavier segments. 

Primal Fear have been around for 22 years and listening to “Metal Commando” you will quickly understand that they are still driven and inspired by a genuine passion for heavy metal that even today seems simply unstoppable.