Temple Balls interview

Ph. Onni Wiljami Kinnunen

Temple Balls is an energetic 5-piece hard rock band from Oulu, Finland.
Their debut album Traded Dreams” has been released last February via Ranka Kustannus, after a lot of shows in Finland they are ready to play in Japan and Ukraine and then to work on a new album.
We had the opportunity to meet the frontman Arde and the guitar player Niko and talk about their firs album, the upcoming shows in Japan and Ukraine and much more.

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Mokoma interview

Ph. Joonas Brandt

Mokoma started its music journey in 1996, since then the band has reach a big success in Finland, touring along the country with their energetic shows.
This autumn the band will go to the studio to work on a new album which will be relese in 2018.
We had the opportunity to meet Tuomo, Kuisma and Santtu after their show in Pori and talk about the upcoming album, their experience in Japan and much more.

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Peer Günt interview

Ph. Pekka Qvist

Peer Günt is one of the most long-lived band from Finland, since 1976 their rock music filled with blues is the soundtrack for many rockers.
Timo Nikki is the only original member, the line-up has changed a lot in this long time, Pete Pohjanniemi and Sakke Koivula have joined the band in 2006.
We had the opportunity to interview with them before their show at Porispere.

-Hey guys, How are you doing?
We are fine, thank you for asking.

-You’re one of the most longest band from Finland, in fact you’ve started back in 1976, how has been your music journey so far?
I don’t know, I could say long and same shit every weekend (ed. laughs).
It’s routine for us but we have fun.

Ph.Harri Hinkka

-Can I ask why did you choose Peer Gün as name?
I was young, despered and I needed money…actually it’s hard too remember, it’s been so long time ago.
It was the choose of another one, it’s from a flower, peer gynt is a varieties of roses.
It was a good idea then and we don’t need to change it anymore because everybody know us with this name.

-It’s been a while since the release of your last studio-album, are you working on a new one?
Everyday somehow we are working on new material but we are slow. We don’t have hurry because we haven’t still played live all the songs from previous ones.


-Today you’re playing at Porispere, what do you expect from this show?
Nothing in particular, let’s just hope it’s not gonna rain, for us it’s routine and we are gonna have fun.


-Looking to the rock/metal scene nowday, do you have any favourite band?
I’m gonna say Danko Jones but of course there’s a lot of good bands out there.

-We have done with this interview, would you like to say something to your fans?
Better like us or fuck off! (ed. laughs).


Disco Ensamble interview

Disco Ensamble started over 20 years ago in the little town of Ulvila, Finland, in this long journey their music has evolved from post-hardcore to rock.
After 5 years from their album “warriors”, last January, they released a new full length “Afterlife”.
We had the opportunity to meet the frontman Miikka Koivisto before their show at Porispere and talk about their last album, the plans for the future and much more.



-Hey Miikka, how are you doing?
I’m fine, thank you!
This is the last festival show for this summer, yesterday we played at Jurassic Rock in Mikkeli, here is nice today because it’s not raining.

-Your new album ”Afterlife” has been released last Jannuary, what can you tell about it?
It’s our 6th album, I think it’s a pretty straight rock and each song tells a story.


-Talking about your name, Disco Ensamble, why did you choose it?
It was long long time ago when we were teenagers. At first the name was Discompany then we changed in DisCo but it was too confusing, actually it’s still very confusing, but at some point we added ensamble and it dosen’t make any sense at all, but we’re stuck with that so, important is that people remember us.

-Your music is define post-hardcore but where does Disco Ensamble root its influences?
Well, now our music is more rock, but yeah, we come from an hardcore background.
When we started to play it was more progressive-hardcore and hardcore-punk and our influences come from there.

-Today you are playing at Porispere, it’s kind of play at home cause you’re from Ulvila which is pretty close to Pori, how do you feel and what do you expect from today’s show?
I think it’s our 4th time here at Porispere, so it’s going to be nice.
Actually, we all have lived in Helsinki almost 20 years now but it’s always as home when we come here.
In a way it’s a gig like all the other but it’s nice to play at home.


-What’s on plan for the future?
We are gonna do some club shows in the fall and winter, we are also going to Switzerland to play some shows, so we are on tour until Christmas then we will take a little break.
In the future it would be amazing to play in other countries like U.K. but let’s see what happen.

-We are at the end of this interview, thank you so much for your time! Would you like to say something to your fans?
Have a good time and take it easy!

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Steve ‘N’ Seagulls interview

In 2014, thanks to some video on youtube, Steve ‘N’ Seagulls have captured the interest of many heavy metal lovers, but not only, with their bluegrass versions of well-known rock/metal songs.
After 3 years they have reached consents from all over the world, relesed 2 albums and been on tour in many countries.
We had the opportunity to meet Remmel and Pukki after their show at Porispere and talk about the idea behind the band, the possibility to hear some cover of Finnish metal sung in Finnish and much more.

Ranger interview

Ranger is a young band from Helsinki, the last album “Speed & Violence” has been released in 2016 and after that they have been on tour around Europe collecting consents in every country.
It’s like if those guys have taken the time machine to the good old speed metal of the ’80s.
We had the opportunity to interview with the band after the show at Porispere and find out something more about them, their music and much more.

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