Memoriam – Requiem For Mankind

Since their inception back in 2016 Memoriam have been quite prolific in fact they are already releasing the third album “Requiem For Mankind” which once again showcases their songwriting skills revolving around lyrical themes of war, death and destruction. 

“Shell Shock” has the ability to channel old school death metal without sounding dated so there are some extremely somber atmospheric nuances and darkened melodic moments but the center stage really belongs to the savage sonic onslaught led by the galloping guitar riffs. 

The enraged spirit of “Undefeated” is fueled by chunky guitar riffs and belligerent drums but it’s not just a straightforward death metal tune as there are plenty of harrowing melodies flourishing through the energetic rhythmic blasts. 

The tormented mood of “In The Midst Of Desolation” leads to slower contemplative moments enhancing the cathartic melodic essence that comes to life through the skillful guitar work that will occasionally shift to utterly aggressive rhythmic patterns. 

“Refuse To Be Led” features evocative melodic guitars that gracefully express feelings of grief and loss while the acerbic riffs and the desperate growls stay true to familiar brutal death metal dynamics. 

The title track perfectly incarnates the uncompromising nature of the album as relentless guitar riffs effortlessly build massive infectious grooves always amplified by the spiteful vocal delivery and supported by the precise ruthless rhythmic section. 

The instrumental “Interment” marks a sorrowful finale showcasing the bleak melodic soul of the album and you can perceive that besides being death metal veterans Memoriam also have the skills to create alluring darkened soundscapes. 

“Requiem For Mankind” can certainly sound merciless due to the massive anthemic death metal dynamics yet Memoriam always manage to add intriguing melodic textures and doom laden atmospheres to render everything more interesting. 

The Damned Things – High Crimes

The music journey of the supergroup The Damned Things begins nine years ago when Scott Ian of legendary Anthrax started writing songs with Joe Trohman of Fall Out Boy and now they are back to impress the audience with the sophomore album “High Crimes”.

The album starts with the explosive rock vibes and the rebellious attitude of “Cells” revolving around groovy rhythmic progressions and catchy segments amplified by the raw energy of vocals and some cool guitar leads.  

“Something Good” has a playful cheerleaders style chorus that lets you know that this is a fun track with some evident alt rock vibes which lead to a widely accessible mix of guitar driven grooves and melodies.

“Omen” is full of crunchy guitar riffs and catchy melodic phrases especially evident in the super catchy chorus but the warm bluesy guitar variations have the power to grab your attention more than anything else.

“Storm Charmer” feels more complex and a bit darker as the band here experiments with synths adding loads of atmospheric accents to embellish the thrilling classic heavy rock structure which is certainly enhanced by the slow burning guitar leads.

The strength of “Keep Crawling” is generated by the memorable chorus and the soothing guitar melodies that often follow a slower slightly pensive & nostalgic mood but plenty of groovy guitar riffage guarantees a heavy rock momentum.

“The Fire Is Cold” closes the album with a faster punkish impact that relies on the wilder screams and the frenetic rhythmic section yet there are calmer moments featuring a passionate vocal delivery and bittersweet guitar melodies.

The enjoyable heavy rock spirit of “High Crimes” is palpable in each song and as expected the stellar quality of both songwriting and musicianship reflects the experience of the renowned artists behind The Damned Things.  

Death Angel – Humanicide

We all notice how strong the thrash metal legacy still feels today and one of the reasons can be found in the true dedication expressed by iconic bands like Death Angel that give all they got to the faithful fans once again with the evident explosive nature of the brand new album “Humanicide”.

The title track immediately stands out for the smoldering guitar melodies that channel a rather darkened mood introducing an authentic merciless thrash assault full of memorable guitar riffs and pummeling drums while Mark Osegueda delivers a charismatic vocal performance that simply cannot be ignored.

From beginning to end “Divine Defector” stands out for the stellar guitar work carefully crafted by Rob Cavestany and Ted Aguilar unleashing cohesive rounds of terrific guitar riffs and flamboyant leads that effortlessly complement the aggressive rhythmic patterns.

The contemplative vibes of “Aggressor” are fully expressed by moody melodic aesthetics as elegantly darkened guitar tonalities embellish the main classic thrash metal dynamics and the glorious guitar solo undoubtedly adds stylish variations to the bold rhythmic segments.  

On “Immortal Behated” the captivating guitar melodies lead to sophisticated melancholic moments and surround a series of absolutely catchy grooves amplified by Mark’s outstanding vocals and enriched by the impressive guitar soloing until the song fades into a deeply nostalgic piano piece accompanied by delicate arpeggios.  

There is an irresistible untamed anger running through “The Pack”, a song dedicated to the band’s loyal fans, as guitars fiercely deliver massive thrash grooves channeling the band’s renowned roots with an overdose of bold galloping riffs and intense shredding leads.

“Revelation Song” can slightly deviate from the Bay Area thrash trademark offering diverse and energetic rhythmic progressions confidently built by another series of inflamed guitar riffs that still allow the melodic core of the song to shine through Rob’s vibrant solos and the catchy chorus.

