Undantagsfolk – Den Ondes Fingrar

Featuring Êlea of Noeta and Erik of Grift, Swedish duo Undantagsfolk is ready to share arcane stories worldwide on the debut EP “Den Ondes Fingrar”.

Listening to the dreamy atmospheres of “Då All Tid Försvinner” can be very a relaxing experience as the band creates magical barren folk melodies using harmonium and nylon stringed guitars with a minimalist music approach that allows the delicate vocals to spellbind the listeners.

The title track often feels like a celebration of the beauty of nature as it continues to focus on enchanting detailed melodic progressions and moving tonalities embellished by a heartfelt vocal delivery and this graceful ensemble always flows like a dream evoking feelings of loneliness and nostalgia.

Undantagsfolk are certainly inspired by ancient folk and Swedish traditions, consequently the sonic realm of “Den Ondes Fingrar” is made of sheer melancholy and soulful harmonies that naturally lead to a delightful dreamy sonic journey.

Skogen – Skuggorna Kallar

Swedish blackened folk metal band Skogen are ready to spread immense melancholy and Nordic atmospheres on the new release “Skuggorna Kallar”.

While channeling all kinds of dark nuances “Det Nordkisa Morkret” focuses mainly on melancholic soundscapes, lost in the middle of a forest on a gelid winter day, as guitars craft mellow melodies surrounded by cold heartbreaking atmospheres while blackened dynamics tend to linger in the background providing steady riffing.

“Nebula” showcases hints of hellish black metal with ominous growls but the instrumental passages tend to follow a calmer melodic approach and a sorrowful mood as graceful folk oriented acoustic phrases hold a primary role in the song’s structure.

“Frostland” feels more aggressive with a feverish guitar riffing keeping a rather obscure rhythmic backbone enhanced by the occasional fiery growls while lead guitars channel pure darkness with elegantly somber melodic progressions.

“The Suns Blood” emerges from a sonic realm of uncompromising darkness as guitar riffs acquire extra cold gritty tonalities and the solo is accompanied by an overwhelming sense of despair fully expressed also by the poetic clean chants and the contrasting ravenous growls nevertheless the final minimalist acoustic passages channel a distant serenity.

Like a hymn to endless darkness “The Funeral” is bound to feel more depressing and desolate as soft acoustic guitars lead the way to a sunless soundscape where lavish and desperate guitar melodies create monochromatic textures leading to introspective atmospheric moments carefully crafted by hazy keyboards.

Overall, Skogen’s fifth album “Skuggorna Kallar” is a cohesive effort that skillfully blends primordial black metal vibes and enchanting folk nuances ultimately evoking the wintry beauty of Nordic landscapes.

Grift – Vilsna Andars Boning

Swedish poet and dark folk artist Erik Gärdefors returns with Grift’s new EP “Vilsna Andars Boning” to captivate the audience with a dreamy folk influenced work of music.

It feels like winter on “Bartom Berget”, a truly melancholic hymn that focuses on minimalist poetic acoustic passages enhanced by the genuine emotional yet quite solemn vocal delivery leading to a relaxing and highly contemplative music experience.

“Dåranas Massiv” amplifies the folk roots of Grift as the gloomy melancholy embedded in the lovely arpeggios will evolve into archaic soundscapes through a smooth acoustic crescendo filled with harmonious feelings of desolation and introspective vocals.

The two songs included on the EP “Vilsna Andars Boning” are significantly stripped-down to depict the bare beauty of nature as Grift skillfully evokes haunting atmospheres that do not need special effects to be memorable.