Heretoir – Wastelands

German atmospheric post-metal band Heretoir explores thoughts and dreams through the exquisite soundscapes of the new mini-album “Wastelands” which also includes three live tracks.
The impactful album opener “Anima” relies on an aggressive rhythmic core with galloping guitar riffs and tormented growls but you can often perceive a comforting melodic essence through the glowing atmospheric waves.
“At Dusk” unfolds like a hazy daydream as the synths take the center stage crafting a multilayered nostalgic atmosphere and Emily Highfield of Suldusk provides ethereal vocals to emphasize the melancholia infused guitar harmonies.
Surrounded by a mysterious aura the title track features slower poetic melodic passages accompanied by passionate clean vocals highlighting a shimmering post-metal inspiration yet the rhythmic section will gain speed to generate significantly darker & heavier patterns.
While we wait for the next full-length release Heretoir presents their mesmerizing sonic vision meticulously blending melodic beauty and harsh dynamics throughout “Wastelands”.

Spiral Skies – Death Is But A Door

Swedish heavy psych rockers Spiral Skies embark on a spellbinding voyage channeling glorious vintage vibes through the hypnotic soundscapes of the sophomore record “Death Is But A Door”.
“The Endless Sea” opens the album with Frida’s otherworldly vocal harmonies flowing through dreamy arpeggios but soon the charismatic rhythmic section acquires fuzzy energy to craft an overload of groovy patterns.
“While The Devil Is Asleep” evokes delightful 70’s rock influences as the band successfully maintains an ideal balance between riveting melodic aesthetics and magnetic grooves amplified by the classic guitar sound.
On “Somewhere In The Dark” guitars acquire decadent darkened tonalities and the fiery riffage spontaneously generates irresistible grooves adorned by a sultry vocal performance and warm melodic accents.
“Time” opens the portal to a distant hazy dimension as the haunting guitar melodies follow a contemplative tempo that puts the spotlight on Frida’s enchanting voice yet the instrumental ensemble eventually embraces an occult flair and spacey fuzzy rock elements.
“Mirror Of Illusion” stands out for the seductive melodic splendor as the stunning vocals convey wistful feelings and the enticing guitar progressions flourish within a slow burning rhythmic maze ultimately evolving into a memorable fervent crescendo.
With the release of “Death Is But A Door” Spiral Skies definitely raise the bar manifesting a bewitching sonic vision that skillfully blends melancholia infused melodies and inflamed retro rock dynamics.

Anomalie – Tranceformation

Austrian black metal band Anomalie takes you far away from existential struggles and embraces the wild peace of an ancient forest on the latest shamanic offering “Tranceformation”.
“Trance I: The Tree” begins a spiritual voyage with a darkly ethereal atmosphere enhanced by the theatrical clean vocals and the arcane tonalities of the mesmerizing melodic guitar progressions that gradually evolve into a more aggressive rhythmic rampage.
The peaceful sound of nature introduces the blackened groovy ensemble of “Trance II: Relics” as the untamed riffage and the monolithic drumming unravel around the fiery vocal performance by Nornagest of Enthroned while the slower refined passages convey immense melancholia.
The ancestral flair of “Trance IV: Nemesis” could aptly induce a trancelike state and guitars craft an enthralling melodic flow accompanied by solemn vocals evoking overwhelming crestfallen emotions yet the charismatic rhythmic section will eventually deliver a fair dosage of venomous blasts.
Featuring majestic guest vocals courtesy of Sakis Tolis of Rotting Christ, “Trance V: Cerulean Sun” acquires ominous vibes channeling the raw energy of classic black metal through a visceral rhythmic assault but during the finale the cathartic melodic essence of the haunting violin phrases can instantly spellbind the listeners.
Anomalie skillfully shape a mystical sonic vision that spontaneously generates an alluring blend of inflamed blackened dynamics and contemplative melodic aesthetics throughout he new opus “Tranceformation”.

