Moonspell – Hermitage

As dark metal titans Moonspell approach their 30th anniversary the brand new opus “Hermitage” symbolizes a crucial moment in time and a cathartic voyage created with rare emotions and of course impeccable musicianship. 

The detailed atmospheric tapestries of “The Greater Good” certainly belong to a gloomy world where Fernando Ribeiro’s poetic clean delivery emphasizes the sombre beauty of the melodic guitar work while the rhythmic section will eventually embrace a significantly heavier momentum. 

You can immediately perceive the darkened grandeur of the title track as the solemn vocal performance and the sharp riffage highlight the soaring rhythmic patterns surrounded by alluring atmospheric arrangements and enriched by the dazzling melodic nature of the guitar solo. 

On “Entitlement” the rhythm often slows down to focus on the cinematic approach and the experimental twists of the intricate keyboards while guitars can acquire dreamy tonalities to create spellbinding melodies.  

“The Hermit Saints” feels like an epic journey fueled by Ferrnando’s theatrical vocals and the band’s darkest roots that inevitably lead to inflamed guitar progressions and fierce rhythmic blasts marching through the opulent atmospheric waves. 

“Apophthegmata” can sound quite soothing due to the delicate keyboards and the mellow vocals but the inner darkness is bound to emerge through the gothic flair of the refined atmospheric textures and the harsh guitar riffs. 

The dystopian poetry feels strong throughout “Without Rule” which perfectly blends the vibrant atmospheric layers, the futuristic electronic accents and the deeply darkened guitar tonalities that will ultimately generate brooding crescendos but also monumental  guitar driven grooves. 

It becomes evident that the intricate composition behind “Hermitage” is the product of an intense sonic evolution that defies standard categorization and rightfully aims to reach the soul of the listeners as Moonspell genuinely share their feelings through words and music.

God Is An Astronaut – Ghost Tapes #10

Irish experimental instrumental quartet God Is An Astronaut reach a crucial milestone with the release of the 10th album “Ghost Tapes #10” showcasing an opulent multifaceted composition. 

“Adrift” is a fascinating album opener where the whole instrumentation gradually builds a powerful momentum blending hazy harmonies and harsh rhythmic patterns that highlight the expression of contrasting emotions. 

“Burial” begins with shimmering piano melodies entwined with soulful guitar phrases channeling a dreamy post rock essence while the impeccable rhythmic section will acquire a cosmic energy to create memorable grooves. 

The ethereal atmosphere of “In Flux” evokes a surreal distant world favoring a moody melodic ensemble yet the rhythmic segments gradually acquire heavier murky tonalities following a syncopated rhythm. 

Listening to “Barren Trees” you can easily space out as the cinematic motifs take the center stage while the mesmerizing multilayered synths and the melancholic melodies constantly evoke an emotional whirlwind. 

“Ghost Tapes #10” definitely marks an intense sonic experience as God Is An Astronaut skillfully create intricate soundscapes that range from energetic dynamics to contemplative post rock nuances. 

Sirenia – Riddles, Ruins & Revelations

Sirenia’s mastermind Morten Veland is definitely an incredibly prolific composer and today his unstoppable creativity shines bright on the new super catchy full length “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” skillfully combining lavish symphonic tapestries and modern electro twists. 

The electronic layers feel quite dominant on “Addiction No. 1” channeling cool futuristic vibes that naturally embrace the groovy rhythmic dynamics and the polished melodic phrases unfolding around Emmanuelle Zoldan’s passionate vocals. 

The delicious inner darkness of “Towards An Early Grave” is naturally emphasized by the poetic flair of the elaborate atmospheric waves and the cold melodic moments while guitars can also deliver plenty of heavier grooves. 

“Passing Seasons” embodies the renowned symphonic formula with refined atmospheric arrangements and solemn operatic choirs that definitely enrich the sultry melodic essence often spiced up by a mix of electro accents and gritty riffage. 

On “We Come To Ruins” the mood becomes significantly darker as the harsh rhythmic section takes the center stage amplified by intricate guitar progressions and Morten’s tormented growls in contrast with Emmanuelle’s soothing vocal harmonies and the dreamy atmospheric momentum. 

Throughout “Downwards Spiral” guitars can acquire a raw energy that leads to massive riffage and darkened tonalities while the blend of soothing melodic phrases and luminous keyboards lead to an addictive chorus featuring a lovely duet with guest vocalist Joakim Næss. 

