Yerûšelem – The Sublime

Blut Aus Nord mastermind Vindsval and long time partner W.D. Feld joined forces to create the new ambitious project Yerûšelem which blends cold wave and electronica nuances with a fiery industrial core on the debut release “The Sublime”.

The title track can sound absolutely mysterious with a generous dose of dreamlike electronic tapestries and distant chants yet there is a gentle melodic streak as crispy guitars leads generate contemplative vibes.

The desire to freely experiment with multifaceted music styles on “Autoimmunity” leads to electronic textures that convey darkened aesthetics dramatically enhanced by nightmarish rhythmic crescendos and gritty guitar riffs.

The electronic atmospheres of “Joyless” will make you space out while guitars probably deliver the heaviest riffs on the album as well as a steady series of gelid polished melodies with a palpable gothic metal inspiration.

Everything sounds extra dark on “Triiiunity” and the post apocalyptic spirit is fueled by cold industrial grooves with monochromatic guitar riffage, modern electronic pulses and suspenseful atmospheric arrangements,

“Reverso” aims to hypnotize the audience as spacey vocals simply float through trippy waves of danceable electro beats and somber melodic guitars that could go on forever stuck in a dreamy loop.

“The Sublime” dwells within a subterranean realm where the lines between reality and dream become blurry as Yerûšelem explores diverse music territories to create unique, often utterly surreal, soundscapes.

In The Woods… – Cease The Day

Norwegian band In The Woods… has always created intriguing music following an elegant avant-garde approach that still feels prominent in the composition of the latest release “Cease The Day”.

“Empty Streets” is a majestic album opener that begins with dreamy folk melodies making you feel in the middle of a forest and such wintry emotions will be further enhanced by the outpouring melancholia evoked by grim melodic guitars and soulful clean vocals. This lengthy track packs other style variations such as the fiery blackened rhythmic blasts amplified by a faster tempo and raspy growls yet the whole instrumentation always returns to the main melodic gloom.

“Substance Vortex” follows a similar sonic formula putting in the spotlight graceful nostalgia infused guitar melodies in the midst of refined atmospheric arrangements that will inevitably convey darkly ethereal emotions while the rhythmic segments can often acquire harsh tonalities with wicked guitar riffing.

“Respect My Solitude” holds a subtle blackened force but tends to focus mainly on extremely wistful as guitars meticulously craft profoundly emotive melodies and dreamy acoustic passages resulting in a series of lavish introspective soundscapes emphasized by elegant atmospheric textures.

There are moments of sheer melodic beauty on “Cloud Seeder” as solemn vocals, stylish atmospheric layers and minimalist piano melodies generate utterly dramatic textures until darkened guitar progressions become dominant within the song’s structure crafting loads of compelling melodies and a fair dosage of accessible heavier grooves.

On “Strike Up With The Dawn” melancholic harmonies still feel absolutely meaningful in the creation of lavish guitar melodies and the gorgeous charismatic orchestrations add a poetic mood that will ultimately become quite obscure during the primal blackened segments.

Probably what renders “Cease The Day” particularly appealing is the multifaceted songwriting approach chosen by In The Woods…, which you learn to appreciate even more after multiple listening sessions, and while there is still a strong connection with their past music endeavors they are moving forward to explore variegated music territories.