Ajattara – Lupaus

Ajattara has been considered the most dangerous black metal band to emerge from Finland and, after a six years hiatus, the long awaited new full length “Lupaus” is ready to re-conquer the music scene with a ferocious sonic assault.

“Saatanan Sinetti” ensures great impact with relentless guitar riffing that holds the right dosage of darkened mood extremely amplified in the cathartic guitar driven breakdown.

“Suru” delivers a more melodic approach with moody gothic atmospheres and slower tempo variations enriched by intense clean vocals.

“Ave Satana” still holds traditional black metal vibes with venomous growls and subtle atmospheric darkness but also a more modern approach with catchy tight guitar riffs that build a cohesive groove.

“Uhrilahja” showcases multifaceted instrumental dynamics and the sinister chanting vocals evoke a realm of never-ending darkness even when the guitars begin to craft smoother melodies.

The title track doesn’t deviate from the album’s general mysterious mood and offers another consistent round of grave guitar riffs, thunderous drums and merciless growls surrounded by desolate melancholic atmospheric arrangements.

Finnish veterans Ajattara demonstrate to own a pure blackened creative force and “Lupaus” combines a balanced mix of melodic and primordial black metal in grandiose obscure fashion.


Dodecahedron – Kwintessens

Dutch black metal band Dodecahedron returns with the newest enigmatic work of music philosophically entitled “Kwintessens”, a blistering soundtrack for those inevitably attracted to alienating darkness.

“TETRAHEDRON – The Culling Of The Unwanted From The Earth” focuses on horrific fury constantly amplified by intense enraging growls and dissonant instrumental passages. Through the thick bleak soundscape occasional atmospheric darkened melodies emerge through the vigorous wall of raw guitar riffs.

“HEXAHEDRON – Tilling The Human Soil” is all about fierce blackened wrath with impenetrable guitar riffs and chaotic rhythms but a frail light seems to appear through ambiguous harmonies.

“DODECAHEDRON – An Ill-Defined Air Of Otherness” delivers nightmarish textures with cold desolate guitar melodies and absolutely desperate growls/screams as feelings of utter hopelessness and decay dominate the atmospheric arrangements.

“ICOSAHEDRON – The Death Of Your Body” blends raw black metal roots and avant-garde dissonance in the creation of an inescapable obscure chaos surrounded by an insane crescendo of primordial guitar riffing and perennial mystifying atmospheres.

Dodecahedron proudly and fearlessly decides to craft an overwhelming asphyxiating collection of songs with rather unique titles and “Kwintessens” offers complex dramatic nuances that at times might sound repetitive or uneasy to the average listeners.

Davey Suicide – Made From Fire

Industrial rockers Davey Suicide proudly return with the brand new full length “Made From Fire”, a charismatic collection of groovy tunes that feel like a strong declaration of intent and will to rise from the ashes.

“Rise Above” holds dear many renowned industrial elements and, like the majority of the album, bears the influence of early Marilyn Manson’s style. Davey Suicide focuses on crunchy guitar riffs and electro accents to create a slightly heavy catchy rhythm naturally amplified by borderline rebellious vocal deliveries and choruses.

“Dancing With The Reaper” features another round of catchy choruses and rhythm embellished with both eerie and futuristic electro accent.

“No Angel” mellows down with slower dramatic electro moments, traditionally melodic guitar solo and an emotionally charged radio friendly chorus.

“Too Many Freaks” is a fun hit song that would certainly appeal to a rebellious young crowd. Besides the super groovy danceable rhythm this song gains variety with the addition of Twiztid’s hip hop performance.

Featuring William Control, “Paralyzed” successfully combines softer electro melodies and darker rock melancholic nuances while focusing on highly passionate vocals.

The title track brings back some loud energy with industrial oriented raw guitar riffs but also delivers melodic vibes particularly palpable in the polished guitar solo.

