Nyrst – Orsök

From the wintry landscapes of Iceland emerging black metal band Nyrst arise to spread mystical darkness with the debut album “Orsök”.

“Æðri Verur” builds suspense with eerie arpeggios and mysterious atmospheric waves that evolve into an increasingly ominous rhythmic rampage bearing the mark of classic black metal and leading to utterly bleak soundscapes emphasized by the theatrical vocal delivery. 

The title track revolves around the intense grim feelings expressed by the relentless cold guitar riffs and the diabolical growls constantly creating a sinister sonic realm while calmer rhythmic variations generate melancholia infused melodic progressions. 

“Hvísl Hinna Holdlausu” continues to conjure an impenetrable darkness that highlights the tormented blackened approach and the gelid guitar tonalities shifting from an apparent melodic tranquillity to a malevolent riffage that evokes arcane vibes surrounded by a dense borderline claustrophobic atmosphere. 

On “Turnar í fjarska” the menacing guitar riffs and the consequent frantic rhythmic patterns are fueled by a primordial blackened force while the gloomy blend of mournful melodic phrases and haunting atmospheric accents conveys the icy beauty of a stark wintry landscape.  

It becomes quickly clear that Nyrst already have shaped an obscure sonic identity following an esoteric pathway with the perfect dosage of blackened nuances and listening to “Orsök” you will inevitably feel compelled to embrace the overwhelming darkness.  

Dwaal – Gospel Of The Vile

Norwegian doom/sludge metal band Dwaal invites you to embrace your inner darkness within the inescapable gloom of the debut full length “Gospel Of The Vile”. 

“Ascent” is surrounded by an eerie atmosphere that dictates painfully slow and mournful rhythmic dynamics offering murky guitar melodies with dreamy post-metal nuances accompanied by distant spacey vocals. 

The ominous tonalities of “Like Rats” increase a dystopian mood and the doom metal inspiration becomes stronger with the insane weight of the guitar riffs and the tormented growls while the scattered melodic phrases feel like a hymn to melancholia. 

The title track can sound utterly diabolical with vicious growls and a perennial sense of anguish lingering through the bleak atmospheric textures and the heavy woeful rhythmic patterns but guitars also create some comforting melodic moments. 

“Obsidian Heart Burns” continues to concoct darkened themes with slow burning bass lines that foreshadow an impending doom which is bound to become stronger within the monolithic rhythmic maze while the dense atmospheric arrangements channel enigmatic vibes. 

It’s hard to believe that “Gospel Of The Vile” is a debut album because Dwaal already showcase tremendous songwriting skills and a striking sonic vision that seem to emerge from the darkest depths of the soul. 

T.O.M.B. – Thin The Veil

For over twenty years T.O.M.B. have been spreading darkness with an enigmatic approach and continue to follow a blasphemous music pathway today with the sixth full length “Thin The Veil” which also features collaborations with Hellhammer of Mayhem, Maurice “Mories” de Jong of Gnaw Their Tongues, Andy Winter of Winds, Craig Smilowski formerly of Immolation, and Duncan McLaren of Venom Wolf.

“No Return” has an esoteric essence naturally embedded in the murky atmospheric layers and the asphyxiating blackened rhythmic assault is constantly fueled by manic speed and ominous guitar tonalities. 

The blurry mournful sounds of “Pestilence” seem to emerge from a forgotten dark abyss as guitars offer insidious riffs & leads blending black metal and noise elements through a desolate atmospheric maze. 

The title track relies on faster hostile rhythmic patterns channeling primal black metal roots and the occult vibes increase dramatically when the slower tempo highlights the presence of mysterious atmospheric waves. 

“Decapitation Of The Gods” combines the apocalyptic vibes of industrial with the relentless brutality of black metal as guitars unleash aggressive riffage and gelid tonalities within a chaotic sonic realm. 

“Lunar Reckoning” could not sound darker and the necromantic growls certainly match such mood within the mystifying rhythmic ensemble enhanced by the solemn drumming and the monochromatic guitar tones. 

On “Hellmouth” the vocals sound like an arcane incantation that also reminds you that you’re stuck in a hellish world surrounded by murky atmospheric layers and oppressive rhythmic blasts characterized by dissonant noise elements. 

On “Thin The Veil” T.O.M.B. keep everything as obscure as possible mixing harsh black metal elements and cryptic atmospheres that certainly belong to the darkest corners of the underground metal scene. 

Costin Chioreanu & Sofia Sarri – Afterlife Romance

Romanian avant-garde devotee Costin Chioreanu and unearthly Greek singer Sofia Sarri have joined forces to create a new visionary project on the debut album “Afterlife Romance”.

“The Gardenian Night Shift” has the ability to take you far away with a charming kaleidoscopic atmospheric approach that blends relaxing harmonies and enigmatic arrangements always enriched by the bewitching vocal delivery. 

At the center of “Sulphur Promenade” there are intriguing jazz incursions that lead to a versatile instrumental ensemble mixing soothing phrases and haunting atmospheres while Sofia’s vocals showcase a compelling emotional energy as well as a theatrical flair during the quasi chaotic finale. 