Harakiri For The Sky – Mӕre

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Within the burgeoning blackgaze/post metal movement Harakiri For The Sky have garnered interest worldwide with their haunting blend of melancholic soundscapes and harsh dynamics that become feverish dreams on the fifth full length “Mӕre”. 

The recurring enchanting melodic nuances of “I, Pallbearer” can feel like a lovely daydream channeling hazy post metal vibes yet the precise rhythmic section is always ready to unleash faster & colder progressions amplified by the enraged screams. 

Featuring exceptional guest vocalist Neige of Alcest “Sing For The Damage We’ve Done” conceptually deals with estrangement and the emotional whirlwind comes to life as guitars skillfully shift from eloquent melodic phrases to blackened riffage.

“I’m All About The Dusk” focuses on magical guitar melodies and lavish atmospheric nuances that demand a slower contemplative rhythm naturally evoking a distant dreamy world yet there is still some space for darkened heavier grooves. 

On “Once Upon A Winter” the opulent melodic guitar work is characterized by gelid moody tonalities that inevitably convey an immense melancholia while the intense patterns meticulously built by the rhythmic ensemble maintain a blackened aura.  

Featuring the anonymous vocalist of Gaerea “Silver Needle – Golden Dawn” definitely evokes a fascinating darkened mood as the grim guitar sound naturally generates sorrowful melodic progressions yet the massive groovy dynamics still hold a dominant role. 

“Time Is A Ghost” begins with nostalgic arpeggios and an enthralling dreamy atmosphere will often prevail through the unrestrained rhythmic assault emphasizing the inner spiritual essence and the luminous shoegaze flair of the guitar harmonies. 

Throughout “Mӕre” Harakiri For The Sky confidently manifest an elaborate songwriting approach to create an alluring darkened sonic realm fueled by genuine emotions and sheer anger.  

Tomorrow’s Rain – Hollow

Israeli doom metal band Tomorrow’s Rain is ready to grab your attention with the majestic debut album “Hollow” which features several amazing guest artists. 

Under a cold shroud of melancholy melodic guitars move sinuously throughout “Trees” evoking an overload of crestfallen feelings and an alluring gothic flair enhanced by the rich atmospheric layers and the somber nuances of the charismatic guitar solo featuring Shlomi Bracha of Mashina. 

A familiar doom essence characterizes the mournful guitar work of “Fear” which in fact stands out for the gorgeous darkened melodic passages mixed with heavier lugubrious rhythmic patterns ultimately enriched by the distinct vocal performance courtesy of Aaron Stainthorpe of legendary My Dying Bride.  

Featuring exceptional guest vocalists Fernando Ribeiro of Moonspell and Mikko Kotamaki of Swallow The Sun, “Misery Rain” dwells within a darker sonic realm where the aggressive guitar riffs inevitably lead to a heavier momentum yet a contemplative melodic soul will ultimately generate a fascinating atmospheric grandeur.  

On “Into The Mouth Of Madness” Jeff Loomis of Arch Enemy crafts some brilliant guitar solos that spice up the sorrowful melodic themes and the doom progressions while Kobi Farhi of Orphaned Land delivers a poignant vocal performance that matches the perennial sense of melancholia. 

The title track features the ravenous vocals of Spiros Antoniou of Septicflesh so there are some heavy rhythmic segments but guitars tend to focus on evocative gothic tinged melodies emphasized by refined atmospheric arrangements and lavish symphonic accents. 

Undoubtedly Tomorrow’s Rain already have in mind a clear musical vision which pays homage to the glorious days of doom & gothic metal and “Hollow” is certainly an intriguing debut release that naturally evokes harrowing feelings. 

Karg – Traktat

Karg started as a one-man project by J.J. of Harakiri For The Sky and the new addition to the extensive discography is the 7th studio album “Traktat” which revolves around eloquent atmospheric black metal soundscapes and immense melancholia. 

