Farsot – Fail·lure

German black metal band Farsot returns with the third full length “Fail·lure”, a work of music that showcases avant-garde attitude and is conceptually inspired by the critically acclaimed Peter Greenaway film “Drowning by Numbers”.

“Vitriolic” immediately channels gloomy atmospheric beauty with the elegant addition of deeply melancholic and cathartic guitar melodies, yet there is space for fast paced powerful blackened rhythmic sections surrounded by an impenetrable sinister mist.

“Undercurrents” features cold traditional black metal blasts with well executed guitar riffs that hold a sense of ancient fury while a deeper darkness is enhanced by stylish dismal guitar melodies that surprisingly gain psychedelic vibes.

A particularly dense mysterious aura and ominous ritualistic chants dominate “The Antagonist”, a track that features several tempo and theme variations to offer blackened primordial wrath as well as stylish melodic phrases.

“A Hundred to Nothing” is a rather pleasant instrumental song that steps away from the traditional black metal roots as it relies mainly on post-metal sophisticated guitar melodies and enigmatic dreamy atmospheres.

“Fail·lure” philosophically addresses artsy dilemmas in the midst of intensely darkened atmospheres fueled by ominous black metal roots and Farsot often deviates from the expected music style in order to explore a wider dark music realm.

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