The opulent atmospheric arrangements of “December Snow” evoke bittersweet feelings during the slower passages yet the rhythmic section will often focus on catchy dynamics enhanced by an enthralling vocal performance.   

The last track “Voyage Voyage” is a cover of Desireless 1986 hit and certainly maintains distinct 80s vibes with the prominent shiny keyboards style while Emmanuelle delivers a charming performance singing in French. 

On the tenth album “Riddles, Ruins & Revelations” Sirenia clearly aim to expand their sonic vision without sacrificing the symphonic metal roots in order to create a memorable collection of songs that can easily captivate the listeners.

Nervosa – Perpetual Chaos

With a new line-up and untamed fury Nervosa unleash a massive thrash/death metal onslaught on the latest ravenous offering “Perpetual Chaos”. 

“Venomous” is a perfect album opener as it incarnates the perennial rage that characterizes Nervosa’s music style so you will find an overdose of blistering guitar driven grooves enriched by the grave tonalities of the solo and the diabolical growls. 

The faster merciless rhythmic blasts on “People Of The Abyss” generate an infectious riffage marching fiercely through an asphyxiating sonic realm yet when the tempo slows down a bit the guitar work promptly delivers intriguing leads. 

The title track never fails to create energetic grooves courtesy of the inflamed rhythmic section yet the mood feels darker during the slower paced passages evoking a sense of impending doom.  

On “Until The Very End” the vicious guitar riffs lead the way to a hostile rhythmic rampage channeling all the raw energy of old school thrash metal while the soloing adds variety with ominous progressions. 

The ritualistic intro of “Blood Eagle” influences the darkened flair of the slightly slower rhythm yet the monumental drums and the galloping riffage can still generate enraged thrash blasts always amplified by the vicious growls. 

Featuring an explosive performance by guest vocalist Eric Knudsen of Flotsam And Jetsam “Rebel Soul” manifests a straightforward groovy approach revolving around the obviously rebellious unrestrained rhythmic patterns. 

On “Under Ruins” the slower guitar progressions add some melodic accents and naturally evoke a dense darkness that inevitably lingers through the crushing faster grooves unfolding around the malignant growls. 

Nervosa confidently follow a classic thrash/death metal pathway delivering the expected dosage of savage grooves and as the title suggests you simply cannot escape the chaotic fury of “Perpetual Chaos”.   

Draconian – Under A Godless Veil

Masters of gothic doom metal Draconian invite you to enter a magical world of melancholia & poetry with the new long awaited release “Under A Godless Veil” which stays true to their fascinating legacy blending pure despair and haunting melodies. 

The sophisticated atmospheric arrangements on “Sorrow Of Sophia” create a darkly alluring dimension where the enchanting voice of Heike Langhans flows delicately while the guitar work and the tormented growls effortlessly convey the crestfallen essence of authentic gothic doom metal. 

On “The Sacrificial Flame” you can immediately feel the oppressing weight of the guitar riffs following a funereal march in proper doom fashion and certainly the vicious growls and the solemn narrative amplify the inner darkness in contrast with Heike’s ethereal vocal delivery. 

“Lustrous Heart” still relies on mournful doom nuances as the guitars are drenched in darkness yet fully embrace a lavish melodic splendor embellished by the sophisticated leads and the elegant vocals flourishing through the evocative atmosphere. 

The heart wrenching guitar melodies on “The Sethian” constantly enhance the classic gothic flair and the consequent gloomy feelings yet there is space for some heavier rhythmic patterns fueled by the solemn faster drumming and the anguished growls. 

Within the celestial atmospheric ensemble of “Claw Marks On The Throne” guitars stand out for the exquisite melodic phrases expressing an immense melancholia around the graceful vocals while the mesmerizing rhythmic crescendo is enriched by the eloquent solo. 

On the spellbinding final opus “Ascend Into Darkness” the intricate combo of understated atmospheric layers and darkly alluring guitar progressions impeccably creates a hypnotic desolate sonic realm where the contrasting vocals can fully convey poignant emotions.  

Undoubtedly Draconian continue to successfully keep alive a sumptuous gothic grandeur that is destined to move the listeners with the fragile beauty of the opulent soundscapes embodied by “Under A Godless Veil”. 

Dark Sarah – Grim

Cinematic metal band Dark Sarah invites you to the world of horror fantasy embodied by the new album “Grim” which revolves around a spellbinding melodic essence and opulent orchestrations. 

