Spotlights Interview

Spotlights will soon release the new album “Love & Decay” via Ipecac Recordings and we had the pleasure to chat with Mario Quintero!

The Offering: Your third album “Love & Decay” will be released on April 26th, tell us a bit about the inspiration and the songwriting process.

Mario Quintero: Inspiration comes from all over.  In a way the idea that we’re coming out of my head for this album.  There seemed to be a dichotomy happening with the music.  More that before I think.  And that kind of lead the beginning of the subject matter for the album.  Life vs death, dark vs light, creation be destruction etc.  these are all things that can’t exist without the other.  So that’s a major party of what the title and songs come from.

TO: What are the advantages of handling the production personally?

MQ: More than anything, it’s time.  Even though we still moved pretty fast on this record, we had the luxury of listening and going back to change things if they weren’t working.  It also helps to complete the intension from beginning to end.  There are always pluses to working with others but in this case I’m really glad we were able to go at it ourselves.

TO: Did you have in mind a particular concept for the lyrics?

MQ: Yes and no.  As I said, there’s a definite source of where the lyrics and songs come from but every song has its own individual story or subject matter, yet all relate back to the initial idea.

TO: You’re often categorized as a post-metal band, do you agree with this?

MQ: I guess so.  I think whatever people hear and relate to the music to is fine.  There are so many sub genres these days, that it’s hard to keep up.  Apparently we’re a shoe-gaze, sludge metal, post metal, sludgegaze, dream sludge, psych metal, post rock band. But I do believe that if we had screaming throughout our music we would be categorized as just a post metal band more than anything

TO: How has your music evolved since your debut album “Tidals”?

MQ: To us it’s hard to tell.  Kinda like you don’t really notice yourself getting taller as a kid but all of a sudden you measure yourself and you are.  I think we’ve grown as people as musicians and as a band and in turn the music has become more complete.

TO: Thinking about when you started the band, how did it all happen?

MQ: It was a very vague idea Sarah and I have had since we met over 10 years ago. We wrote one song back in 2009 and then didn’t pick it back up until 2013 when we moved to New York.  We started out as a 2 piece with me on drums and Sarah on bass. Things slowly evolved and here we are!

TO: What are the most rewarding aspects and the challenges of being a musician today?

MQ: For me, the most rewarding thing about playing music and touring is when other people connect with what we’re doing. Knowing that we had a part in making someone’s day better is the ultimate reward in conjunction with playing loud in a good venue.  I think the biggest challenge is that there are SO many bands and it makes it tough when booking tours.  Otherwise I think the challenges are pretty much the same as ever.  It’s tough to make a living as a musician.  It always has been.  And even in the “hey day” of rock n roll there were only a select few making money off their records.  It’s easier than ever to be heard now but it takes a lot more to cut through the noise

TO: Do you have other music projects or collaborations in mind?

MQ: Nothing just yet.  I have been thinking about recording a new record for my solo project CODAS.

TO: Do you have touring plans for this year?

MQ: We do! We’ll be doing a full US tour.  This will be our first headline tour though the whole country so it’s a little scary but hopefully people will come see us and make it a success! We’re hoping to make it back to Europe at some point as well.

TO: What are your expectations for the future of the band?

MQ: We have some aspirations but we try to not have any expectations.  We didn’t expect any of what’s already happened and we’re super grateful to have had the opportunities that have come our way.

Turmion Kätilöt interview

Turmion kätilöt have no rules and limits, their music is not build up following any plan, everything is spontaneous and open minded.
Their last album “Universal Satan” has been released last September and it contains also few tracks in english.
We had the opportunity to meet Mc Raaka Pee and Shag-U and have a chat about the last album, music videos, beers and much more.