We have already enjoyed multiple incarnations of alt/industrial rock and “Made From Fire” might not deliver extremely complex songwriting or astonishing music innovations but Davey Suicide proves to be capable of creating a cohesive trendy album full of hooks and entertaining grooves.

Alunah – Solennial

English band Alunah returns to the music scene with the enchanting fourth album “Solennial” which shines for the harmonious blend of retro doom grooves and vivid melodies.

“The Dying Soil” opens the album with dramatic aesthetics and ethereal melodies surrounded by the mystical aura of nature worship.

“Feast Of Torches” runs on melancholic guitar melodies and soft vocals before gaining stronger dynamics with a groovy guitar riffs crescendo amplified by darker overtones and pagan folk accents.

“Fire Of Thornborough Henge” is all about traditional doom guitar riffing and memorable melodic leads bearing lovely vintage tones while Sophie Day delivers soothing angelic vocals that match the mellower “enchanted forest” vibes and evoke the eternal beauty of nature.

“Petrichor” features magical melodies that effortlessly give way to strong doom riffing and rich melodic guitar leads with scattered psychedelic accents while cellos in the background create additional exquisite harmonies.

With “Solennial” Alunah proves to be a quite interesting band delivering a particularly spellbinding retro sound that combined with folklore vibes and a strong spiritual celebration of nature will definitely delight the listeners.

John Richardson – The Fold

Based in Finland, John Richardson is an experienced songwriter and university professor who decided share his music creativity in the album “The Fold”.

The title track features an elegant acoustic groove enhanced by eclectic electric guitar phrases, additional textured instrumentation and soothingly warm vocal duets.

“Birdman Of Bognor” offers dramatic intricate acoustic melodies, emotionally charged vocals and quite flamboyant folk inspired rhythms.

“Sanatorium” introduces darker atmospheric layers with compelling multi-instrumental arrangements that naturally build a slower yet powerful acoustic rhythm.

“Riptide (Three Broken Screens)” unfolds with dreamy darkened textures particularly amplified by an intensely charismatic string and brass instrumental crescendo.

“Brushfire” combines delightful cello and acoustic guitar melodies surrounded by somber undertones and poignant vocals.

With a laid back minimalist rock core and shimmering progressive elements, “The Fold” includes several pleasant moments that tend to rely on a moody melodic approach suitable for a wide audience.


Horte – Horte

Through echoes and surreal tones the enigmatic band/entity Horte has concocted the first anonymous and eponymous record.

“Sekvenssi” is all about dreamlike melodies lingering through multi layered atmospheres with strong shoegaze accents.

“Taajuus” offers heavily spacey undertones, calm ethereal female vocals, and fuzzy rock guitars.

On “Viimeinen Linja” brightening retro vibes surround overlapping noise layers that produce intense atmospheres and chaotic swirls.

“78” brings some familiar retro rock grooves with more dominant guitar and bass lines showcasing palpable psychedelic elements.

“Koko Kalmo Pakassa” builds a steady shroud of melancholic harmonies with occasional shimmering distortions that continuously evolve cutting through electronic haunting atmospheres.

Horte is not a traditional band that writes easy melodies suitable for a wide and variegated audience but if you enjoy spacing out through an atmospheric/drone soundscape then you might appreciate and embrace the band’s particular music style.

Hisko Detria – Mal Du Siècle

Among bizarre/eclectic bands to check out, if you feel the need for music that fearlessly cross standard boundaries, Finnish Hisko Detria will inevitably surprise the occasional listener with the purely avant-garde album “Mal Du Siècle”.

“Vitamin E” is filled with sludgy guitars and space rock attitude that create a healthy groove but at times everything gets easily lost in the midst of an experimental galore.

“Cul De Sac/Secret Sound” has a soft approach with clean vocals and jazzy/proggy guitar work that manages to create easier traditional melodies before drifting into full blown drone.