“The Chosen One” begins with pulsating electro layers that introduce a smooth blend of fiery guitar riffs and soothing melodic progressions that tend to emphasize the epic nature of the symphonic tapestries embellished by Heidi Parviainen’s impeccable operatic vocals. 

The luminous orchestrations on “Melancholia” provide refined and even darker atmospheric waves entwined with utterly solemn vibes surrounding another enthralling vocal performance that highlights the poignant melodic soul and the emotional motifs. 

“La Folie Verte” feels like an eerie fairytale with a playful mood as the orchestrations create a magical soundtrack spiced up by the energetic rhythmic section and the versatile vocal delivery. 

Featuring a wonderful duet with talented vocalist JP Leppäluoto as Wolf “The Wolf and the Maiden” is definitely a standout track that focuses on majestic orchestrations delivering darkened nuances and dramatic depth while the melodic textures lead to a catchy chorus. 

The instrumental ensemble of “The Devil’s Peak” can deliver some fierce rhythmic dynamics and is surrounded by a darkly alluring atmosphere that naturally maintains an enchanting cinematic approach.  

The fantasy themes feel stronger on “Mörk” which features guest vocalist Jasse Jatala as Mörk and rely on a significantly heavier rhythmic rampage allowing guitars to add chunky riffs and flamboyant leads following faster drum blasts while the detailed orchestrations continue to evoke delightful symphonic vibes. 

On “The Dark Throne” Heidi’s vocals take the center stage to fully express heartwarming emotions and pure melancholy flourishing through a compelling blend of electronic layers and elegant atmospheric arrangements. 

Dark Sarah tells a fantastic fairytale through the sumptuous soundscapes of “Grim” showcasing an intricate songwriting approach and a fascinating cinematic grandeur. 

Ahab – Live Prey

German purveyors of nautical doom metal Ahab continue their journey through the depths of the dark sea with the  first live release “Live Prey” featuring tracks originally released on their 2006 album “The Call of the Wretched Sea”. 

The lugubrious atmosphere of “Below The Sun” reveals an obscure force that emerges straight from the abyss generating a mix of funereal rhythmic patterns, gelid guitar tonalities and mournful melodies accompanied by cavernous growls. 

“Old Thunder” begins with contemplative gloomy melodies and darkened guitar tonalities but can also evoke the power of the stormy sea with the insane heavy weight of the precise rhythmic section surrounded by solemn atmospheric accents. 

The lengthy “The Hunt” can easily express grim emotions as the harrowing slow tempo constantly highlights the crucial role of the cold melodic guitar phrases, the monochromatic piano tones and the tormented chants but will often unleash crushing dynamics with monolithic doom riffage. 

Proving to be the undisputed sailors of slow heaviness, Ahab bravely explore the dark sea throughout “Live Prey” in order to deliver a monumental anthemic doom metal album.  


Mushroomhead – A Wonderful Life

Renowned for their explosive live shows and their cool masks Mushroomhead are ready to reach another crucial milestone with the release of the massive new album “A Wonderful Life” which unleashes the expected fiery industrial rampage but also showcases a catchy melodic flair. 

“A Requiem For Tomorrow” begins with solemn operatic choirs that introduce a stomping rhythmic core filled with crunchy guitar riffs surrounded by moody futuristic electronic layers that create darkly entertaining soundscapes. 

“Madness Within” manifests a heavier approach as the abrasive guitar riffs become more prominent marching through the darkened atmospheric layers and the resulting raw energy is further amplified by the savage vocal delivery.  

“The Heresy” often focuses on lavish atmospheric waves and melancholic piano melodies that highlight the emotional vibes of the passionate vocal duet but the rhythmic section can manage to deliver subtle catchy dynamics.  

“What A Shame” conveys a sinister yet playful mood with eerie atmospheric arrangements and baroque harpsichord accents surrounding a series of smooth rhythmic segments that emphasize the darkened melodies but will eventually evolve into a heavier spiteful momentum. 

At times “I Am The One” can sound quite mellow with a spacey multilayered atmosphere and soothing vocals but the rhythmic section can definitely pick up speed and deliver a fair dosage of stomping guitar riffs and thunderous drums. 

“The Flood” follows a softer sonic pathway that emphasizes the vocal skills and the expression of poignant emotions through the contemplative piano harmonies and the lovable melodic crescendos. 