“A Blooming Moonflower” feels like a daydream with mellow comforting melodies and ethereal vocals flourishing through blurry atmospheres yet there are also some intense rhythmic crescendos that emphasize the presence of bittersweet feelings and darker nuances. 

“Thanatoguards” focuses on a cathartic cinematic approach with loads of darkly romantic atmospheric layers and the impeccable clarity of vocals that can express a multitude of emotions while later the instrumental progressions will acquire borderline dissonant tonalities adding dramatic depth.  

“The Glow Made Us Go” features understated tranquil atmospheric tapestries feeling like a sophisticated soundtrack but also some interesting guitar tonalities and unexpected rhythmic variations that symbolize the eclectic direction of the whole album. 

Disregarding completely any music trend or categorization Costin Chioreanu and Sofia Sarri aim to experiment with diverse tonalities and styles, as a result the dreamy & moody soundscapes on “Afterlife Romance” ensure a unique listening experience. 

Darkend – Spiritual Resonance

Italian black metal warlocks Darkend have crafted a new arcane ritual symbolized by the latest dark offering “Spiritual Resonance” which will inevitably spread pure esoteric energy. 

Since the very beginning “The Three Ghouls Buried At Golgotha” is characterized by a darkened spiritual aura as haunting atmospheric arrangements introduce a series of sinister rhythmic crescendos filled with relentless guitar riffs & drumming accompanied by a satisfying mixture of theatrical vocals and venomous growls. 

The mystical pathway of “Scorpio Astraea High Coronation” comes to life with compelling darkened melodic guitars following a slower seductive rhythm that still showcases a strong black metal inspiration matched by the hellish torment expressed by the foreboding vocals. 

Featuring a fascinating performance by guest vocalist Lindy-Fay Hella of Wardruna “With Everburning Sulphur Unconsumed” definitely has an elaborate approach that relies on multilayered melodic & atmospheric textures evoking a captivating gothic splendor in addition to the main heavier blackened rhythmic ensemble.

On “The Seven Spectres Haunting Gethsemane” galloping rhythmic blasts and cascading guitar riffs evoke all kinds of bleak feelings enhanced by the understated atmospheric layers leading to a gloomy peaceful moment featuring fragile classical piano melodies and distant ominous chants. 

Darkend proudly invite you to join the ancient ceremonies of “Spiritual Resonance” which stands out for the darkly charismatic essence fully embodied by decadent symphonic tapestries and fiery blackened dynamics. 

Helheim – Rignir

Pioneers of Norwegian Viking metal Helheim have been proudly representing their Norse heritage through music and lyrics for over two decades and the tenth album “Rignir” is filled with darkly melancholic feelings inspired by the weather in Bergen.

The exquisite melodic essence of the title track is certainly fueled by an inner melancholia and guitars shift from tranquil harmonies to increasingly darker distorted riffs maintaining utterly somber tonalities just like  the crestfallen emotions expressed by the clean vocals.

On “Kaldr” you can perceive a primal rhythmic approach as guitars acquire blackened elements following a faster & darker rhythm that will eventually embrace a folk oriented melodic ensemble with lovely atmospheric nuances and elegant melancholic guitar leads.

“Hagl” begins with gorgeous dreamy guitar phrases and serene vocals creating an idyllic soundscape but later there is a change of pace as the rhythm becomes harsh with a series of intense blackened guitar riffs accompanied by a dramatic vocal delivery channeling solemn Viking metal vibes.

The magical guitar melodies of “Stormviðri” cannot go unnoticed constantly channeling sheer wintry melancholia with an overdose of gloomy instrumental passages flowing gently through understated atmospheric waves emphasized by the majestic passionate clean vocals that will occasionally evolve into tormented growls.  

Once again the alluring strength of “Vetrarmegin” comes from the refined melodic guitar leads yet the rhythmic patterns here can also offer fiery blackened elements and consequently generate an obscure mood definitely amplified by the borderline ferocious growls.

Celebrating a genuine devotion for Norse heritage and the beauty of nature, “Rignir” successfully depicts gloomy autumn days and gelid winter nights as Helheim confidently combine an aggressive rhythmic approach with sophisticated melodic tapestries.  

Superlynx – New Moon

Norwegian doom trio Superlynx begins a new chapter with the sophomore album “New Moon” that allows them to freely express a multitude of contrasting emotions as darkness and light magically entwine.

“Hex” opens the album with an overload of simply spellbinding guitar melodies and hazy atmospheres creating a profound sense of tranquility matched by the ethereal vocal delivery yet the mood gets significantly darker and heavier with the weight of doom oriented guitar riffs.

Besides the evident stoner/doom dynamics fully expressed by the cohesive rhythmic section “Breath” feels like a reverie due to the calm enchanting vocals and the fuzzy guitar tonalities that successfully deliver psychedelic tinged melodies.

