Medico Peste – ב:The Black Bile

Polish black metal act Medico Peste aims to impress the fervent underground scene with the nihilistic themes and the tormented soundscapes of the sophomore full length “ב:The Black Bile”. 

The misanthropic sonic realm of “All Too Human” revolves around agonizing vocals and gloomy guitar progressions that will lead to a mysterious atmospheric breakdown followed by an energetic blackened rhythmic burst.  

“Were Saviours Believers” holds a grave melodic essence that favors dramatic slower rhythmic patterns channeling a profound sense of desolation in contrast with the harsh dissonant elements of the heavier guitar work. 

“Holy Opium” continues to blend traditional blackened dynamics with experimental variations and definitely stands out for the brooding guitar phrases flourishing through enigmatic borderline trippy atmospheric tapestries and anguished rhythmic patterns.  

The title track features harrowing growls emerging from a world of madness and decay as the rhythmic section can sound utterly hostile while the guitar work maintains monochromatic tonalities with cascading mournful melodies that will ultimately evolve into a monumental darkened crescendo. 

Undoubtedly Medico Peste follows an obscure pathway on “ב:The Black Bile” mixing a strong traditional black metal inspiration with a contemporary songwriting approach that ultimately generates an intriguing twisted sonic vision. 

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