Blood Ceremony Live at Chicago Doomed And Stoned Festival

Canadian occult rockers Blood Ceremony haven’t toured in the United States since some years so the fans were eager to see them live at the Chicago Doomed And Stoned Festival at Reggies Rock Club. With a remarkable band chemistry and a unique creative force that effortlessly blends magical folk nuances and a groovy vintage heavy rock spirit Blood Ceremony performed an unforgettable full set that included the brand new single “Lolly Willows” available via Rise Above Records, “Goodbye Gemini”, “Oliver Haddo”, “Lord Of Misrule” and “The Magician”. Multi-instrumentalist Alia O’Brien confidently delivered spellbinding vocals and gorgeous flute melodies adding intense psychedelic vibes with the organ while the vocal duet with bassist Lucas Gadke on the melancholic song “Lord Summerisle” truly hypnotized the crowd.


Belphegor Live in Chicago – Devastation On The Nation Tour

Austrian extreme metal veterans Belphegor continue to celebrate the successful latest release “Totenritual” this time embarking on the massive Devastation On The Nation tour as co-headliners with Dark Funeral. With the diabolical charisma of frontman & original founder Helmuth Lehner Belphegor conquered the crowd at Concord Music Hall in Chicago delivering a blistering performance enhanced by the ritualistic vibes and the obscure stage aesthetics. During the whole live ritual Helmuth always connected with the band’s acolytes and the ruthless setlist included “Baphomet”, “The Devil’s Son”, “Swinefever – Regent Of Pigs” and “Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration” from the new album “Totenritual” as well as many older favorites such as “Lucifer Incestus” and “Gasmask Terror”. Don’t miss Belphegor live on the Devastation On The Nation tour across North America!

Dark Funeral Live in Chicago – Devastation On The Nation Tour

The Swedish ineffable kings of black metal Dark Funeral are currently touring in North America on the infamous Devastation On The Nation tour. At the packed show at Concord Music Hall in Chicago Dark Funeral once again impressed the devoted acolytes with their signature diabolical sound and dark theatrics playing a full merciless set that included “King Antichrist”, “The Arrival Of Satan’s Empire”, “Temple Of Ahriman”,“Unchain My Soul”, “Where Shadows Forever Reign” and many more. Make sure to catch Dark Funeral live on the Devastation On The Nation tour!


Death Angel Live in Chicago

While we anxiously wait for the brand new album “Humanicide” set to be released on May 31 via Nuclear Blast, Bay Area thrash metal icons Death Angel are currently touring in North America with legendary Overkill, a dream tour for all devoted thrash metal fans! At the show at House of Blues in Chicago Death Angel delivered a crushing performance, as proved by the constant insane mosh pit, playing the title track “Humanicide” from the upcoming new release and of course some unforgettable favorites including “The Dream Calls For Blood”, “The Ultra-Violence” and “KIll As One” and certainly we all hope to see them playing more songs touring as headliners in the near future. Mark Osegueda’s vocals were absolutely flawless and he took the time to express gratitude to the faithful Chicago fans for their continuous support through all these years.

Overkill Live in Chicago

Legendary thrash metallers Overkill embarked on a massive North American tour that celebrates the release of the explosive 19th album “The Wing Of War” available via Nuclear Blast. The concert at House of Blues in Chicago was packed with loads of longtime faithful fans as well as younger acolytes proving that Overkill’s music legacy is still relevant and loved in the current metal scene. With a charismatic stage presence and the unmistakable signature vocals Bobby Blitz definitely impressed the crowd and classic songs such as “Bastard Nation”, “Ironbound”, “Rotten To The Core” and “Elimination” triggered non stop crowd surfing & mosh pit but it was also great to hear live for the first time the new energetic songs “Last Man Standing”, “Distortion” and “Welcome To The Garden State”.  


The 69 Eyes Live in Joliet

We had to wait a decade but Goth’n’Roll Helsinki Vampires The 69 Eyes have finally returned to the United States on the ‘Back From The Grave!’ tour as they are ready to celebrate the band’s 30th anniversary this year as well as a brand new album due to be released in September via Nuclear Blast. At the show at The Forge in Joliet The 69 Eyes received a warm welcome from the fans, some of them have never had a chance to see them live while others perfectly remembered their previous US tour back in 2009. For the setlist The 69 Eyes chose many beloved unforgettable songs from their extensive discography opening the show with the anthemic “Devils” followed by “Don’t Turn Your Back On Fear”, “Perfect Skin”, the sultry “Dance d’Amour”, “Feel Berlin”, the iconic “Gothic Girl” and many other favorites. As always vocalist Jyrki 69 proved to be one of the most charismatic rockers in modern times and the band’s chemistry was simply perfect so we really hope to see The 69 Eyes touring again in the United States!