“Becoming The Sea” feels more melancholic beginning with soft piano melodies but as soon as distorted guitars take over the stoner elements become prominent leading to heavier grooves in contrast with the charming melodic tapestries.

The title track offers plenty of hypnotizing melodies as the guitar work tends to rely on moody tonalities within a dreamy sonic realm while the scattered rhythmic crescendos successfully add some heavy occult rock vibes.  

The psychedelic nature of “Scarecrow” leads to particularly groovy distortions that make you feel dizzy and the galloping guitar riffs tend to follow an upbeat rhythm but certainly the somber doom tonalities still emerge through slower monochromatic melodies.

The hazy peaceful atmospheres of “The Thickest Night” will probably make you space out as guitars focus mainly on dense darkened melodic textures accompanied by haunting vocals and spiced up by occasional heavier riffs.

Overall “New Moon” showcases consistent doom roots embellished by a bewitching atmospheric composition as Superlynx invite the listeners to embrace darkness through poetic lyrics and gloomy melodies.  

Slegest – Introvert

Norwegian outfit Slegest has chosen a sonic pathway where black metal and classic heavy rock spontaneously collide generating the new album “Introvert”.  

Subtle obscure feelings certainly linger on “Blodets Varme Gjennom Meg” yet the band delivers plenty of entertaining grooves blending fiery rock riffage and somber guitar melodies while vocals can sound really vicious reminiscing of old school black metal.

“Maler Lys I Moerketid” still dwells within a darkened sonic realm where cohesive guitars deliver sharp blackened rock riffs leading to catchy rhythmic dynamics and vibrant melodic soloing.

“Det Brenne I Glaasi” often emphasizes the band’s classic heavy rock roots with solid rounds of killer guitar riffs but later will acquire exquisite gloomy tonalities that render the melodic passages darker than usual channeling wintry vibes.

“Leitar” aims for an extra groovy sound without losing its inner sinister mood so you’ll hear plenty of galloping gritty guitar riffs leading to utterly grave rhythmic patterns as well as cold melodic tonalities.

The final track “Den Onde Sirkel” is full of heavy rock hooks confidently crafted by steady guitar riffing and here the general darkened mood is also influenced by the grim slow burning guitar soloing  while the cavernous growls are still fueled by a primordial black metal force.

It all started when Ese left Vreid in 2010 and now Slegest has confidently developed a signature music style and what comes to life on “Introvert” is an explosive yet remarkably darkened collection of groovy songs.

Avast – Mother Culture

Norwegian band Avast certainly draws inspiration from primal black metal and atmospheric post-rock, such strong music influences and a philosophical concept generate the debut full length “Mother Culture”.

The title track feels like an ode to darkness beginning with extra somber arrangements swiftly followed by a quite brutal sonic assault where fast blackened grooves are crucial yet there will be moments of compelling introspective tranquility and maybe hopefulness with fragile atmospheric arrangements and melancholic guitar melodies.

Leaving behind any aggressive dynamics “The Myth” dwells in a dreamy limbo where lovely weeping guitars naturally create a magical melodic ensemble characterized by mellow phrases and shimmering rhythmic crescendos.

Dark tonalities and melancholy infused guitar passages introduce “The World Belongs To Man” which stands out for the versatile intricate structure and will often acquire a fierce blackened core featuring a fast paced harsh rhythmic section and savage growls.

There is an inner moody serenity on “Man Belongs To The World” starting with moving arpeggios and then evolving into a more obscure soundscape favoring occasional blackened bursts while softer guitar harmonies and introvert atmospheres maintain an essential melodic approach.

Newcomers Avast have already developed a personal music vision which blends the evident Norwegian black metal heritage and the striking blackgaze atmospheres yet showcases the potential to go beyond such subgenres as this is just the beginning of their promising music journey.

Aeternus – Heathen

Norwegian Dark Metallers Aeternus arise from the renowned prolific Bergen metal scene with the release of the eighth full-length album “Heathen” which feels particularly meaningful as it marks the band’s 25th anniversary.

“Hedning” begins with utmost melancholy, a feeling that will return during the soothing guitar solo, elegantly channeled by smooth arpeggios that introduce a darker & heavier soundscape where massive growls ultimately amplify the blackened guitar grooves.

“Conjuring The Gentiles” satisfies your need for ravenous guitar riffs, fiery growls and a faster deeply blackened rhythmic section and all these elements evoke constant ominous vibes yet the song will ultimately morph into a melodic ensemble as guitars deliver somber and dreamy progressions.

“Boudica” can sound frenetic with plenty of crunchy guitar driven grooves bearing hints of death metal influences but such extreme approach doesn’t compromise the refined guitar melodies and dismal atmospheres that will become the song’s highlights.

“Illa Mayyit” holds a mystical aura that stands out in the melodic passages and exotic tonalities while the band’s extreme metal roots often emerge with the increasing darkened intensity of the fast menacing drums and the fervent guitar riffing.

On the new opus “Heathen” Aeternus has a clear music pathway in mind and the necessary renewed creative force to deliver a solid absolutely darkened collection of songs.