“Sugar Hills” might start as a “normal” slow rock tune with interesting retro accents but ends up drifting away into lengthy wild music experimentations that range from jazz fusion to prog rock. Needless to say, this is not exactly a catchy song but maybe you can find19 minutes to try to embrace the instrumental/electronic chaos and intricate arrangements.

“Mal Du Siècle” is not only impossible to classify due to the overload of sonic surprises and special effects but it is also tends to be uneasy to follow and fully comprehend.


Ghost World – Ghost World

Finnish indie band Ghost World is proud to release the self titled debut album characterized by raw 90’s rock themes and shiny pop melodies.

On “Middle Finger Hitchhiker” galloping guitar riffs create a moderately happy rhythm amplified by a bittersweet pop oriented chorus with abrasive vocals.

“Is There Something” is filled with melancholic guitar melodies that bring more variety in the unsophisticated alt rock music core.

“(Come On) Die Happy” relies on super catchy guitar riffs and chorus and a general dazed & confused mood.

“Crazy Angel” is made of grungy daydreaming and acidic rock elements with the omnipresent no frills groovy rhythm and raspy screams.

“You Made Me Smell Your Fingers” gains heavier undertones, but also great melancholy, and the rebellious soul grows stronger with loads of screeching guitar riffs and relentless sloppy wild rhythms like it’s always time to party somewhere.

Overall, Ghost World feels more like a rebel teenage anthem rather than a mature piece of music, which is not entirely surprising for an emerging band, but a young crowd will be happy to stomp around following the band’s rough grooves.

Dimmu Borgir – Forces Of The Northern Night

Norwegian symphonic black metal icons Dimmu Borgir have been silent for some time but have recently announced that a new full length will be released later this year. Right now the highly anticipated double DVD “Forces Of The Northern Night” will keep fans happy and busy while eagerly waiting for the band’s next music endeavor.

“Forces Of The Northern Night” includes the 2011 majestic live performance with the Norwegian radio Orchestra and the Schola Cantorum Choir in Oslo and the 2012 Wacken Open Air show. It is immediately noticeable that the orchestral contribution truly enhances the renowned and beloved symphonic aspects of Dimmu Borgir’s music. The orchestra & choir versions of “Dimmu Borgir” and “Eradication Instincts Defined” offer a particularly magical sonic experience with incredibly rich atmospheres and stylish classic arrangements. Famous songs such as “Gateways” featuring Djerv front-woman, Agnete Kjølsrud, “Progenies Of The Great Apocalypse” and “Mourning Palace” shine for the enhanced majestic sound and sophisticated epic mood.

Dimmu Borgir put a lot of effort in the creation of such spectacular live show and it’s certainly a pleasure to watch and hear these beloved songs performed with a real talented orchestra.

Black Magic Six – Choose Death

Finnish bluesy rock duo Black Magic Six has released a rather playful fourth album entitled “Choose Death” full of loud and dirty rock ‘n roll anthems with tasteful retro vibes and devilish wittiness.

Black Magic Six channels an exquisitely dark humor with “Dance With Me Satan” which is all hilarious and delirious with crazy addictive gritty guitar riffs and a highly entertaining rhythmic crescendo that will get you moving.

“Shake Shake Shake” has a great rockabilly soul particularly amplified by harmonious choruses and a winning combo of melodic guitar leads and rougher riffs with a lovely vintage attitude.

“Red Cloud” becomes somber and mysterious with slow burning bluesy guitars and laid back vocals as Black Magic Six delivers again a generous dose of massive catchy melodies.

“Grease The Machine” is another “happy” wild track with raw guitar riffing and a simple yet incredibly catchy danceable groove.

“Golden Jackal” stands out for the irresistible rockabilly guitar riffs that inevitably require some dancing and stomping in order to be fully enjoyed. Raucous vocals channel a sense of rebellion but the same time there is a subtle dark veil of loneliness, acceptance for whatever misery has taken over our little lives.

“Choose Death” is a fascinating timeless piece of music that will take you through a diabolical bluesy journey so be aware that anything could and/or will happen.