In all these years Death Angel have been showcasing high quality songwriting skills and an authentic passionate approach therefore  it’s not surprising to see them in excellent shape on “Humanicide”, a strong record that will increase the band’s popularity in the current metal scene.

Belphegor Live in Chicago – Devastation On The Nation Tour

Austrian extreme metal veterans Belphegor continue to celebrate the successful latest release “Totenritual” this time embarking on the massive Devastation On The Nation tour as co-headliners with Dark Funeral. With the diabolical charisma of frontman & original founder Helmuth Lehner Belphegor conquered the crowd at Concord Music Hall in Chicago delivering a blistering performance enhanced by the ritualistic vibes and the obscure stage aesthetics. During the whole live ritual Helmuth always connected with the band’s acolytes and the ruthless setlist included “Baphomet”, “The Devil’s Son”, “Swinefever – Regent Of Pigs” and “Totenkult – Exegesis Of Deterioration” from the new album “Totenritual” as well as many older favorites such as “Lucifer Incestus” and “Gasmask Terror”. Don’t miss Belphegor live on the Devastation On The Nation tour across North America!

Possessed – Revelations Of Oblivion

It took three decades but death metal masters Possessed are finally back with the new merciless full length “Revelations Of Oblivion”, written by founder Jeff Becerra and his partner in crime Guitarist Daniel Gonzalez promising a memorable ride through hellfires.

“No More Room In Hell” dwells within an asphyxiating sonic realm where the old school death metal dynamics are certainly prominent just like the listeners would expect so get ready for an overdose of ravenous screams and crushing guitar driven grooves.

The punishing drum blasts of “Dominion” seem unstoppable leading to abrasive rhythmic patterns that demand an instant mosh pit with relentless sharp guitar riffs and an explosive soloing.  

“Demon” is another hellish track where guitars march fiercely through the bold thrash inspired rhythmic segments that will occasionally slow down just to amplify the bottomless obscurity with killer guitar licks.

On “Abandoned” you will certainly notice the massive ruthless drumming fueled by a primal energy perfectly matched by the technical accents of the frenetic guitar work which effortlessly shift from brutally fast riffage to fancy soloing.

The mysterious atmospheric intro of “Shadowcult” introduces thunderous rhythmic progressions filled with monstrous guitar riffs obviously following a quite frantic tempo while vocals evoke sinister vibes more than ever.

On “Omen” some devilish epic textures embellish the classic death metal structure and at times tempo slows down a bit to enhance the groovy aspects of the impressive guitar work that offers even some melodic elements within the majestic solo.

“The Word” relies on a nightmarish rampage with utterly savage drumming and viciously energetic guitar riffs but once again the guitar solos will please the listeners with charismatic shredding and tasteful melodic phrases.

Undoubtedly “Revelations Of Oblivion” symbolizes a diabolical renaissance for Possessed and despite so many years of inactivity on this anticipated album they confidently demonstrate to deserve a solid spot in the modern extreme metal scene.

Fleshgod Apocalypse – Veleno

Italian masters of orchestral death metal Fleshgod Apocalypse have worked meticulously to perfect their grandiose music vision which fully comes to life with the merciless yet utterly elegant new album “Veleno”.

Just like the title suggests the strong obscure feelings of “Fury” come from the band’s extreme metal roots that generate tremendous chaotic moments featuring simply relentless guitar riffs, precise drumming and the ruthless growls of Francesco Paoli but such furious momentum will naturally embrace the sublime elegance of the intricate symphonic arrangements & solemn choirs.  

The dramatic guitar melodies and refined orchestral textures in the beginning of “Carnivorous Lamb” give you a chance to breathe before entering a hostile sonic realm filled with untamed drum blasts, super fast guitar riffs and savage growls while Paolo Rossi’s clean vocals enhance the delightful theatrical aspects of the melodic passages.

“Sugar” was rightfully chosen as first single and still represents one of the most intense moments on the album hitting you in the face with frantic technical rhythmic patterns and a memorable yet absolutely ferocious chorus glowing through the complex concoction of abrasive guitars, stylish melodic phrases and majestic orchestrations.

The rhythm slows down on “Monnalisa” to emphasize the opulent symphonic tapestries and the baroque flair paying homage to the many classical Italian virtuosi, the genius of Paganini often comes to mind as inspiration, and certainly such sumptuous melodic essence, well expressed by Veronica Bordacchini’s flawless vocals and by the dazzling guitar melodies, has the necessary charisma to capture your attention.

On “Absinthe” the classical elements shine bright through the magnificent symphonic waves that surround Paolo’s melodramatic vocals and Francesco’s hellish growls creating a darkly poetic contrast that will be further amplified by the neoclassical accents of the guitar work and the primordial impulse of the relentless rhythmic patterns.

