Chrch – Light Will Consume Us All

Sacramento based doom practitioners Chrch embark on a spiritual music journey on the new album “Light Will Consume Us All” creating hypnotic melodies stuck in the surreal space between light and darkness.

Anything can happen in about twenty minutes and since the very beginning “Infinite” offers a mysterious mood with a minimalist darkened guitar melody in loop surrounded by enigmatic atmospheres that create suspense before a heavy guitar driven storm takes over picking up speed and raw energy accompanied by supernatural ominous screams while a sense of gloomy peace will eventually return bringing feelings of desolation, distant ethereal chants and stripped down melodies.

“Portals” still feels uneasy and oppressive but goes straight to the point as mournful guitar riffs pay homage to all that is dark and most likely hopeless in proper funeral doom fashion, leading to harsher rhythmic momentum and painful screams yet there are also intricate melodic passages that gracefully emerge through the thick darkness and are further enhanced by the mystical vocal delivery.

“Aether” maintains the heavy doom guitar riffing at its primary core with ravenous bursts of blackened energy, consequently everything becomes impossibly gloomy and depressing even if there are occasional lighter atmospheric sections.

If the masses will certainly feel intimidated by the massive length of the songs included on “Light Will Consume Us All” the faithful acolytes of this genre will find much to love as undoubtedly Chrch has put together a truly monolithic doom metal opus.  
Light Will Consume Us All

Dark Buddha Rising – II

Finnish psychedelic doom practitioners Dark Buddha Rising are eager to drag you through the mind bending sonic maze of the new EP simply entitled “II”.

Prepare to space out hopelessly with “Mahathgata I”, a super lengthy song that often feels oppressive with several rounds of drastically slow & impossibly heavy doom tinged guitar riffs entangled within monumental drone atmospheres and distant surreal chants yet the band packs multiple rhythmic variations with hidden melodic & contemplative textures but never fails to convey impenetrable darkness.

A sense of despair fills the air on “Mahathgata II” and ominous forces are lurking in the dark as mystical atmospheres and arcane chanting create variegated droning waves that will eventually lead to bursts of monochromatic heavy doom guitar riffs evoking additional occult aesthetics.

The two songs on “II” are seriously drenched in psychedelic darkness and will certainly trigger the listeners’ curiosity as Dark Buddha Rising crafts all kinds of complex enigmatic soundscapes where you might easily & pleasantly get lost.