“Where The End Begins” leaves behind the heavy industrial rampage and puts the spotlight on a bittersweet emotive ballad style with soulful vocals and melancholia infused guitar melodies flowing gracefully within the elegant atmospheric ensemble.  

“Sound Of Destruction” dwells within a dystopian sonic realm that spontaneously amplifies the gritty industrial elements with chunky riffage and the consequent fiery rhythmic blasts and angered vocals march through mysterious atmospheric waves. 

Certainly “A Wonderful Life” is a solid addition to Mushroomhead’s discography as it has the power to make you feel good with the energetic approach of industrial metal but also shows that the band has a genuine desire to expand their music vision. 

BPMD – American Made

The legendary Bobby Blitz of Overkill joined forces with Mike Portnoy of The Winery Dogs & Sons of Apollo, Mark Menghi of Metal Allegiance and Phil Demmel of Vio-lence for a new explosive music endeavor under the moniker BPMD and the debut album “American Made” is a full blown heavy metal party featuring covers of rock classics. 

For Ted Nugent’s “Wang Dang Sweet Poontang” Bobby Blitz makes a wild introduction with his signature vocal delivery and as soon as the instrumental ensemble takes the center stage with sharp guitar riffs and killer licks you can perceive a major positive energy.  

Aerosmith’s “Toys in the Attic” is filled with gritty riffs perfect for a heavy metal party amplified by Bobby’s charismatic vocal performance and the fast rhythmic section that ensures a constant groovy mood enriched by the impeccable guitar solo. 

“Beer Drinkers & Hell Raisers” by ZZ Top is another wicked groovy tune that channels intense old school vibes with fiery rounds of soaring guitar riffs and wild shredding in proper heavy metal fashion. 

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s “Saturday Night Special” features a monumental classic metal formula combining bold rhythmic blasts and an overdose of eclectic guitar solos showcasing outstanding musicianship and the resulting massive grooves will certainly trigger instant headbanging. 

Blue Oyster Cult’s “Tattoo Vampire” acquires a darker rebellious momentum that builds super catchy fast dynamics with scorching guitar riffs, unrestrained drumming and Bobby’s savage vocals. 

“We’re an American Band” by Grand Funk Railroad is all about an entertaining classic heavy metal formula channeling major vintage vibes with vibrant rhythmic patterns and delightful melodic guitar progressions. 

It would be a blast seeing BPMD perform live the entire album “American Made” and listening to the reimagination of all these rock songs you can always perceive outpouring talent and enthusiasm.

Die Kreatur – Panoptikum

Oomph! frontman Dero Goi and Lord Of The Lost’s mastermind Chris Harms are already renowned for their charismatic talent and now they joined forces on the new project Die Kreatur which showcases a catchy gothic flair on the debut full length “Panoptikum”.

The eponymous track “Die Kreatur” symbolizes the band’s sonic manifesto with an audacious and absolutely explosive blend of gothic rock and Neue Deutsche Härte fueled by abrasive guitar riffs, addictive electro arrangements and ominous vocals. 

“Kälter Als Der Tod” conveys a seductive darkness with the enthralling goth nuances of the rich atmospheric layers and the melodic phrases while the bold guitar riffs will trigger some groovy dynamics leading to a memorable chorus. 

“Unzertrennlich” relies on a cool mix of eerie atmospheric arrangements and dancey electro beats generating a smooth & quite accessible rhythmic ensemble naturally enhanced by the bewitching vocal delivery. 

“Untergang” has a faster rhythmic core favoring some aggressive industrial vibes within the gritty guitar work that this time tends to focus on a galloping riffage embellished by the moody atmospheric synths. 

The dance floor vibes of “Mensch/Maschine” are immediately evident as the synths take control mixing vivid electro beats and shimmering atmospheric layers and while maintaining a rather darkened aura the rhythm gets you ready for a goth party. 

“Benutz Mich” often sounds super groovy with a stomping rhythmic section filled with sharp guitar riffs and powerful vocals yet there is a soothing melodic essence that naturally leads to haunting atmospheric moments. 

“Gott Verdammt” features fervent rhythmic blasts so guitars maintain distorted tonalities to deliver heavier riffs while the finale will surprise you with emotive choirs flowing through peaceful atmospheric waves. 

Undoubtedly the strength of “Panoptikum” comes from the experience and songwriting skills of Die Kreatur as they already have developed a darkly alluring sonic formula that is destined to capture your attention.