Pain Of Salvation Live at Lincoln Hall in Chicago

Finally Swedish iconic prog metal veterans Pain Of Salvation triumphantly return on tour across North America and the absolutely faithful fans gave them a warm welcome at Lincoln Hall in Chicago. The chosen setlist fully reflected the band’s eclectic sonic vision with the cathartic themes of the acclaimed release “In The Passing Light Of Day” and the experimental approach of the latest full-length “Panther”. The fiery proggy grooves of “Accelerator” ensured an impactful beginning and the intricate heavy dynamics of “Reasons” unleashed pure energy followed by the unforgettable melodic waves of “Meaningless”. We stepped back in time to revisit the masterpiece “The Perfect Element, Part I” with the frantic rhythmic patterns of “Used” and the sheer melancholia of “Morning Of Earth” as Daniel Gildenlöw continued to captivate the audience with charismatic vocals and impeccable musicianship. The band’s intense chemistry was palpable also in the execution of “Panther” skillfully blending catchy electro layers and rap style vocals. The majestic track “On A Tuesday” featured a passionate vocal breakdown by drummer Léo Margarit and during the encore “In The Passing Light Of Day” you could constantly perceive authentic emotions in Daniel’s spellbinding voice.
Once again Pain Of Salvation demonstrate to be one of the most interesting and courageous bands in the current metal scene delivering a memorable live performance that simply cannot be missed.

Powerglove Live at The Forge in Joliet, IL

Powerglove returned to the Chicago Metropolitan Area, playing at The Forge in Joliet. Also check out the live video interview by clicking here: Powerglove Interview

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Borknagar Live at Reggies in Chicago

Legendary Norwegian black metal innovators Borknagar are finally back in North America on the extensive “Devastation On The Nation” tour. The loyal fanbase warmly welcomed Borknagar at the memorable sold out show at Reggies in Chicago as they delivered a stellar live performance shifting from harsh rhythmic dynamics to a contemplative melodic essence through a great setlist that included “The Fire That Burns”, “Wild Father’s Heart” and “Voices” from the latest acclaimed release “True North” and the iconic track “Winter Thrice” that marked a truly epic finale.