Taake – Kong Vinter

Acclaimed Norwegian band Taake is proud to unleash the coldest music creation of the year aptly entitled “Kong Vinter” on which mastermind Hoest does a truly impressive job playing all instruments himself. With confidence and mature songwriting fluidity, Taake embarks on a cryptic music journey daring to explore the primordial depths of black metal and add devilish groovy rock twists to the renowned formula.

“Sverdets Vei” is certainly fueled by the readily identifiable obscure black metal roots as guitar riffs run savage accompanied by fierce growls yet the gritty rock spirit tends to become more dominant with quite accessible spacey grooves.

“Huset i Havet” channels nightmarish atmospheres as the guitar driven rhythm relentlessly bends standard music & tempo structures mixing harmonious Nordic nuances and irresistible fuzzy rock ’n’ roll passages.

“Havet i Huset” might speed up tempo for a while with breathless riffing crescendo in proper black metal fashion and additional cold guitars obsessively build a diabolical rock groove.

“Fra Bjoergegrend mot Glemselen” is a particularly complex moody track with a tasteful ensemble of diverse music styles starting with introvert mournful glacial riffs that inevitably gain speed and fury followed by elegantly slower wintry melodies and surprisingly charismatic vintage rock moments.

A perfect soundtrack for the upcoming freezing winter nights when solitude and sadness become instantly palpable and overwhelming “Kong Vinter” evoke the icy natural beauty of Scandinavia with cathartic melodies as well as the extreme darkness of traditional black metal.

Five The Hierophant – Over Phlegethon

Instrumental trio Five The Hierophant is ready to debut in the music scene with the avant-garde obscure music opus “Over Phlegethon” which showcases a haunting blend of post metal and psychedelic rock.

Precise instrumental passages on “Queen Over Phlegethon” continuously evoke hazy soundscapes but nothing is random here as the band pushes ordinary music boundaries skillfully crafting a hypnotic overdose of bleak intricate atmospheres and guitars juxtaposed with vibrant saxophone passages.

On “Vampire” guitars acquire a sludge acidic rock mood while the stunning saxophone melodies cut through a thick psychedelic mist and the whole instrumentation focuses on the creation of multifaceted unique melodies.

“Der Geist Der Stets Vernein” features a series of elaborate sonic textures, including ambient and drone elements, which bear a carnivalesque mood.  The jazz oriented saxophone melodies are actually listenable and fancy but the whole instrumentation often delivers complicated atypical themes and dissonant tonalities while guitars acquire a more traditional gritty metal sound.

The enigmatic nature of “Over Phlegethon” might appeal exclusively to a select audience but Five The Hierophant truly impress the listeners with an understated and highly heterogeneous music style supported by a combination of unusual instruments such as djembe and rag-dung.


Atrox – Monocle

Norwegian band Atrox has been around since 1990 and, after exploring diverse music styles, has embraced an intriguing sonic evolution leading to the current groovy blackened industrial sound that characterizes the latest full length “Monocle”.

“Mass” certainly feels dark and dramatic with minimalist melodies enriched by well-structured electro arrangements. When guitars begin to craft a crunchy rhythmic backbone aided by confident rocking vocals the atmospheric layers continue to evoke a mysterious futuristic industrial style sonic realm with sophisticated modern tonalities.

“Vacuum” features intriguing progressive rhythmic passages that at times gain extra speed and strength while the overall atmosphere keeps on channeling a gloomy mood enhanced by loads of eccentric eerie synths and smooth melodic guitars.

“Suicide Days” is a particularly interesting track with a diversified structure that effortlessly mixes the cold nature of dark guitar riffs & melodies with the acidic groovy vibes of industrial metal while fervent vocals contribute to create an absolutely memorable chorus .

“For We Are Many” revolves around elegant darkened melodies that soon acquire an avant-garde inner strength due to an intricate series of atmospheric arrangements that eventually give way to unexpected crispy polished guitar & keyboards progressions. Then the song literally goes through a metamorphosis centered on softer cinematic haunting melodies and clean emotive vocals.

“Target” offers a cyber-industrial approach with groovy electro vibes and super catchy chorus balanced by steady powerful vocals and a charismatic prog oriented guitar solo.

After nine years of silence, with “Monocle” Atrox demonstrates to own a renewed energetic music approach creating thrilling and absolutely catchy songs which ultimately celebrates an exciting new  music chapter for such longstanding band.