“Irgendjemand Wartet Immer” can truly express an emotional whirlwind with a mixture of gelid guitar melodies and poetic atmospheric multilayers flowing freely through the main blackened and at times borderline enraged rhythmic sections.

The gorgeous melodic tapestries of “Stolperkenotaphe” depict a wintry sonic realm full of pure melancholy courtesy of delicate arpeggios, elegant classical arrangements and cold guitar tonalities and such cathartic ensemble often feels like a fading dream. 

On “Alaska” the monochromatic screams channel despair and misery but the melodic guitar work seems to glow through the heavier rhythmic patterns always embellished by the dreamy atmospheric layers. 

On “Alles Was Wir Geben Mussten” the anguished screams and the soaring guitar riffs constantly channel a raw blackened energy leading to sharp rhythmic crescendos while the clean melodies and the subtle atmospheres enhance the introspective depth. 

“Tod, wo bleibt dein Frieden?” continues to rely on a contemplative blackgaze sonic formula and offers a multitude of fragile melodic moments that tend to steal the spotlight evoking wistful feelings especially through graceful arpeggios and soothing atmospheric tapestries.  

Shifting from luminous shoegaze melodies to extremely darkened black metal blasts on “Traktat” Karg crafts a personal immersive journey that allows emotions and music to naturally embrace. 

The Spirit – Cosmic Terror

German blackened death metal band The Spirit is still a new name in the burgeoning underground metal scene but the sophomore full length “Cosmic Terror” is characterized by an intense creative force that will easily attract more listeners. 

“Serpent As Time Reveals” goes straight to a menacing rhythmic assault which aims to showcase the darker and heavier aspects of the band’s sonic pathway in fact even if there are some scattered melodic leads guitars tend to favor a blackened approach further amplified by the constant fast pace and the ravenous growls. 

“The Path Of Solitude” emphasizes that exquisite Nordic melancholy through the recurrent elegant melodic guitar phrases & soloing yet the massive rhythmic section still focuses on aggressive groovy patterns.  

The enraged rhythmic dynamics of “Pillars Of Doom” lead to an overdose of cohesive blackened grooves but such perennial fury is well balanced by the comforting gelid guitar melodies and the somber tonalities. 

The instrumental title track doesn’t really deviate from the chosen formula as the savage rhythm still relies on a blistering black metal inspiration to deliver terrific grooves while following a slower pace the delightful melodic guitar work expresses grim feelings and adds variety to the sorrowful atmosphere. 

Throughout “Cosmic Terror” the relentless guitar driven grooves always hold a dominant role allowing The Spirit to showcase their skillful musicianship supported by a solid production and an energetic songwriting. 

Ofdrykkja – Gryningsvisor

Consumed by darkness Swedish atmospheric black metal band Ofdrykkja begin a new therapeutic emotional journey on the third full length “Gryningsvisor”.

On “The Swan” gelid minimalist guitar phrases induce a sense of perennial desolation amplified by the mournful clean vocals and the laid back melodic progressions glowing through the darker black metal oriented rhythmic section accompanied by fiery growls. 

“Swallowed By The Night” evokes endless nostalgia focusing on lovely mellow arpeggios and a general contemplative atmosphere while the ethereal vocal performance by Miranda Samuelsson brings a glimpse of healing light. 

Without losing the inner melancholy and icy tonalities “Wither” often offers catchy guitar progressions and luminous atmospheric layers leading to a pale sense of hopefulness while the distant screams can still channel despair and anger.  

The poetic track “Herr Mannelig” leaves behind any hints of rage as soft angelic vocals guide the listeners through cathartic emotions fully expressed by the gentle acoustic phrases flourishing within the subtle atmospheric ensemble. 

On “Våra Minnenas Klagosång” tormented growls amplify the presence of blackened elements but the melodic essence continues to prevail with comforting somber guitars and bittersweet acoustic harmonies. 