Listening to “The Day We’ll Be Gone” feels like a night at the opera as Veronica takes the center stage with a bewitching operatic vocal performance accompanied by the classical finesse of the perfectly melancholic piano melodies, the poignant melodic guitar soloing and the ravishing atmospheric gloom.

“Embrace The Oblivion” will conquer the listeners with its wicked technical death metal approach as the guitar work holds an essential role in the creation of massive monolithic grooves but also with its compelling darkened epic aesthetics as Paolo’s vocals and radiant orchestral layers emphasize the theatrical nature of the song which will naturally fade into the classical allure of the piano piece on the title track that closes the album with profoundly nostalgic nuances.

The spontaneously explosive sonic evolution of Fleshgod Apocalypse today leads to a unique elaborate music style that deserves your utmost attention and appreciation as “Veleno” is the legit incarnation of such ambitious artistic vision and its consequent vivid emotional turmoil that always feels palpable within the exquisite blend of classical splendor and enraged extreme metal force.

Enforcer – Zenith

Swedish heavy metal band Enforcer took longer than usual to create with total freedom the big & loud new album “Zenith” which showcases a proper old school songwriting approach and a pure passion for the glorious era of ‘80s metal and hard rock.

“Die For The Devil” is such a fun track filled with catchy guitar licks that lead to a groovy rhythmic section while at times an inner nostalgia triggers bittersweet melodic moments enhanced by heartfelt vocals.

The mood gets slightly darker and maybe even more serious with “Zenith Of The Black Sun” as the guitar work can successfully deliver somber melodies as well as quite bombastic riffage and glamorous soloing while Olof Wikstrand deserves the spotlight for his charismatic vocals.

“Searching For You” is clearly inspired by old school speed metal as a tight series of crunchy guitar riffs diligently follows galloping rhythmic blasts leading to a full blown flamboyant guitar solo that will grab your attention.

The strong spirit of heavy metal is at the core of “The End Of A Universe” with the addition of  major epic vibes channeling familiar power metal dynamics through steady polished guitar riffs and impressive high pitch vocals.

Blasting another round of entertaining epic grooves “Forever We Worship The Dark” relies on soaring guitar riffs and a vibrant sing along chorus that once again emphasizes Olof’s vocal abilities.

“Ode To Death” marks a majestic conclusion for the album evoking darker feelings through refined guitar melodies that gracefully surround Olof’s fervent vocal delivery and will later evolve into a massive heavy metal ensemble spiced up by another inflamed guitar solo marching through the solemn atmospheric nuances.

“Zenith” is an explosive collection of heavy metal anthems clearly dedicated to fans of such classic style and certainly you will immediately notice that Enforcer pay homage to this timeless genre with pride and devotion.


Eluveitie – Ategnatos

Swiss folk metal superstars Eluveitie embark on a brand new epic journey with the 8th album “Ategnatos” which seems to have all the necessary elements to satisfy the devoted fans featuring the band’s signature blend of melodic death metal and magical traditional folk tapestries accompanied by a real string quartet.

Without any hesitation the title track manifest the band’s successful folk metal formula focusing on epic cinematic soundscapes meticulously crafted by traditional instruments such as hurdy gurdy and bagpipes that enrich the recurring lavish melodies but the band never forgets to add some darkened heavier dynamics with intense rhythmic crescendos, bold guitar riffs and ominous growls.

The opulent multi-layered folk arrangements of “Black Water Dawn” tend to steal the spotlight leading to a particularly enthralling melodic ensemble emphasized by the lovely vocals by Fabienne Erni while groovy guitar riffs & soloing channel the expected heavier momentum.

“A Cry In The Wilderness” offers elegant atmospheric textures followed by a more substantial melodic death metal approach with the right dosage of crunchy guitar licks and ravenous growls while the melodic spirit naturally comes to life through the intricate folk harmonies.

“The Raven Hill” favors ancient folk vibes that lead to solemn chants and enchanting harmonies as the instrumental passages can sound absolutely melancholic but also playful following an entertaining upbeat rhythm.

Featuring guest vocalist Randy Blythe of Lamb Of God “Worship” incarnates a darker essence through prominent savage growls and a rather fierce guitar driven assault while the harmonious folk nuances also tend to match such sinister mood with mysterious atmospheres and somber melodic phrases.

“Breathe” is a particularly catchy track where a mix of soothing folk melodies and catchy guitar riffs create a sumptuous soundscape around Fabienne’s glowing vocal performance and a memorable widely accessible chorus.

“Rebirth” maintains major epic vibes and dwells in a classic melo-death sonic realm as it can sound utterly vicious with loads of fast energetic rhythmic segments and massive guitar riffage obviously amplified by the intense growls in contrast with the softer spellbinding atmospheric moments.

“Eclipse” closes the album with a minimalist atmospheric approach that allows the listeners to truly appreciate Fabienne’s passionate & haunting vocal performance.

From beginning to end “Ategnatos” is a majestic opus destined to conquer even more fans as despite some major line up changes Eluveitie appear in excellent shape ready to embrace a new bombastic chapter in their successful career.