About The Offering

The Offering was started in December 2008 by Tim Anders, Cheyenne Brandt and Maria Sarakatsiano. The zine originally started as a photography web site when Tim wanted to start photographing bands and was asked where he intended to post his photos. About 5 minutes after that, he was asked if he’d also like to interview the bands and following that, review albums.

Feeling a little overwhelmed Tim turned to his friends from the Chicago Metal Scene, Cheyenne and Maria. The two of them had been discussing putting together a zine together and had already come up with the name, The Offering. Tim, having worked in Web Design in the past tossed together a rudimentary page and The Offering was born.

Although the staff has changed constantly over the years, Tim remains with the zine, having taken a much less active role with his life getting busier. The Zine is now run by Alexiel Divine, a writer and photographer turned President after several years of service.

Although no one really knows what the future holds, we all hope that the zine will continue on for several years to come.