“Grey” is filled with wintry feelings and a profound melancholy lingers through the tranquil acoustic passages surrounded by blurry atmospheric layers while the harsh blackened rhythmic segments this time become more dominant with moments of pure anguish. 

Considering that the members of Ofdrykkja have been dealing with destructive lifestyles it’s not surprising to perceive a genuine emotional turmoil on “Gryningsvisor” which inevitably dwells in a realm of darkness and light rightfully symbolized by the blend of fragile melodies and desperate blackened momentum. 

Spiral Skies – Blues For A Dying Planet

A new name is about to get your full attention because Swedish occult rockers Spiral Skies are finally ready to spread their darkened magic with the debut full length “Blues For A Dying Planet”.

So many nostalgic rock flavors linger through “Awakening” as guitars are on fire creating a multitude of catchy riffs & melodies that ensure powerful grooves with subtle darkened nuances constantly emphasized by Frida’s charismatic vocals and impressive range.  

“Wizard’s Ball” is the song that will conquer your heart at the first listening because the occult rock vibes become rather dominant as guitars confidently craft absolutely spellbinding melodic textures that fully evoke the darker side of classic rock while Frida’s voice sinuously guides the listeners through deliciously trippy instrumental passages.

“Danse Macabre” is truly an enchanting song where Frida’s voice will once again put a spell on you while guitars shift from darkened slow burning melodies to spacey psychedelic rock tonalities that will ultimately build catchy & hypnotizing grooves.

“Left Is Right And Right Is Left Behind” feels almost sinister with loads of perfectly somber melodic nuances that allow Frida’s magical voice to shine but guitars are always ready to keep a vintage rock groove alive with thick riffs and intriguing leads.

Overall, “Blues For A Dying Planet” successfully evokes the darkest beloved nuances of 70’s inspired rock as Spiral Skies clearly demonstrate genuine talent and passion for such music genre.

Blues for a Dying Planet

Harakiri For The Sky – Arson

If in the beginning Austrian Harakiri For The Sky was just a studio project recently this intriguing band has expanded to a live lineup and there is definitely a buzz around the brand new opus “Arson” which passionately delivers a trendy post – black metal sonic ensemble.

“Fire, Walk With Me” immediately draws attention with soulful atmospheric melodies that seamlessly introduce a wilder guitar driven groove which certainly evokes melancholic soundscapes but also a rather blackened influence in the heavier instrumental passages accompanied by fierce screams. Without necessarily sounding too aggressive or depressing, the band delivers a fair dosage of extreme metal roots yet the melodic textures and softly atmospheric passages are characterized by darkly catchy tonalities.

As soon as “You Are The Scars” begins you can feel the vivid melancholy embedded in each piano or guitar melody which follows a cold blackened rhythmic pattern that occasionally slows down to favor additional painfully desolate melodic dynamics where guitars showcase remarkable surreal shoegaze oriented details.

Lavish arpeggios and understated eerie atmospheres on “Heroin Waltz” evoke dreadful emotions followed by a series of frenetic blackened grooves amplified by borderline desperate screams dwelling in a quite dark sonic realm yet guitars craft mellower refined melodies that bring wistful luminous nuances.

“Tomb Omnia” continues to emphasize a poetic darkness as le mal de vivre becomes extremely palpable in the elegant melodic cascades meticulously crafted by vibrant guitars and groovy passages but the more dramatic blackened elements definitely maintain a crucial role.

“Voidgazer” is filled with an exquisite sense of profound melancholia as a soothing melodic beginning is smoothly followed by intense darkened guitar riffing and the intricate melodic slightly avant-garde guitar work confidently steals the spotlight throughout the song but feels especially enthralling in the slower contemplative moments.

With “Arson” Harakiri For The Sky aims to fascinate the listeners with a whimsical blend of ethereal shoegaze/post-rock harmonies and primordial blackened dynamics resulting in the creation of a modern emotionally charged collection of songs.