Dark Tone Company Interview

Dark Tone Company debuted some weeks ago with its first album “Light to the flies”, the Finnish band gets inspiration from the old school Swedish melodic death metal.
We had the opportunity to meet the guys and discover something more about DTC, their music and the plans for the future.



Ensiferum Interview

The Finnish folk metal band Ensiferum is back with a new album “Two paths” which has already received great consent.
After the mini-European tour “Two paths the beginning”, it’s time for a Finnish tour just before fly to South America on next month.
We had the opportunity to meet Netta before the show in Pori and talk about the new album, the tour and much more.


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Logical Terror – Ashes Of Fate

Logical Terror is a modern metalcore band from Italy, after the debut album “Almost Human”, in 2016 they released “Ashes Of Fate”.

The album is the proof that even in Italy there are great bands.
“10000 Falls” open the door of an explosive series of tracks, guitar assaults like hungry blade on the solid rhythmic part and the double voices create that contrast that catches the listener.

In “The World Was Mine” we can find the contribution of Bjorn “Speed” Strid from Soliwork.
With “Shattered Crown” the sound became softer but it goes to change with the killer “Ashes Of Fate” featuring Jon Howard from Threat Signal.

We can find a great melodic construct in “The Long Descent” that can be defined as the best track of this album.
The closure is up to “Coming Undone” the most soft track in the album.

What can we say? This is abssolutly an amazing job! We know the band is going to release soon a new album so we’re waiting for another masterpice!

Proliferhate – In No Man’s Memory

Proliferhate is a progressive death metal band from Turin in Italy, their debut album “In No Man’s Memory” has been released on December 2015 via RMN Music.

The album contains 8 tracks in which the band shows its potential.
Everything starts with the track number 1 “Apologia di un Povero Diavolo pt.1”, and even if the title is in Italian the lyrics are in English, the song is almost 10 minutes long but it does not bother, actually it’s a pleasure listening this track.

Incredible is the mastery of rythm change and musical typology like in “Ashland” where the break in the middle of the song gives that something more.
“In No Man’s Memory” is an instrumental track, pretty soft, with a lot of technicism inside.

All the songs follow that line that we can capture from the first track; melancholy, restlessness and dark atmosphere are the keys of this album.
The instrumental part is charming and the capacity of handle the voice between growl and clean makes it great.

The album is very technical and well-recorded, nothing disappoints , Proliferhate did an amazing job.
We have to keep our eyes open on this band to see what the future will bring.

Edguy – Monuments

We can really say that time flies when we realize that the power metal band Edguy has been on the scene for 25 years now.

To celebrate the German band headed by Tobias Sammet has released a compilation, “Monuments”, it’s a journey into their discography with the addition of 5 inedits and a previously unreleased song from 1995.

The compilation contains 28 tracks and in addition there’s a DVD with a concert filmed in Sao Paulo(Brazil) on their “Hellfire Club tour” in 2004.
The new songs are solid power metal with that mark that makes Edguy different from other bands.

Songs like “Wrestle the Devil” and “The Mountaineer” are masterpieces, the voice of Tobias is perfect and the instrumental part doesn’t disappoint.
“Reborn in the Waste” has a ‘sour’ sound compared to the most recent works, but of course, it’s from 1995 and they were just at the beginning then.
There are also some duets like in “Judas at the Opera” with Michael Kiske and “Out of Control” with Hansi Kürsch.

If you’re an Edguy or generally power metal fan you should buy it, it’s a perfect mix between past and present, a great way to celebrate the 25th anniverary of this amazing band.

Temple Balls interview

Ph. Onni Wiljami Kinnunen

Temple Balls is an energetic 5-piece hard rock band from Oulu, Finland.
Their debut album Traded Dreams” has been released last February via Ranka Kustannus, after a lot of shows in Finland they are ready to play in Japan and Ukraine and then to work on a new album.
We had the opportunity to meet the frontman Arde and the guitar player Niko and talk about their firs album, the upcoming shows in Japan and Ukraine and much more.

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